This could change Facebook forever
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This could change Facebook forever

– Last year, we found out
that for the past three years, Facebook had been deleting the messages of Mark Zuckerberg and
some other executives and in the controversy that followed, the company promised that it would then allow all of us to do
exactly the same thing. Imagine my surprise this week, when Mark Zuckerberg
announced that he was going to lean hard into privacy. It’s a lot of talk. It was 3,200 words in a blog
post that Zuckerberg wrote. To understand what it all means, we’re going to have to
look at the big picture. So what did Mark Zuckerberg
actually say in his blog post? He said he wanted to bring
end to end encryption to all of Facebook’s messaging products. That means Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. One of the things that
he says in his blog post is that encryption
limits services like ours from seeing the content
flowing through them and makes it much harder for anyone else to access your information. And once your messages
are end to end encrypted, that means that no one from
Facebook or the government will ever be able to
understand the contents of your messages. The second major thing
that was in the blog post was the idea that your messages should no longer be permanent. Zuckerberg speculated that in the future, your messages on Facebook
would disappear by default, after a certain period of time. You could choose to keep
them if you wanted to but just like on Snapchat, how messages disappear when you read them, if you wanted your
Facebook to feel like that, all of a sudden, it could. So with those two ideas out there, Facebook says it is going
to rally around privacy in a way that it never has before. If you’ve read a story about
Facebook in the past year, chances are it was
about a privacy scandal, whether it was Cambridge
Analytica last spring or the biggest data breach
in company history last fall. So when Zuckerberg says
that privacy is now the most important thing to Facebook, a lot of people are skeptical. But let’s say that you believe Zuckerberg, what would that mean for
Facebook and the rest of us? Well, one of the things that he says is in the future, we’re going to want the world to feel less like a town square and more like a living room, so less yelling in pubic,
more talking to your friends. If that’s true, it has a lot of big implications for Facebook. Number one, the news feed
is no longer the most important part of the site. Think about what a big deal that is. The news feed is synonymous with Facebook. It’s by far the biggest money
making product at the company. If we’re no longer looking
at the news feed every day, Facebook is a much different business than it ever has been before. Today, Facebook makes
it’s money by effectively renting it’s users
attention to advertisers. In an encrypted messaging app, an advertiser can’t see who you are or what you might be interested in, nearly as well as they used to be. Instead, Facebook wants to give businesses an opportunity to let
us buy and sell things from within a Messenger or a WhatsApp. There’s still a lot of details
that need to be worked out. So, in a world where apps are encrypted, not only can advertisers
not see into your messages, governments can’t as well. If governments can’t access
the content of user’s messages, they’re going to have
a lot to say about it. We’ve already seen countries
like Vietnam and Russia pass laws requiring
companies like Facebook to store any data that
Facebook is collecting about their citizens locally, presumably so that they can
more easily access that data. Facebook is now saying hey, our apps are gonna be encrypted, there’s just not gonna be
a lot for you to look into. And Zuckerberg speculates
that Facebook is actually going to be banned in these countries. And then there’s China. One of Mark Zuckerberg’s
biggest dreams over the years is that Facebook would
become one of the few American companies to really
be able to thrive in China. But now that the company is going to enable encrypted messaging,
that seems impossible. So encryption has benefits. Advertisers can’t target you, governments can’t read what you’re saying, there are some real
drawbacks to conversation moving from the town
square to the living room. It’s going to be harder
to know what people are saying about the politics
inside their own country. We’ve already seen this
in Brazil and India, two countries where
WhatsApp is very popular. Misinformation has spread rapidly there, inside these closed groups and researchers have had a hard time
keeping track of exactly what’s being said. So one result of this encryption might be less visibility into
the public discussion. It’s trade-offs, all the way down. This all may come to nothing,
but if it really happens, all of a sudden, Facebook
is a very different company. When I say Facebook, you
probably think news feed. In the future when I say Facebook, you might think a group text, you might think a small
group that you’re in and you might never visit
the news feed at all. So how do we feel about the newer, more privacy friendly Facebook? Well, privacy has a lot of benefits. There are many of us out
there who just wanna talk with our friends and our
family and our co-workers, without worrying that
whatever we’re saying is going to come back to haunt us. The fact that Facebook is
enabling a new way of doing that, is pretty exciting. At the same time, Mark
Zuckerberg has a history of making grand pronouncements
that never come true. Four years ago, he told us the news feed was gonna transform into video. Two years ago, he published a manifesto saying Facebook was going to
build social infrastructure, whatever that means, and whether this new, private Facebook comes
into being against some very long odds, is still anyone’s guess. So what do you think, you all? Are you gonna be more
likely to use Facebook once it’s end to end encrypted anywhere? Let us know in the comments, and if you want to know
way more about Facebook, did you know I write a daily newsletter about social networks and democracy? You can find it at


  • fazeel ashraf

    If history has told us anything is Jews only care about money. So I don't think this is ever going to come true.

