This Girl Explains The Hardships Of Dating In The Social Media Age [Mockumentary]
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This Girl Explains The Hardships Of Dating In The Social Media Age [Mockumentary]

It’s really hard to meet people
in New York City. I moved here from a small town and I’m really noticing people
are afraid to talk to strangers
in public. I tried tinder, but I hated how
vulgar some of the people were. So I made a Facebook, put all my
best pictures on it and started
adding cute guys in the area. No one has accepted my friend
request though. Seriously. I even made an Instagram account
and started following guys and liking their pictures but no
one follows me back. I figured it’s 2016 — maybe I
should just make the first move. So, I started direct messaging
and telling people about my work as a freelance
web developer. People are so unfriendly. This one guy accused me of being
a middle-aged Bangladeshi man. Look, I’m okay being single.
Really. I just hate being so
ignored. I went through a really tough
time when my good friend, Nigerian prince Adewale
Anti-Kuti, was stranded in
Europe and couldn’t access his savings
account. He relied entirely
on strangers to transfer him
money for a plane ticket. Not one person would donate. In the end, I fronted all the
money and, as promised, he made
me rich. But still, all I want is a cute,
single, local guy to fuck.


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