The Worst Of Twitter (Dory)
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The Worst Of Twitter (Dory)

(subtitles by Greg, Cecily the Greg & MaeTale the Greg) What’s up Greg it’s me Danny back with another episode of *singing?* ALL I WANNA DO IS STEAL YOUR CONTENT AND A CHICK – CHING AND MAKE SOME MONEY It’s a new – it’s a show I don’t know if you’ve heard the great news over the past week or so I don’t know when it happened exactly But Twitter suspended a shit ton of parody accounts that were basically creating spam on Twitter accounts like Dory, meme provider common white girl and the reason they gave for getting rid of all these accounts officially was that they were causing spam on Twitter Which is fair. But the reason so many people are happy about these accounts getting deleted is because all they do is steal tweets. Like, take Dory for example. Every one of Dory’s tweets was a stolen tweet pretty much every content creator that I know despised these accounts because pretty much everyone has had something stolen by these accounts the people who used to run these accounts however have not been taking the news so well for those of you who don’t know, I have a patreon, and on that patreon. I have a discord server It’s basically a giant group chat full of a bunch of other Greg’s and one of them sent me a link to this dude Rae Lopez he had over 15 million followers total on Twitter and all of his accounts were just ripping tweets. Dory was one of the most prominent parody accounts on Twitter I’m sure a lot of you have seen Dory or seen people talking about Dory at the very least Rae Lopez has made a video Called Twitter suspended my accounts(???) where he basically just complains about having his accounts with millions of followers Taken down. Anyway, I just wanted to show you this video because it’s very interesting To look into the mindset of someone who steals content for a living and then gets upset when he’s not allowed to steal content anymore 🙁 Hey, yo what’s up? “Yo all of your accounts are suspended” Na bro. You’re messing with me “I am not messing with you go look” Wait, are you serious? “Dead serious, bro” No 🙁 “Bro ALL OF EM” Even the baby ANIMALS ACCOUNT?????? “I’m sorry bro” *dead meme* I like how he threw in a little skit at the beginning of this video It was totally unnecessary as if that’s actually how he found out his accounts were taken down He totally found out by his friend calling him and saying yo all your accounts were deleted okay bye. also why is his room so fucking empty. He’s got like a – What looks like a floating mattress a tennis racket two desks, so it’s a weirdly furnished room *dead meeeeeeeeme* In the arms of the angel And now he’s doing this combination of like flexing how many followers He used to have while also trying to be like you should feel sorry for me for losing all these followers It’s kind of sad to see someone who had this thing that he had where he just stole Content for a living to have that ripped away and to see him actually have to try to come up with something original To put in a video and you can tell that he’s struggling because he’s just like relying on old memes like the wasted thing And this music they’re both things that you would see in like a bad Instagram comedy video And that’s the best he can come up with. *music continues with bad fake crying sometimes* “In loving memory of all the innocent Twitter accounts lost” yeah, dude they were totally innocent they were just regular law-abiding not harmful in any way twitter accounts They gave credit to everything that they took and they will be they will be deeply missed well Never thought I’d have to be making this video, but um Twitter suspended all of my accounts I like how it starts it off saying. I never thought I’d have to make this video like this dude ran Multiple accounts that were just straight-up stealing for years Dory has been around for a long time And he never conceived of the possibility that maybe Twitter would start cracking down on these accounts. “your account was permanently suspended due to violations of the twitter rules prohibiting spam they’re accusing me of Inflating my numbers essentially alright, so I’m almost certain. This is what happened Twitter gets complaints about spam They’re like we need to do something about this. They set up whatever algorithm They set up and it just goes and takes out all these accounts one way or another uh My accounts get thrown in there. I’m sorry that my accounts are that popping.” Sorry that my accounts are so fucking POPPING He’s still trying to like flex dude. You don’t you’re not your accounts aren’t popping anymore, actually they’ve been taken down I feel like he’s making this video Thinking that this is gonna be one of those videos that goes viral because that’s like he’s uncovered this big conspiracy *owo!!!