The Social Network - Life, Interrupted

The Social Network – Life, Interrupted

in the first month that I was diagnosed I actually found that a lot of my friends were really just and didn't know what to say and didn't know how to be there for me slowly I think especially since I've started writing this column people have reached out to me and it taught me a lot about forgiveness just how difficult it is to discuss things like cancer and to accept and deal with the fact that someone you love is suffering you know being in your 20s some people have experienced loss or hardship or illness but plenty of people in their 20s haven't I think when you're a young adult undergoing cancer treatment you need your friends more than maybe other people in the same situation Jenna and I met to like about a month ago your only other support system at that point is your your group of friends so lekha introduced herself right away and we chatted a bit about hairdos and treatments for me the most surprising thing about my cancer experience is the vast amount of weirdness involved I have found that some cab drivers are more comfortable talking about my having cancer than some of my friends I'm Maura I went to out of this thing with zuleyka and and she's one of my best friends it was one of the first times that I've ever been close to someone who was my age she was going through something like that the beginning I still didn't know how to talk about a lot of the different parts of her illness with her I felt much more uncomfortable saying like okay well I'm gonna go to this party now after we've just talked about how scary it is gonna be for you to be going through chemotherapy right that's not a usual I'm not used to saying that sentence but at the same time we're still 22 23 year old girls that's kind of what we talk about a lot and she doesn't want our friendship to shift so much that suddenly it's only about this thing that's sort of larger than the two of us with some of the harder things that she's gone through just telling her that I was scared too and that I was super confused and didn't know what to say was helpful because you do want your friends to be real with you right for me to be looking at her and saying like everything's gonna be okay it's like how do you know the heck she often looking for someone to listen to her not to give her any answers which is good because I have no answer um Seamus then there's no question that we become closer through this and I think a lot of it is because our friendship heal is grounded in something much realer than other relationships that I have and I think I've also become better at just telling her how much I care about her all the time because that seems like something worth saying a lot I sort of thought this time around her being in the hospital would be you know that I'd sort of seen a lot of what I was going to be seeing and it's just I don't think it ever gets easier what she just endured I think is so unlike anything most people I know will ever experience physically so the fact that she's sort of through a part of it is really good relief as I started feeling really sick specifically and vulnerable emotionally I found myself really only wanting to see my family and my boyfriend and my very best friends like Maura they've seen me at the highest points in this journey and at my very very lowest points so this is a really strange time because I'm no longer in the hospital and at the same time I'm still in a very critical condition and I'm in and out of the hospital and things could happen at any moment there are so many risks especially in the first 100 days as a transplant so even though today for example I'm feeling relatively strong and stable it does feel like there's a bit of a cloud hanging over my head so it's it's hard to know how to feel lots of people are congratulating me on being out of the hospital and I think they're right to congratulate me I'm certainly very excited to be out of the hospital but at the same time I'm not out of the woods yet so it's a bit of a premature sell a celebration and I'm very hesitant to claim any sort of victory for fear that something might go wrong in the coming weeks or months but I'm taking things hour by hour and really trying my hardest to be positive and to be hopeful


  • Gjergji Cumani

    Suleika i know your doctor tells you this a lot and i know is harder on chemo but any form of exercise is what's up. big hug from albania. do 2 miles today for me please ill do 5

  • VelvetGal5

    Good video. I don't understand why 2 people disliked this video. I feel this video is being true & real to life & what happens – cancer or serious medical & health problems to young people. Suleika & her best friend are just speaking the truth & reality of what they're going through. And it's true – people with serious medical & health problems take things – hour by hour & try the best to have a positive attitude & outlook to keep them strong to battle each day even though it's hard.

  • K Erdo

    All the best Suleika. I'm a cancer survivor and most of my doctors thought I wouldn't make it. it's been more than six years now and am grateful to God to be as healthier than ever. Just have faith in your Lord. Best wishes:)

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