chances are that most of you are a part of some sort of social network whether it be Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram or even YouTube and chances are that a lot of you tend to rate your own worth as well as the worth of others based on the success of your social networking accounts and the lifestyle that they portray for example say somebody that who has tumblr fame has followed you on tumblr you would probably freak out at least a little bit either internally or externally when you check out someone's Twitter or Instagram what is the first thing that you look at most likely their follower count is somebody with thousands of followers where to follow you on Twitter you would probably feel pretty special but if somebody with 30 followers were to follow you probably wouldn't think that much about it and all the sudden just like that you are basing the worth of others based on their follower counts we've got a problem there what I think is an even bigger and more serious problem is when we compare our life with how other people's lives appear on social networking sites when we look at the content of their profiles and take that as face value of what their lives are like have you ever gone on facebook and been scrolling through your feet or somebody else's profile and all of a sudden just feel this sense of jealousy and inadequacy nice to have a myspace when myspace was cool and I was in middle school and I remember going on it you know just to see what my peers were up to and seeing you know their fun eventful life and all their pictures together and just feeling totally horrible about myself and about my life and wishing that I was them just like that I would go from being happy and content to feeling low and unsatisfied but for me I never went beyond feeling bad for myself for just a little while I never let it touch my self-worth or skew my view of reality but for others it has gone a lot further did you know that there have been studies that show that there's actually a depression that is associated with Facebook while social networking may not be affecting you to that extent it still can be affecting you in some sort of negative way where it brings out feelings of jealousy feelings of inadequacy this pressure to impress this pressure to increase your follower account this pressure you know to enhance your physical and also the pressure to feed into this problem by enhancing your own social networking sites and making your own profiles you know look flawless so that in turn other people will look at it and then feel those same feelings of jealousy and inadequacy and then it just leads to this big old spiral and cycle downwards and that makes sense so obviously the problem here is that social networking causes tons of people all around the world to feel bad for themselves which we all know is a big no-no in my book but the other side of the problem is that for a lot of people social networking is just a show it's just a big show full of glitz and glam and you have absolutely no idea what is going on behind the scenes the problem is is that we are attaching our worth to something that is not entirely accurate or sound with social networking you get to create your own identity you control how you want to be portrayed in obviously we all want to appear like we all have it together but the truth is is that no one has it all together but when you post stuff on these sites you make sure to put your best foot forward don't you when you post a selfie online it's probably because you are looking pretty good that day when you go to Starbucks it's time to Instagram and show others that you can afford a $5 cup of coffee when you go out with friends or do something eventful chances are you aren't going to let others know by posting pictures or statuses and I'm not saying that this is a bad thing I do it too but it becomes a bad thing when we look at what others are posting and assume that that is exactly what their lives are like if you were to go and look at my social networking profiles all you would know is that I have an adorable bunny I love movies people admire me I'm super confident in life is just happy Danny with a cherry on top but what you wouldn't know is that for the past month I have been dealing with tons and tons of stress and heartache because I have been taking care of my sister who is mentally handicapped and who is also starting to show signs of mental illness you know no one ever tweets I'm crying myself to sleep tonight no they're only going to show you the good and I'm not telling you this so that you can feel bad for me I'm telling you this so that you can see reality the reality that absolutely nobody's life is perfect and that social networking is a completely inaccurate portrayal of what people's lives are really like there's only half-truths and smoke and mirrors people are going to show you what they want you to see before I sat down to record this video I took my hair down I did my makeup and I changed my clothes when in reality when I'm around my house I have my hair up with absolutely no makeup and I'm either in sweatpants or pajama pants and you know there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good but when it consumes your whole being in all of your energy that's when it becomes a problem there are some people out there who live their lives there social networking they attach their identity to it and then pour out all of their energy trying to make their profiles look absolutely perfect and when you look at the stuff they post when you look at their beautiful pictures you're probably going to feel bad about yourself and you're probably gonna feel a little jealous when in reality they are the ones cooped up in their room in front of their laptop posting selfies about themselves trying their best to look good instead of feeling bad for yourself you should start feeling bad for them that their lives are so surrounded around social networking and how other people view them now I love the power of social networking and I think that it's amazing I am NOT saying the social networking is the problem here the problem here is not you posting the wonderful happenings of your life online that's fine there's nothing wrong with that the problem here is you comparing your life to all the perfectness that you see on people's profiles the problem is you giving credibility and authority to those profiles find your worth and more credible sources and I promise that you will be happy because you will be able to see the truth of how amazing you really are and you will see the reality that absolutely nobody's life is perfect and that though life does have its ups and downs regardless of all of that you are still you you are still an amazing person and you still have tons of potential maybe modify the amount of time that you spend on social networking sites if you do find that it is having a negative impact on your life me I like to moderate the amount of time that I spend on social networking sites by only going on my phone rather than my laptop because I know that if I go on my laptop I'm more likely to spend more time on there and then if I go on my phone then I'm more concerned with a notification and I'm not gonna be wasting a lot of time you know scrolling through what everybody's posting you know I think that's one of the keys to life moderation social networking is good in moderation cookies are great in moderation pizza oh shoot nevermind pizza's good all the time I could really go for some pizza right now thank you so much for watching if this video helped you at all please give it a thumbs up and speaking of social networking feel free to connect with me on any of these sites Facebook would be best if you want to talk Twitter would be best if you want to hear me talk to myself and Instagram want to be best if you're interested in seeing how cute my bunny rabbit is I've already gotten to know a few of you through social networking and that is pretty cool so yeah feel free to hit me up on any of those and just go out and go get some fresh air and enjoy life don't forget to subscribe bye