  • An Smith

    It's not impossible China can still hack FBs encryption. Yeaaaa. It's like he just decided to give everyone a bunch of BS…but hey maybe we can just move it to China already. Asswipes.

  • SR Productions

    First of all…they did encrypt it…however that does mean it is not stored and it cannot be decrypted…they possess decrytion keys and read your information whenever


    Facebook's privacy plans will be simple, keep violating people's privacy and keep saying I'm sorry. If there's no consequences there will be no difference in the end result. They'll just be more clever.

  • Logesh Guhan

    Lot of people think people left facebook beacuse of privacy issues. In my view they love the word followers than friends and exactly thats what happening in my college.

  • Milan Ďásek

    Apple product placement advertisement. Why there is an Apple product on the table while it's not being used. Blah…

  • Talha Mukhtar

    The question is always “Where do they make the money?” Always, always, always. If Facebook ever shows that they are making absolutely no revenue from selling user data, I will easily buy that they’re not interested violating privacy rights. My thing is, no service is free, I’m paying for it somehow. Amazon Prime Video comes from my Prime subscription, that online Honey extension is paid for by giving them access to literally all my online shopping data, and so on. How does “living room” Facebook make a profit? If it’s from a subscription, or from being a billboard app, I’m much more willing to trust that they’re not in the personal data game. Even then, though, at this point I’d need a provision in their Terms and Services Agreement saying they won’t sell my info

  • Tim Schöndorfer

    The other countries don't want to have easier access to their citizen's data – They don't want their data being stored in america. As simple as that. America is not an ally anymore.

  • sam

    Let's say if a terrorist group or sociopaths uses end to end encryption which the company and government can't put hands on what actions can be taken against public manipulation and facts fabrication been done.


    End to End encryption doesn’t mean facebook won’t able to read our data. Its all about company ethics and that trust is already broke.

  • Howard Horst

    Facebook‘s image is beyond redemption. I quit Facebook over a year ago and I don’t miss it at all. In fact, I’ve been happier with it out of my life.

  • Linda Watmore

    I don't believe what they say. Google apps and updates override your system and have experience of my security being switched off every time they automatically upgrade my device and I found a security app over my own system and a message saying that the security system was installed in my device and could not be removed or else my device would lose its software and not work properly. I forced stop and disable and the transparent yellow taxi logo sitting over the top of my security system, was going from my device in the UK to 2 locations in America. Every time I went to Google or watch news feed, my security logo would disappear and I would switch off and go straight to security settings and malware speedometer would be going round so fast 7 thousand times and my son who is technically trained computer engineer, could not find the problem until this yellow taxi logo was sitting over the top of my security in the background. Every time automatic update on Google switches of my security settings. So my son has made it that the automatic response is deactivated, it also happened on my Huawei phone, so deactivated the automatic update. I have noticed if I have my fingers across the camera I can't switch on a red line appears on the top of the screen tells my to uncover the camera. Also I have noticed that, if my phone is in my bag or on the side and I talk about looking at buying a new tablet or laptop or camera or a car even, maybe booking a holiday and mention a destination, and then by magic everything I have mentioned comes up on my phone and tablet advertising what I have just been talking about. So I can tell you that we are all being spied on by the powers that be. And the foolish people who store everything in their phone and tablet on their computers and have smart television and security cameras witch you can access them from your phone, you can sure that they are watching you through your computer system and television even your own security cameras because they can actually access them easily by overriding your system you are a open door allowing them to access your life every time they update their software and download it to your phone, computer, allowing them to infiltration into your computer system. Nothing is safe today and the biggest enemy is our own government. That's why they want a cashless system so they can monitor your everyday spending and help them to no exactly what money you have and where, there will be even more fraud than there is now because you can empty a bank account by the touch of a button and make accounts easier steel from, most criminal activity is done by someone on the inside and access to security data. Technology is responsible for nearly all businesses and banking crimes by relying on the Internet and online banking services allow your customers to be targeted by criminal activities within the banking system itself. Resulting in people losing their money, property, identity theft etc. And they want to make it easier by giving everyone a microchip in the hand or for head. Containing all personal information about you, just abduct the person and take them with their hand to help themselves to all you have. They have not invented a single system yet that cannot be used by criminal people. But it's the most vulnerable people in the world who are being affected by their stupid laws which the governments of the world are passing. They want people to be like robots and control their minds and actions.

  • Daniel Večeřa

    I don't get it. Facebook was a great revolution for the society. It made my life more social .They did a lot of things wrong though. Now they are trying to fix it. Why is everyone here so negative about it?

  • Shashikanth P

    Yea… But when you use Google keyboard to text on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp…. end to end encryption is nothing!

