• Rennae Garvey

    I know Daniel is not the main character but I think u need to spend more time to extend on his story as well because they should have moved in already

  • Maria Tanglao

    Can Aleya visit her kids while on drugs and zayden will get freaking mad at her cause she's not improving herself. Then after that she'll realized that she messed up and go back to her family and ask for forgiveness

  • the unicorn

    I think Thea should be a writer, and she could write about her childhood, and how her parents were separated.

  • Naia Kolodziej

    I think Thea would be a painter or singer because she would probably not be a writer or actor or something that can revolve around what her mom is doing because she would feel as though she might follow the same path and make really bad decisions like her mom did. She would probably also not like to do something like her mom because it would bring back bad memories of her parents fighting and her family being broken up.

  • Olivia Morrison

    I think Thea should be a singer because she would have to be really creative to come up with good lyrics.

  • Melana Chevannes

    I think Thea should be a painter and a writer. She feels like her imagination is the only thing great about her and with a famous mother she feels like she has to follow her footsteps. So she tries to become the generic famous person, as an actress or singer (that's why she is currently in the drama club), but finds out that she is horrible at both. Soon she realises that she's her own person and becomes famous with her natural talent.

    Edit: Celeste definately seems like the self-assured, self-confident and self-absorbed Alaya. Alaya and Judith are her biggest idols so she aspires to become and even bigger celebrity than the both of them. I don't know but Celeste reminds me a lot of Alaya for some reason.

  • Jess Bear

    Question how do u move a baby is there. A cheat cause it always buys me a default crib and puts the baby in that in stead of my CC ones

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