Thinking of Hosting A Guest Blogger? Top 3 Things to Consider
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Thinking of Hosting A Guest Blogger? Top 3 Things to Consider

– Hey people, Mike Sahno here. And this week’s video
is on three important considerations if you
are thinking about having a guest blogger for your regular blog. Very often I do a blog post on Mondays, and then Wednesdays I
have a video come out that’s tied to the blog
topic–basically reiterating some of what was in the blog post. This week, I don’t have a
blog post. And the reason is because I was supposed
to have a guest blogger and it didn’t work out. Long story short, what
happened is this person contacted me about doing
a guest post on my blog, and I said, “Sure, that’d
be great, here’s a topic.” And I got a blog post that
had a couple of links in it. One of them was to an
article, which was okay. The other one was something
that I wouldn’t use because it was linking out to a quote unquote “writing blog.” And it was a place where
hack writers submit their work and get paid something like 13 dollars per page, which is developing country-level writing. I recontacted the blogger
after having edited the blog and gotten it ready, and I said, “Listen, this thing is ready to go, but I’m not going to
promote it to social media much unless I’ve got word
back from you that it’s okay to have it as-is,
because I didn’t include that particular link.” And I got resistance. I got an answer that
said, “Well, I hope we can collaborate, but I really
want that in there.” And I said, “That’s not going to happen.” So, bottom line is I ended
up taking down the post, but I had already retweeted it to my 23,000 Twitter followers. Three considerations if you
are thinking about having a guest poster for your blog: Number one, do your due
diligence on the writer. The email that I got was well-written, it was very concise, so I
didn’t go out and investigate this writer and see what
kind of writing I was going to be getting. Turns out, not so great. Not too surprising based on
the end of the experience. Second thing is do your
due diligence on any links that may or may not be included. If the person who is offering
to do a guest blog post says, “I want to include
some links,” don’t agree to that unless you already
know what the links are, and you have vetted those sites. If you’re not comfortable
promoting a garbage website, which is what I ended up
with, then you shouldn’t be accepting this person’s post. And you certainly don’t want to promote it to your following, especially
if you have a large following on social media. And the last aspect of this,
the third thing that I want to mention is, if it doesn’t
work out, if it goes south, as was the case here, let it go! It’s not that big of a deal. I’m still not too happy
about it, but I think by tomorrow I’ll be 100% over it. It’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things. Those are the three things
I want you to be aware of, if you are considering
hosting someone on your blog. And by the way, if you’re
considering being a guest on someone else’s blog,
make sure that you don’t end up being like what
that person was to me. Because, believe me, there
is never going to be any kind of relationship going
forward with me and this other “writer.” That’s it for me this week. Everybody have a good one. Thanks for watching, and as I always say, I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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