  • pkj77

    absolutely love your videos oh yeah myspace…only used it for music now i use youtube……social network a little here more Facebook…oh you look absolutely gorgeous…oh i have mental issues and physical handicap as well

  • JATT Sports

    You inspired me. I just deleted my instagram, facebook, snapchat, oovoo, and google plus apps. I am going to leave the accounts alive so one day I'll come back and look at how stupid it is. But I am done using them for a LONG time. I liked what you said about how you should feel sorry for those people. I used to think that you should feel sorry for those people not yourself. In reality their instagrams show the fun they had with their friends today, or their pool day, or workput day. Its all a lie. Look at the span in between they post their photos, sometimes months. I'm just done, I upsessed with my followers to unhealthy levels and it is all for nothing. Sharing something with your friends is okay, but they are NOT my friend when they start forging a beautiful life through instagram. Everyone has a sad story, and everyones life to a certain extent sucks. But when they post only good things they are literally telling you "I am better than you! Look how geat I am" really their not. Their useless pawns in society who have NOTHING to their name except that social media account. Some of them have some athletic skill, but if they are sooooo busy being a star athlete its funny how they have time to take selfies at practice and really none of it adds up. Save yourself the nonsense and do something better woth your lives because I quit.

  • IWantMyVisionBack

    How many siblings/sisters do you have? You have two right? I must commend your mother, I doubt it was an easy task raising the three of you especially by herself.

    Do you have a father, or is it just you your sisters and your mother? And mental illness is no joke. My mom started developing one almost two years ago and it is no joke.


  • IWantMyVisionBack

    Social networking sites are all how you use them. You can either use them to benefit you or use them to your own demise.

    And I have definitely experienced feelings of jealousy, envy and that I am not doing anything with my life or that my successes are miniscule in comparison to those whose lives appeared successful, joyful, full of bliss and importance.

    But I also used others' achievements as motivation for me to get off my butt and do something.

  • Danny Ng

    Happened to chance upon your video and I have got to say that you really remind me of someone, nick vujicic. The videos you have are truly encouraging and inspiring, would love to see more of your videos. Cheers tp a great life!

  • Chris

    Its good to hear some honest views on social networking. I believe we could all reduce our time spent on social networking sites to a half and lead a happier and more intuitive life!

  • 18steps

    after watching 3 or 4 of ur videos tonight this one got my attention for sure because we totally have similiar families..i have a sister who is mentally handicapped….please please can we text each other my # is 8506876069…i never do this leaving my number like this in public

  • KomBat147

    Very good video, thank you for making it. I have to say you are a pretty woman regardless of what you externally look like.

  • APurposeDeep

    Hey girl! Yes, I totally am! I've just been away for like a month. I wrote a post kind of explaining, if you want to go on my blog and read it 🙂

  • Krzysztof Nowak

    Of course she does, just as everyone she has her normal life :") Just give her a little time and for sure she will ><

  • APurposeDeep

    Yes, I definitely care! I think a lot of popular YouTubers care about their subscribers as well 🙂 But my goal is definitely to reach out to people–that's what being a speaker is all about! So I definitely try to spend the time to answer everyone. They care enough to watch my videos, and I can't describe how grateful I am for that!
    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • Krzysztof Nowak

    Your vlog community is still developing so you can concentrate on answering to every post. For me it's much more valuable when you, girl with few hundreds followers, care and reply to what i write, than if it was some youtube star who has 2 million community but don't care much about another post(let's face it they cannot read all of them). It's easier to relate to you cause you do it with passion and not for big numbers and youtube business machine.Your answer makes us feel special:')

  • Sherri

    Wow, wow, wow. I've definitely thought about about some of the things that you mentioned, but I never realized how huge of an impact social networking sites can have. You're right – I find myself comparing my life to others based on their pictures they post, and sometimes I do feel bad about my OWN life. I'll keep this video in mind the next time I feel jealous or feel like someone else's life is perfect. So much wisdom in that brain of yours! Thank you 🙂

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