* Twitter’s trying to shut him down for no reason. it’s like one of those videos you’d see on Reddit That’s like YouTube took down this person’s account for no reason let’s all help him try to get it back and he’s expecting everybody to rally behind him, but instead this video has 13 hundred views and 46 likes and 21 dislikes. “oh, I didn’t see what some people are saying on Twitter “the Dory account has really gone for good I’m so mad” “I Can’t believe this is the guy behind Dory’s account damn” you I know it was me Wait, I love the Dory account. This dude’s trying to act like everybody’s upset his account is gone I haven’t seen anybody upset that this account is gone. I’ve seen actually multiple people very happy about it I just googled it really quickly and I found a shit ton of tweets of people being like all the tweet tech accounts have been Suspended I can’t stop crying we did it kids. Dory, common white girl and a ton of other tweet deck accounts got suspended me in front of fireworks look at Also, what the fuck is that picture? Why did he post that picture so in addition to him trying to convince you that everybody’s have said his accounts are gone He’s also just like sneaking in there like oh also. I’m very hot and everyone thinks I’m very hot also I- people love my Twitter accounts, and I am very hot. “but as you guys can see there’s you know there’s people out there Who miss these accounts so actually the CEO of Twitter was on periscope that day before all this went down he was talking about parody accounts parodies and Joke accounts which we you know we believe do add An enormous amount to Twitter and that’s something we want to always protect and make sure that we are Investing on a lot more” I assume that what Jack was talking about there is Parody accounts and joke accounts that come up with their own Parodies and jokes a joke account that doesn’t come up with jokes is called a stealing account And I don’t think the CEO of Twitter has ever said that he wants to protect people who steal other people’s content “Did you hear that parody and joke accounts are something we believe bring a lot of value to the platform that we should be? Protecting I don’t feel protected Jack” You can’t be mad at Jack for not protecting you you you’re not doing anything worth protecting “I think we should address this BuzzFeed article. That’s been going viral Twitter Just suspended a ton of accounts known for stealing tweets like who even wrote this article Look at this duuuuuuude *obnoxious dickhead laughter* Jesus dude really you read the title of the article and then clearly couldn’t come up with any legit Criticism of it so then you just started making fun of the girl’s appearance who wrote the article Making fun of someone’s appearance is like the worst way to refute a point They’re saying you’re basically just admitting you don’t have an actual argument like the only thing you can come up with about this article is That the girl looks like the Witch from Snow White Which she doesn’t this looks like a regular Twenty-something year old girl and the witch from Snow White is fucking terrifying and still gives me nightmares. I’m actually not kidding by the way I went on the snow white ride at Disneyland a few weeks ago And it’s scary. and it’s supposed to be a kids ride I know it’s a little bit of a tangent But I really think that that ride needs to be a little bit less scary “I am actually kind of mad they’re misinforming people there spreading false information tweet deckoning (??) tweet Decker’s I don’t use TweetDeck I don’t use TweetDeck for the last time all it is is an app created by Twitter where you can connect multiple Accounts and you used to be able to retweet from all of them at once when it was a thing a bunch of different people Would get into group chats and stuff, and they would all connect their accounts They would organize like a retweet structure for everybody to get retweeted essentially And it was just really spammy” just because you don’t use that app doesn’t mean you’re not spam I think the real reason that Twitter Considers these accounts spam is because I’ll see common white girl tweets one tweet that went viral Then a few minutes later Dory will tweet it then a few minutes later another account will tweet it even if you’re not using tweet deck It’s still a shit ton of really popular accounts all tweeting the same tweet hoping it goes viral again. It is spam You’re spamming people’s timelines with the same tweet over and over that is that’s like the definition of spam “They don’t care that I had over 15 million followers that I grew myself without tweet decks or anything artificial They’re just like fuck this guy. He’s doing too. Well. What is he doing to get all these followers? There’s no way this can be real.” Yeah. I gained all my 15 million followers Myself no help no tweet decks, nothing artificial just one man his mind thousands of other people writing tweets for me and My abs “people will say oh, but didn’t your account steal tweets isn’t that why you got suspended no It’s not stealing tweets isn’t even against Twitter’s terms of service I don’t know if that’s true or not if tweets stealing tweets is against Twitter’s Terms of Service or not But it is against the law. if you tweet something that’s original. It’s protected under copyright the moment It’s published in a fixed medium it’s Copyrighted by the person