The Dangers of Social Media — h3h3 reaction video
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The Dangers of Social Media — h3h3 reaction video

Ethan – Uh… what is that, Hila? Hila (offscreen) – What? Facebook. – Why are you on Facebook, Hila? Didn’t you see Coby Persin’s new video? Coby – “How easy is it for a pedophile to pick up an underage child using social media?” – Everybody on Facebook’s a pedophile, Hila! Didn’t you see that? It got 30 million views! That means it’s correct! Hila, stop! – No, don’t take my laptop! – Stop complaining, Hila! It’s for your own good! Do you want to do this to your family? “Wow, Ethan. Great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!” ♪ Upbeat synth intro music plays ♪ [Coby Persin Narrates] “With the parent’s permission, I friend requested three girls, ages fourteen, thirteen, and twelve years old.” “I’ve been talking to these girls for the last three or four days.” – This guy’s just been chatting up little girls for like, three or four days straight? It’s like, dude, I know you’re doing this as an experiment, but, that enough, in itself, is pretty weird. I imagine this guy just sitting in a dark room with his laptop just chatting up all these little girls all night. (typing) I think you look really cute with pigtails. – “Hope you guys enjoy the video.” (speed sfx)(two hollow bangs)(wolf whistle) – Dude, I gotta say, not fucking appropriate when we’re talking about the pedophile video. (wolf whistle) Like, I know it’s cool, you do a lot of weird, sexy shit on your channel, But when you’re talking pedophile shit, you don’t want the ‘wooh, woo’ shit, you know what I mean? (wolf whistle) – “This first girl, her name is Mikayla, she’s 13 years old.” “We’ve been talking on Facebook for the last couple of days.” – Everyone looking for how to pick up girls, let’s take a look from the start, guys. This is 101. (wolf whistle) Winky face is huge, guys! Get a picture of a cute little boy. Jason Biazzo! Ooh! A little ethnic, a little Italian, eh! A little Italiano, eh? A little spicy! A little dangerous! A little ethnic! A little mysterious! Eh! Italiano! (wolf whistle) – “So, I just got a text: ‘My parents just left. I can be at the park in 10 minutes.'” “We’re gonna go see if she comes in 10 minutes.” – My parents just left I can be at the park in 10 minutes! (high pitched giggle) Bring lube! Bring beer and lube! (giggles) Have you ever had anal before? (giggles) (wolf whistle) (giggles) – “So she said she’s gonna meet me at the [BLEEP] Park playground.” – She’s gonna meet me at the FUCK! Why’d they bleep that? The park? You don’t need to bleep that, dog. He’s trying so hard to make it seem so edgy. – “All right, let’s just wait. See what she says.” “She said ‘OK I’ll be there in 5 minutes.'” – Okay, so let me get this straight: She’s arranged to meet a person that she thinks is her age in a public park. Cool, dude! She’s trying to make friends. She’s just trying to make friends. (intense music) Woah! It’s a super public park! There’s a ton of people there! She’s clearly in fucking mortal danger! She’s gonna get fucking raped and molested right there in front of that nice looking family in this nice suburban neighborhood! God! How could she do this to her family? – “Mikayla?” – “Who are you?” – “From Facebook.” – “Remember?” Dad – “MIKAYLA! ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?” – She didn’t do anything! She said, “Who are you?” And he said, “From Facebook, remember?” And she didn’t say anything, and here comes fucking dad who’s gonna beat the shit out of her! By the time this fucking nutjob’s don’t with her, she’s gonna wish she had been raped! Jesus, dad, chill out, dude! What, are you hiding in the little fake rock set? Dude, grow up, man! – “He could’ve been a rapist! He could’ve been a pedophile! Why would you do this?” – “Sorry.” – “You talked to me for the last four days. You know that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, especially online.” – I don’t get the message. What are we trying to teach kids? To be paranoid? To not trust anyone? Well, the message is clear. They taught them not to trust strangers, but the real thing was not to trust your own dad. Right? ‘Cause he’s gonna fucking set you up and humiliate you on the fucking internet for 30 million people! You think everyone at her school didn’t see this? You think everyone they know didn’t watch this, and that she’s not humiliated, and gonna be fucking bullied all high school long for this? Also, did you guys notice that we have the same music, dude? The YouTube free music library, dude, how good is this? Woah! How emotional is that shit, dude? I can say anything and it sounds edgy and emotional! [Coby Narrates] – “This next girl, her name is Julianna, she’s 12 years old, and we’re supposed to meet up tonight when her father falls asleep. (wolf whistle) – Hey, what day can we hang out? Hey, what day can we hang out? (maniacal laugh) (wolf whistle)
(notification sound) – “She said, this was the last text: ‘LOL, I would have to wait ’til my dad falls asleep if you wanna chill, because I can’t have boys over.'” “So she wants to chill tonight, supposedly.” – “I don’t think she’s gonna open the door. God, I hope she doesn’t open that door.” – You know what’s gonna happen, dude? (sigh) She’s gonna open the door. She’s gonna open the door, dude, I know it. I know she’s gonna open the door! I just wanna say, isn’t it weird that all these fucking pranksters set this shit up and they always work out exactly how they want? They orchestrate all this shit, and it always works out how they want! Isn’t that a little bizarre? (intense music)
– “Are you ready? See if she opens.” There’s a window on the door! Her dad’s standing right there in the light! There’s a window on the door. They’re not even trying to make this shit look real anymore. – “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?” – (sobbing) “I’m sorry!” – “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS? YOU’RE 12 YEARS OLD!” “THIS GUY’S 20 YEARS OLD!” “YOU COULD’VE BEEN RAPED AND MURDERED!” – That little girl’s a slut, dude, I knew it! – “WE ALREADY LOST YOUR MOMMA! WHAT WOULD WE DO IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO YOU!” – “This next girl, her name is Jenna, she’s 14 years old. We’ve been talking online, over text message, and even had a phone conversation.” – Woah, woah, dog. You’re talking to them on the phone, now? That’s weird, dude. Just take a minute and let that picture soak in. Okay, let’s move on. – (texting) “‘We are here, come out.’ You don’t think she’s coming out?” – “She better not be coming out.” – Look at this! What are you trying to fucking accomplish? – “ARE YOU CRAZY ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” – You know why she’s doing this? Because she knows her shitty parents won’t let a 15 year old go on a date with another 15 year old boy. So she’s gotta go behind their back because she knows that they’re not gonna let her be a normal, social teenager. Nah, but it’s her fault. Let’s fucking kill her. Let’s traumatize her for life, dude. (very very intense music) (screams) Pulling her hair and shit? God damn, dude. Take it easy, dude. It’s just a prank, man. – “You understand now, so never, ever do that again. This should each you a lesson forever. Your whole life.” – This should teach you a lesson forever. I’m a saint. What I’m trying to say is, I’m a saint, and I just changed your life forever, okay? You can thank me when you’re 18. You know where to find me. – “Make sure you guys follow me on Snapchat.” – Come visit me on Snapchat, guys! I won’t tell your parents this time! Woop woo! (wolf whistle)(glitched soundbites from video) Coby – “And even had a phone conversation” ♪ Outro music ♪


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