The Secret Life Of Pets 4 NEW TOYS Illumination Gidget,Mel,Max,Duke Dogs Unboxing WD Toys
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The Secret Life Of Pets 4 NEW TOYS Illumination Gidget,Mel,Max,Duke Dogs Unboxing WD Toys

yeah she came back we’re gonna have
another type of you check out what you twice we have yeah this is for secret
life will pull double figures we gotta do man wow engage if you enjoy the show make sure you click thumbs up and later
we’ll have a secret word also ahead okay guys let’s go ahead and
open up the secret life with toys fingers The Secret Life Of Pets 4 NEW TOYS Illumination Gidget,Mel,Max,Duke Dogs Unboxing WD Toys if they give any other info they’re all pretty much same ever wonder
what you’re doing ok so let’s go ahead to take a closer look at these once I
get gidget next there is gidget next will be character one thing with these smaller
characters though they’re not as fun as the bigger ones that actually like jump
around and say stuff because I mean like see this Mel here I mean I know he’s
cool if you just want to use your imagination if you want to pay a little bit more
could get this smell here and this one jumps around here is the other valve the
bigger one as you can see it’s a lot more fun lot more action featured if you ask me
at a much better deal any small ones they’re not really can’t really do
anything with ok pretty much the same thing with this gauge it it’s it’s a
it’s the play abilities not really there ok
she turned her head as you could see when she turns her head in Leeds pieces
of the bottom of her exposed in eight it just doesn’t look right where if you get
one and spend a little more and you get the bigger budget she has a lot more
action features she talks jumper on their surface bigger runs in circles all
areas I like the action and then you get do
kids school just imagination of his head does it feel nothing moves just pulls
the ball bigger where I mean if I wish they would have
liked more playability I know they’re less expensive let you play with them at least ok then
you got good old level bloom at least max his head does turn so you could turn
his head around almost 360 above a little more than halfway so you could
pose him in different poses with his head around so I mean does have more
playability than the other ones and I mean he is really like makes it and everything so freely in my opinion the bigger max’s
are a much better deal I mean you take a look at this one with the action
creature he is a lot more around seven and he’s bigger ones maybe thirty so
here is three different sizes of the secret life of pet Voice the first ones
here are the ones you get in the surprise the blind bags which really
like me that’s really cool old max I mean as gold and silver back there so
that is cool and every day they look alot of wine and so I mean I really
liked the surprise gone and then here is the for that we just opened up you can
see their smaller bond but they’re kinda any action features a lot of moving
parts I mean they’re more it’s almost more fruit Posey and then my favorite
ones are the ones in the back to action feature so let’s go ahead and turn all
three of those on and check them out party going on here totally guys if you enjoy the show make sure you click the word spelled out
and put that in the comments section below the video until you enjoyed the
video please do this video ends with a lot less so much fun together


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