The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating
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The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

(spooky music)
(blood splattering) (woman screaming) (door bell rings) – [Snapchat Ghost] Trick or treat? – Oh happy Halloween Snapchat! Costume’s a little on the nose. – [Snapchat Ghost] I’m a ghost! – Yeah, you sure are. And I see Instagram’s here too. – [Instagram Ghost] I’m a ghost! – I can see that, yeah. – I like candy.
– I like candy too! – Okay well, what kind
of candy do you like? – Snickers!
– Snickers, me too! – God, stop doing that.
– No you. – You’re copying.
– You’re copying me. – You’re. – You’re copying me.
– You’re copying me.
– You’re copying. – You’re copying.
– You’re copying me. – Stop copying me.
– Stop copying me. (doorbell rings) – Boo Berry right, because it’s a ghost. Oh God!
– Trick or treat? – Hey Twitter. – My understanding is you have
candy that you’re giving out to the neighborhood children. – Yeah. Don’t you think that costume’s
maybe a little inappropriate? – Costume?
– Oh, no. (door bell rings) – Trick or treat? – Well happy Halloween
BuzzFeed don’t you look nice. – I’m a serious journalist. – Sure you are, you’re
whatever you wanna be. You’re so serious. (laughs)
And you’re still hanging out with Facebook? – Oh, yeah we’re best friends. Wherever I go, he goes too. (gasps) Oh, wait you accidentally forgot me. – Yeah, because it’s like a ghost. Boo Berry you get it? (doorbell rings) Facebook didn’t I already see you? – No, probably somebody else. I’m a messenger. – No, I’m pretty sure you
were something different not too long ago. – Nope, always a messenger. – Okay. All right you’re a messenger, now. You were definitely something else. – See ya! (door bell rings) – YouTube. No costume for you tonight? – (laughs) No, no, not for me. I’m actually just out here with my kids. Have you met yet? YouTube Red, YouTube
TV, this is all about. They’re really fun, you’re gonna love ’em. (doorbell rings) – Okay Facebook enough of this. – I’m a marketplace. – No, you’re not.
– Yes, I am. – Nope, no stop trying to be everything. You get to be one thing. You get one thing and you get one candy. Sorry I hurt your feelings.
– No, you’re not. – No one wants this bullshit. (door bell rings) Oh, hello Reddit. You’re a little old to be
trick or treating aren’t you? (laughs) What are you supposed to be? – Memes. – Memes? You kinda look like a
bunch of up and down votes, not really a meme.
– Yeah. – You’re not still hanging
out with those awful trolls are you? – No, I cleaned up my act.
– Good because they were a really bad influence, hey!
(squawking) (yells) Trolls! (door bell rings) Oh. Hello. Gosh who is that?
– Hello, I am Facebook trick or treat? – Facebook. Well, I know I said I wasn’t
gonna give you anymore candy, but honestly this is a
very convincing costume. Well done. – Yes, I am Facebook. – Wow. All right, well. Nothing unusual about this. (door bell rings) Look at this. Gosh, that’s a hell of a costume. Who is that under there? – [Vine] Vine. – Vine? Vine died years ago. (exploding bang) (yells)


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