Three MIRACLE Matches

Three MIRACLE Matches

you don't have pine well first of all craft them cuz they're they're one of the first cards you should always craft give me a second I'll try to think what you should do well we have to get rid of this it's too slow two three four and the electrician will be fine eventually hopefully we'll get it we hadn't started with bats yet even today all right sonic bloom is a good finisher if you have any of those what else did we there's a little success with go nuts because you're anyway running a lot of pop Shroomish room for two so go nuts can be a finisher really the best thing was pine cone high rent for pine cone and to sonic bloom start crafting them so beat me up on the ground now into the middle lane of course cuz that is where his super happens so put it right here it's really nice to man you're so annoying how do we deal with this I might go with beam me up electrician now the screws up our whole thing what if he grows this no he's evaporate it later he just messed up our entire maybe I'll go with should we fake it you know what let's evaporate this we need a card this will probably be the best evaporate can't feel it he hasn't shown us a power yet this captain cucumber we're on like a ticking time bomb 1 o'clock right now with the captain this one kills it let's prevent super know what to do here do we go for a face now don't have a good play there unfortunately it's so sad it's actually good because now we have 5 couldn't really use a small card he's gonna get these legendaries cause 2 less now and these has several it's the environment I just think if he covers the environment this dies next year ensue and have anything let's just go with this one yeah you got two of these now these are growing he just says so many leji cheap wedgies in his hands it's probably maniacal if he doesn't finger blast this right now there might be some weird play yes super were screwed this is the play not bad eight and eight wins play around bonus attack that's fine we could actually actually um win here he thinks he's saved electrician wins the game are you kidding me that was a miracle how many shots he got from Captain cucumber there it's exactly lethal man doesn't even chart his block meter once that was crazy that was crazy how did we win that game I can't believe that Oh baby here we go a lot of good stuffs gonna happen guess this goes here what's the thing what are his plays do we want him to play things on the ground I don't know HG is one of the most unpredictable heroes separate environments so he passes her one so it doesn't have guy he doesn't have super unless he's holding it off so it's he fries it's got to be fries environment or teleportation station it's got to be freezing environment now all right so this happens here how do we play around the fries next turn yes it fries teleportation station you play on one with Doctor Who in your hand let's see top deck bus I didn't see where he came out of his hand we go face that's the answer the answer is conscious many cards as you want I will race you to 20 we're going bullseye man's not gonna block it's totally fine can you post this this is the oh I didn't put this up man I I should just upload freaking YouTube videos every dab and dealing it every other day for some reason me they're not that hard to make maybe today I'll just make four then I'll have some openings to just make stuff it's totally fine now what now wait she gonna do nebula still nobody has his hands this is gonna do four more damage or luck a little doubt the ready to rumble so ready to rumble and can he get the seven mustard she's up to six okay so it's bad moon rising what's going on here he got another what is going on this is what the heck is happening he did a bonus attack we do this we do this so the TRICARE tabs doesn't die now anyway oh yes it does oops no cuz it dies wanted attacks no that was a bad what was that play said the biggest combo play ever oh no he had a PV yep wait I think he just killed his Bronson no now he didn't he grew it what is this play what turn was that what am I supposed to do right guys a miracle time we're fine will block the nine that's fine is that a card that a card to guess what's before no now it's guaranteed now it's basically lethal you have anything I can kill this no it's grass knuckles we have nothing even if we do roll a 2 here he beats us with these two for sure that was just the perfect way than that why not just throw throw a one roll just at the end there why not anyway whoa had a little moment there people watch me spaced out on stream that's fun one time one time one time come on super that was me spacing out severely Oh we're getting like a five drop right now just saying to get a minion do we play it yes damn I think it's the leaf then we draw more cards this is so good you can't answer at two fours starting off with a chi-su versus stupid it should not give you an environment stupid why does that give you an entire oh snap oh snap no bonus to text you this is actually nice to keep around do-do-do-do so we have all this one time one time I think I'm gonna keep the bonus track bucket head it's probably the best thing against caps give us of all who only wins the bonus attacks Boop I'm up Boop them down we whip all around here they're pooping everywhere open up drama bomb down from all around okay okay this is the unprecedented what's going on today Oaks Oh show deck you don't know it's in this deck against how're you been it says badly Rising Sun boom here everywhere just this bonus drag is so good I'm keeping it around ouch time to shine wins the game no time to shine get me here no we did 2 bonus attack ray I forgot I forgot I'm so stupid I forgot I forgot it folks I forgot these PvP games that you may get it happen here maybe I'll just upload the the one highlight game from today in the – PvP games I forget oh here we go we're gonna conjure another card blowgun no it's guaranteed lethal now uh I guess I could block because the strikethrough we have to get a strike through minion I wish this had anything more than it would be you he can't bonus attack oh man all the good stuff happening today oh I thought he won too I can't blame I can't blame him for playing time to shine because I that one out to bigger files like what am I supposed to do it's true tweeting bucketheads damn hope you guys enjoy peace listens fry once again


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