who tweeted it stealing it and presenting it as your own without crediting anyone actually is illegal twitter has a DMCA Form that you can file just for this specific Reason it doesn’t need to be against their Terms of Service cuz it’s already against the law “you know Instagram stole from snapchat the stories Twitter stole from Facebook the like button you know what they say right good artists copy and great artists steal And I’m over here looking like Picasso.” Oh my god, dude. You’re not a great artist You know who says good artists copy great artists steal? People who get caught stealing not great artists even if great artists steal, they steal forms They steal broad general concepts This dude is like the textbook case of somebody who used to know that he was doing something wrong And then has done it so long that he’s convinced himself that he’s right and everybody else is wrong Alright guys, I’m closing this video off, I’m tired of looking at that BeAuTiFuL fAcE oF mInE (sure buddy) I don’t wanna see it anymore (me neither frankly) Jesus Christ dude just end the video “You know send me some video ideas so I can steal ’em if you know what I mean.*DiNg* I’m gonna keep making videos I figure why not if this works out who needs Twitter accounts, right? I’ll see you guys later You better have a beautiful day. Have a wonderful day. Don’t let anybody stop You don’t let anybody tell you you’re ugly except for me. You ugly piece of shit” Ha ha yeah, thanks for watching you ugly piece of shit. That’s actually pretty good name for his fanbase We we got the Gregs, and he’s got ugly pieces of shit. alright, so he posted this YouTube video a few days ago Let’s go ahead and see if his Followers, or if the people who have watched this video agree with him. He made his case Let’s see what the general consensus is. “you corny as hell desperate for something to make money since your accounts are gone” “He stayed making money by stealing other people’s tweets He deserves this” “we don’t feel bad for you brah” and my favorite, “virgin get owned,” so what’s next for Ray Lopez? I took a look at his Instagram account and he describes himself as an “entrepreneur” he’s a businessman you know super business savvy he put all of his resources into running a business on one platform that either could have gone bankrupt or Suspended him which it did you know like a real business savvy guy does he puts all of his eggs in one basket Well since his Twitter accounts have been suspended. It seems like he hasn’t really done much He’s made that one YouTube video his Instagram is just full of pictures of himself shirtless in his underwear holding guns Holding his own dick I did see he made one vague attempt at Instagram comedy Which is just really him dancing alone in his room with a fake? Caption like when your ex gets dumped by the person they left you for it’s just him dancing. He gets progressively less clothed. He’s Really, sweaty. I don’t know if he’s really nervous or something and then his friend walks in It’s really funny. You should go check it out But all in all it’s it’s tough to say what the future for Ray Lopez is gonna look like But if we know one thing it’s that he’s a great artist and great artists steal So we’ll probably see him continue to do that and honestly that’s kind of inspirational You know I’ve always wanted to be a great artist his words of wisdom “good artists Copy great artists steal” that really stuck with me and so since he’s so cool with stealing And he doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. I created a YouTube account called Rey Lopez I recreated his exact video word-for-word and uploaded my video to it since he’s so cool was stealing I feel like he’s gonna be totally cool with that if you want to go check it out I’ll link it in the description, so I guess I’m basically a great artist now. I just want to thank everyone that supported me It’s been a long road, but I’m finally a great artist all I had to do was copy someone else’s content word-for-word So thank you Ray Lopez for encouraging me to do this. I really I really appreciate it alright guys well Thank you so much for watching if you’re not already part of Greg guys Greg is our fan base here on YouTube. It’s our It’s kind of the name for my fans You know how other youtubers will have like fan names based on their own name I couldn’t come up with any good puns for danny Gonzalez, so I just use someone else’s name so we’re Gregs if you if you want to join Greg all you have to do is subscribe and turn on that notification button and You’ll be Greg so yeah, also if you want to join the discord server that I mentioned at the beginning of the video It’s basically a giant group chat I’m in there a bunch of other Gregs are in there all you have to do is support me on patreon, so consider checking that Out the link will be in the description as well. Thank you Peterr for watching and turning on my notifications You are truly Greg. I will see you guys next time with another hilarious video. I am a great artist I’ll see you guys next time bye


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