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  • cool magool

    To anyone checking the comments, don't bother watching this if you want a fair, balanced, discussions about this topic. As expected from Brown University, this is nothing but a radical left-wing proselytisation session for the non-theistic religion of Social Justice.

    Here's a hint for the ideologues that just can't hide their bias, avoid ad-hominem attacks on your sitting president – go after his ideas if you have a non-rhetorical, factual argument. I doubt any of these privileged individuals have anything but disdain for the working class that they are very obviously not a part of, but in-line with the tenets of SJ they hide their disdain behind fake empathy (virtue signalling as being fair, open-minded and willing to talk/debate).

    As a linguistics graduate who has been through the indoctrination programming of the "progressive" left, it is my opinion that Brown University is the Handsome Jack of the "reputable" U.S. universities, but it is far from alone.

    The gentleman who asked the first question highlighted the speakers' partisan bias with his pointing out that the speakers couldn't help themselves from calling their political opponents names (the ad-hominem attacks previously referred to), which as most people know is not a good way to start a conversation but is a great way to start a fight. The argument that Trump does that is exactly the reason why you should not – set the example of what you want others to emulate (I presume that is actually what the speakers are doing though). Brave man to question these ideologues before having graduated!

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