The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018
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The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018

If you’re a social media marketer, you probably have a pretty good idea of when most major holidays. But what about the more unique holidays? What about International Cat Day, or National Selfie Day? And did you know that June 30th every year is Social Media Day? If these holidays sound a little silly to you, you’re right, some of them are. But some of them might be worth your brand celebrating on social media, too. As I record this video, hashtag #NationalPancakeDay is the number-one trend on U.S. Twitter. And there are tons of other holidays that your brand might want to celebrate on social media. Now, we’re not saying you should post content and use a trending hashtag just to try to get more followers and more engagements. In fact, if it’s not relevant, it can be kind of annoying and can drive people away from your platform. But there are holidays and observance days about seemingly every vertical and industry and food item and animal under the sun, so if there’s one that’s relevant your organization, it might be worth using the hashtag and getting people involved in the conversation. So we’ve created a calendar to help you keep track of all of those holidays in one place Scroll down to add our holiday calendar to your Gmail calendar, and keep scrolling to read more about the different hashtags on Twitter. That’s all for me for now, I’m off to have some pancakes and celebrate.


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