The British Royal Family Favorite Foods

The British Royal Family Favorite Foods

hello good people how was your day welcome back to mega news everyone must have their own favorite menu and it can be varied on some people from street vendors to luxurious restaurants everyone have their own choice in having their favorite menu but have you ever wonder what are the conference menus of the Royals well if we are talking about the Royals and their favorite menu we will probably imagine them eating their favorite menu in a fine dining restaurant complete with a recorded spoon however it is not the case for this Royale before we begin please click subscribe to support this channel and click like if you think this information are useful for you if you have any suggestion comment or idea about the next video drop them below in the comment section and happy watching Kate Middleton Indian curry during an interview with BBC Radio 1 Duchess of Cambridge refilled it she loved Indian curry turn out that this Indian food is quite popular in London and many restaurants have also served this menu in the city this Indian curry is usually served with traditional Indian bread called naan or with rice people in India usually it is curry and not with their hand but you can also use any other utensils such as spoon or pork when you fit it into you you will find that they have a lot of variations of curry from green to red from sweet spicy and savory curry this Indian curry is usually also made from vegetable they will fill up your stomach and makes you full even till you only eat that none all right with a curry without any other menus such as chicken or beef this you were likely hard to get anyway and it is also probably the reasons wife Kate Middleton Loftus menu Prince William dick everyone loves this mid-face – menu including Prince William during an interview on a charity event Prince William refills the Hill lastic whether it is made from chicken or beef as well as it is medium rare the prince will likely to have a taste under venue take it usually made from a slice of meat any kind of meat such as beef chicken fish or even chrome Park which was seasoned with salt pepper and rosemary this is myth is letter drilled according to your taste whether it is well done medium rare or even rare princes cartilage pasta this little princess and the only Doctor of Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoy eating this Italian cuisine her mother Kate Middleton also says that her daughter loved every kind of pasta this menu is usually made from an unlit dock after birth or mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets of various shapes then cook by boiling or baking the pasta is lettered first with some spices and some honey which is there's a lot of variation of past holidays prints chores pizza just like his little sister prints chores also love Italian cuisine especially pizza this little prince sometimes also make pizza with her mother and his other siblings on their home this every dish is usually made from Ron clattering fists of live birth best dog which topped with tomatoes cheese and various other ingredients and cafes olives meat etc then bake at high temperature Quinn algebra 2 special case according to her former chef Darren McCready the Queen lost to her special kissteria love it some slices of fruit for her breakfast every morning this cereal is a friend of the breakfast cereal and a middle part manufacturers I chose the brand of the claim that this arrow can help people to lose weight Prince Harry caramel banana cake according to McCready a personal chef of the late Princess Diana a personal chef of the late Princess Diana Prince Harry love to have caramel vanilla cake for his dessert this caramel banana cake is usually made from and saw the father and thought Patrick fresh Bellona brown sugar and etc the ingredients are all mixed and thick the Prince pure love this little dessert make a Merkel French fries before becoming a royal Megan is also a blogger and a foodies during her interfere with health Mac Megan also share about her favorite menu Prince price she also added that she can eat french fries every day there is how much the Duchess loved her french fries alright guys those are the British royal family favorite menus that's all for today and see on the next video goodbye you [Applause]

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