• doughnut cupcake

    I think you should ahve the youngest child be the next generation so there not like already an adult by the time Emelia is finished that is my idea

  • MsSomethingAwesome

    I actually really like watching the Sims go to work! I feel like there are so few careers that actually offer that and, with so many generations, it would actually be refreshing to see it with a few rather than just seeing the day-to-day go out to dinner, go to the park, Woohoo & raise my children. Just my opinion xP Awesome video!

  • Tea Risteska

    I think you should have Amelia have another baby or possibly twins but let Phoenix be the next generation

  • doughnut cupcake

    This series is awesome toddler Phoenix Is sooo cute and maybe as you get more kids you can move into a house or a bugger apartment I don't know just my idea!

  • Mimi Bernardinis

    How do you get custom content hair for toddlers because when I try to get cc for toddlers hair it doesn’t come up

  • Sims Divine

    This toddler's room is literally the best room,😍😍😍😍 also I love your style, you sound so happy and real 🔥❤🔥

  • Kristin Hoover

    Move them into a house! Something more permanent so Jesse can have a music room and she can have her nerd room while having rooms for all the children if there are more to come lol

  • Jazmine Brown

    I LOVE THAT BABY! I WANNA SEE ANOTHER ONE! But would that child be another color? If not, please use one of the names I dropped in the last Not So Berry challenge video! Thank you!

  • Alexus Ramos

    Please let them have another baby!!!
    Please use one of my names for the next baby.Ill be so excites if you do lauren.😭😭😭😘😘

  • Laci Trach

    For the 100 baby challenge,do u have 31 videos or 28 videos.on your channel it says 31 but when i go through the videos i only see 28 so im just wondering how many there are?

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