• Tammin sells

    can you please make all of your parts shorter on every LP and can try and please stop smacking your lips because it grts anoying because it makes a bad sound and its loud and hurts my ears

  • Laci Trach

    This video made me laugh so much.the struggle you were having just getting her to woohoo,plus she kept passing out everywhere it was just so funny😂

  • Rebecca MacLean

    You should get an easel and paint pictures to make money. Baking costs you money to make money each time you bake. Painting is a once off payment….to buy the easel……then you just make money by selling paintings! 🙂 Potty train your toddlers even if they don't need to use it, so they can age up quicker! You can have multiple kids at hospital, but it's random. Another YTer who is doing the challenge has had two sets of twins at the hospital. Did you get Birth Certificates for your kids? 🙂

  • The lonely You tuber

    Also girls names: Ariel,Sienna,Layla,Meghan,Daisy,Hope,Ocean,Zara!
    Boys names: Jack,AJ,Riley,Ashton,Sephron,Zabi,Oliver,James!

  • _Weird_Mal_Chan_

    no offence but you alreadyfailed FROM the start. Look in the 100 baby rulez, 1of 'em says to n-o-t hasve thhhhhhhhhhhhhhe multiple baby thing on so you cant have twins or triplets

  • Djenikha Jeanclaude

    I'm gong to find another video to watch because you need to stop giving the kids so much to do and that's the reason why your sim is always because the kids will get tired💢💢💢

  • Charlotte James

    Sell the shower and put the bath in upstairs or put the shower in the downstairs bathroom and the bath upstairs

  • Felicity Lydia Summerfield

    if you make enough money you need to get a computer for Kelsey and get her to write books and sell them, it will eventually turn into a job for her, ergo making loads of money, so the computer basically ends up like paying for itself then!!

  • Rayafire

    You can sort through the repair pile for parts then sell the parts for money. Also buy a nano trashcan that gives you money when you dispose of garbage

  • Millie Broughton

    You should call the girls Lois , Abbie , Eva, Daniel, Riely, Ava, Olivia, Parker, hazel, Harper , Emily, Alice,esme,Isla,April, willow,June,may,millie,claire,Skye,Amber,mimi , and the boy names Oscar , Oliver, William, Alex, Zack , stuie, billy, Chris, jack, Archie,samuel , Blayke, Owen , Ryan , Kane, please choose some of theese names thank you

  • Unicorn Chapstix

    Anybody else love how Kelsey s bathroom has carpet in it?!? OMG I saw the thumbnail had literally screamed Is the ABEL!!??Babel is clares one and only 💖

  • Jade Mcden

    Girls: Lexi, Ava, Kate, Sarah, and Claire
    Boys: Max, Tai, Zach, Arash, Braden.
    Girl twins: Katie and Kira.
    Boy twins: Eric and Tyler.
    Girl and boy twins: Luca and Lucy, Kyler and Keshia, and Rosie and Ryan.
    Triplets: 2 boys and one girl: Kayden, Luke and Mia.
    2 girls and one boy. Maried, Maddison, and Maxim.
    3 girls Sayda, Jada, and Cecelia.
    3 boys Evan, Chris, and Grover.

    By the way I love this challenge!

  • Ketrin Ferencová

    There’s a cheat for money, you do the thing you want to type into and just write MOTHERLODE and keep doing that and you’ll get even more money

  • Angelyn Malone

    I am doing the 100 baby challenge but in a different way with the same baby daddy which is my huddy in the game / my crush in real life we have 11 kids right now 5 kids in the house I will put the name of the kids I have.

    1. Alexa Marie Bacame twin sister of Vanessa Marie Bacame
    2. Vanessa Marie Bacame twin sister of Alexa Marie Bacame named after Vanessa Marano also named after Vanessa Hudgens
    3. Alex Jr. Bacame named after his daddy
    4. Chris Bacame
    5. Rob Bacame named after Rob Kardashian lol
    6. Laura Marie Bacame named after Laura Marano
    7. Sabrina Marie Bacame named after Sabrina Carpenter
    8. Brian Bacame
    9. Jessa Marie Bacame named after Jessa Duggar
    10. Kourtney Marie Bacame twin sister of Kim Marie Bacame named after Kourtney Kardashian
    11. Kim Marie Bacame twin sister of Kourtney Marie Bacame named after Kim Kardashian

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