These Are British Royal Family Favorite Menus

These Are British Royal Family Favorite Menus

hi good people how was your day welcome back to mega news everyone must have their favorite menu they can boost their mood on a birthday favorite menu not only boosts your mood but can also change your whole day however everyone has different taste buds that aren't probably hard to find a match there's many people usually prefer to it alone when it comes to their favorite menus but have you ever wonder what our royal family members suffered menus well the answer will probably quite hard to answer as they come from the royal family in this video we have lists of favorite minions of the royal family members what are your favorite minions plan for any other shellfish menus well if you are a royal you probably need to restrain in eating menus that are made from this ingredients alone at the Royals are instructed to avoid eating any shellfish menus as they probably still had some bacteria left and can cause a stomachache for the Royals however despite aware of the throne the Duke of Cambridge has recalled that he and his wife enjoy eating shushing well when it comes their favorite menus no one can stop you right before we begin please click subscribe to support this channel and click like if you think this information are useful for you if you have any suggestions meant for idea by the next video drop them below in the comment section and happy watching but it frames this menu is user serve as an appetizer this menu is user metropolis frames that are cut and seasoned then served with a toasted bread Queen Elizabeth who uses a receive of butters frames ticket every week in Balmoral Castle this frame three let her be served for the afternoon tea session along with hot and crispy Melba toasted bread Queenie she really loved the butter shrimp fried beef burger nom this menu from French has become the Royal Family's favorite menu this bit Perignon is usually served with mashed potato according to Darrin this big burger menu can be made from a beef but the Queen prefer a beef burger non made from venison from the farm shredded Brussels sprout with onion and bacon to make this menu Taran usually use fresh ingredients for a burn mark introduction this one of the real favorite menus is made from frustrated Brussels sprouts seasoned with onion which is cooked together with bacon when Darren cook for the royal family he will not include garlic as many people know that the Queen does not prefer garlic on her food call and goat cheese mashed potatoes a traditional British menu which is made from mashed potatoes which are made with chopped cabbage has inspired Aaron to create this tall and goat cheese mashed potatoes menu this menu is made from mashed potatoes that are makes bit all the metal detail can be made in a large amount and let her it can be make to the chopped cow and we just need to reheat it predicted an apple past three central han palace is known for having its own apple garden and this curtain is also become an apple supplier for the royal kitchen the talk of this dessert menu is make by mixing all the ingredients using your own hand then rolled then shape with your own fingers all right guys this our British royal family favorite menus that's all for today and see you in the next video if you have any situations or comment feel free to put them down below see you and good bye [Applause]


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