  • nir2594

    deleting messages isn't a privacy issue. Companies like facebook earn through targeted ads. They just need 1-2 days chats, they don't care what happened 1 week ago. This is him saving face without any damage to his companies.

  • Tayyab Hasan

    i might finally give facebook a chance after this. News feed is cancer and i dont want cancer. There were more talks of combining all three messaging platforms as well.

  • Malcolm H

    I deactivated my Facebook account a while ago, honestly don't miss it one bit and won't use it any time soon. We'll see …this so called new "private" movements. Highly sceptical.

  • XPoChangLinX

    Being on facebook and worrying about privacy is like walking nude down a busy street and worrying about worrying ppl seeing your junk.

  • Maximilian Schneider

    This video is quite inaccurate. Facebook will still be able to know most of what's going on and advertisers will still be able to target their audience. It comes down to metadata which is even right now the most common way of ad targeting.

  • SayNo 2Globalism

    You must have missed the memo… Here is the big picture.
    FB is DARPA! LifeLog Everyone who uses the FB platform has been willingly creating their own file for the C_A. All messages have been stored along with all our relations. Forget any privacy Mark Z promises. Run from FB!

  • Alexander Hjalmarsson

    Though i dont believe this at all, but I'm really happy about the change of mindset change. As Facebook Messenger is completely inescapable in most of northern Europe…

  • Brandon Elbers

    I left Facebook/Instagram about a year and a half ago. I’ve never looked back. Facebook has continually violated user privacy for years. There is nothing they can do to convince me to come back.

  • Andi Leigh

    I'm leaving FB if this happens.
    I ONLY use it FOR the newsfeed for dog rescue.
    It's useless otherwise. This is going to hurt A LOT of animals who are saved THANKS TO THE NEWSFEED.

  • Thomas Gunther

    To ask Mark to improve privacy is like asking a bank robber to make the very bank saver he wants to rob next. I am off of Facebook for a long time now for this very reason. I don't trust him a bit. I have nothing to hide, I just don't want him to rule the world.

  • Nils Smith

    I don’t think this is a major shift to Facebook as a whole, but more about the Messenger platform and where that’s going. I think it’s absolutely going to change the intimacy within the platform and more significantly compete with email, SMS and other messaging/direct communication platforms. I think the Newsfeed will continue to provide the town square, but we’re already seeing this shift in attention. I also think that Mark wasn’t off on video taking over the feed as it has become more and more significant. I think they’ve definitely missed the mark so far with Watch though as YouTUbe continues to run away with online video attention.

  • Katherine Elizabeth

    I'd just be happy if they stopped fact that the most shared items are from places like Breitbart, Occupy Democrats, and Fox News. Facebook, as it is now, is terrible for our discourse.

  • largraf

    Do I trust Facebook. Let's see. How far can I throw this elephant?
    I discovered a new oxymoron …….. Facebook privacy.

  • LouisChiaki

    Not sure if the ads are not target to me is a good thing at all.. I don't want to see those irrelevant ads on my facebook. Only US people heavily worry about privacy.

  • F. D. R. / F. D. R.

    Personally I never did care to participate with Facebook or any other social media. I do communicate via. e-mail to friends, family,
    business associates and general acquaintances. My personal file at it's peak had 24,600+ recipients. I have enjoyed sending and
    receiving news & notes from these special friends. We do not advertise products or services of any kind, we simply have opinions
    on a variety of topics and enjoy expressing ourselves. We seem to respect an unwritten agreement to agree to disagree occasionally.


    As long as I respect and follow my own rules of being a decent human being and respect others, I dont have to bother with this, i am not afraid of what I share on social media. You, Mark Zuckerberg, don't waste your time, sir, looking for irrelevant stuff. Take your wife and kids on a trip, it's much better to spend useful time with your family than to spy on other ppl's account

  • FARM - Food Ambot Review Manila

    Mr. Zucks doesn't even trust Facebook, he puts tape on his laptop camera at work. Facebook will become the next Yahoo.

  • Bearded Emo

    i just wish the updates would hurry… i had them when they first mentioned them and then they went away for me 🙁

  • Joe Howlett

    If they encrypt facebook messages that really has nothing to do with the newsfeed, they are two separate things. On another note… I stopped following all of my contacts on facebook, totally recommended!

  • Paul BERDAH

    Adevertising works if content exagearate informations like a certain press, don't be surprised if hain and scandals are more and more will be your new encounters.

  • Xavius Americus

    😆😆😆😆😆😆. If anyone believes anything Mark is at the Burke says, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell them.

  • Zelda 00Agent

    Facebook is just not the greatest! They should make Facebook to where there's no harassment because that's something I had to deal with until I took care of it! They always talked about making Facebook safer but I still don't see it!

  • Larry Kustyn

    Notice how there's allot more content on Facebook Watch. Not that they'll ever be s threat to You Tube but they could steal enough viewers away to be a thorn in their side just the same.

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