Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Buffalo, New York.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Buffalo, New York.

what is going on everyone really what's going on how are you doing let me know in the comment section below now that we got that out of the way today I thought we'd do a video on one of the coldest cities in the country Buffalo New York I figure it's fitting because we're in the middle of June and currently it's 95 degrees here in Portland Oregon I have my a/c on it's still too hot and I've been dreaming about winter all day Buffalo's very cold city on average it gets more snow than almost any other city in the u.s. it's a great place to be chubby you don't look like you're lazy you look like you're smart and you're prepared for winter I have a bunch of family in Buffalo probably like 10 cousins and their families and stuff I think I got an uncle or two left still I haven't been to the City of Buffalo about 10 years so I jumped on Facebook and asked my cousin's some questions and see what they felt about the city these days statistically Buffalo sucks I mean other than the cost of living if you've been paying attention to this channel you know that if a city has a great cost living like it's really low the rest of the stats suck like Buffalo Buffalo's right here it's right across from Canada where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie the City of Buffalo received its name from a nearby creek called Buffalo Creek how fitting it was incorporated in 1832 and has a population of about 260 1,000 residents while the whole metro area has just a little over a million just outside of the city you have the University of Buffalo which sports teams are known as the fighting jellyfish almost nobody moves to Buffalo willingly and people don't move out too often either most the people are on parole and if they do try and leave that little ankle thing starts freaking out on them so they got to stay put but hey if you're one of the people thinking about moving to Buffalo you should watch my top ten reasons not to move to Buffalo New York number ten oppressive taxes now that's what my cousin called Buffalo's taxes oppressive property income and sales taxes are brutal in New York already and Buffalo sticks it to you a little bit more he moved West Virginia two years ago and saw his property taxes plunged by sixty percent he says he doesn't use profanity when paying his taxes anymore so that's a good thing the New York state income tax is eighty percent higher than the national average and in the three minutes we've spent together here if you haven't learned anything yet Buffalo's in New York number nine the Buffalo Bills the people of this city seem to be bipolar during football season they start every Sunday morning off in a good mood and by noon they want to cry or beat each other up in some parking lot in Orchard Park far too many people in this city judge their self-worth on how the Buffalo Bills did each weekend it's really weird my cousin's I have to deal with them and their Facebook posts about this it's almost like someone convinced them every single Sunday that they're wasting their life doing whatever they're doing it's really weird now maybe this will change if the Buffalo Bills ever get good but this city by far has the most fans that are affected by the win-loss ratio of the local football team it's weird number eight no interesting history Buffalo doesn't have a lot of interesting history the Revolutionary War didn't happen here nothing from the Civil War they had some things with the Native Americans but nothing major oh wait President McKinley was assassinated Buffalo that's really interesting that's always great for a city the only major thing that ever happened here is someone killed the president and stopped typing I'm sure there's something in the history of Buffalo that you find significant and that's fine if it's not something the History Channel hasn't done a mini-series on it's not major I did find it funny that I came across the whole story about William McKinley and I was you know researching in the whole assassination thing oddly enough I'm in the middle of reading a series of books and the dude who wrote the books his name is Will McKinley it's called caffeinated humor I'll leave a link below it's really good stuff number seven the school suck the schools are really bad in Buffalo area vibe gives them a big fat f as in failure not fantastic the average student to teach ratio they don't even list I'm I've tried to look that one up and couldn't find it must be really bad in Buffalo New York an average of 79 percent of the students have completed eighth grade that's eighth grade they can't even get all these kids to graduate eighth grade an average of 77 percent of the students have completed high school not a good number this is the best piece of ice I can give you get your kid a passport and send them across the border to Canada number six they're a bunch of drunks this is one of the drunkest cities in the country this city finds a reason to drink if there isn't one already on the books they'll find a reason they'll make one up it doesn't matter they will find some form of festival to fill up every weekend they can this of course leads to a lot of drunk drivers and late night fast food lines make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage if you've moved to Buffalo and if you're one that drinks and drives so make sure you have a good lawyer that's all I can tell you number five they're kind of short on jobs so if you're lucky enough to have a job in Buffalo rejoice a lot of your friends might not the unemployment rate in Buffalo is twenty five percent higher than the national average even if you do have a job chances are you're making ten percent to twenty five percent less in most industries than you would in other places like Rochester Syracuse even Scranton Pennsylvania which isn't terribly far away the income per capita in Buffalo is twenty eight percent lower than national average it's like they want you to show up at these jobs and dangerous winter situations and pay you even less normally when you have to travel dangerous roads to get to work they like to pay you a little more not Buffalo they got their own agenda number four construction season a lot of northern cities have construction season that's when the weather gets good enough for people to work outdoors for a few months and they try and squeeze a year's worth the work into the shortest amount of time possible sort of like me in high school my cousin said if they start road projects and it runs behind or winter gets there early traffic sucks in that area till next April there's no getting around it like I said a lot of northern cities have this ish but Buffalo's probably the worst number three bad quality of life there's this stat they use for cities that takes things like commute times amenities health care culture parks and a bunch of other things into account and they come up with a quality of life score Buffalo was ranked 32nd worst in the country that was out of like a hundred and fifty cities they were also ranked the worst in New York State that's not a good stat that really isn't I mean 93% of the population just wants a good quality of life at the end of day that's all they're looking for and the other 7% just one out of New Jersey number two crime Buffalo carries the nickname the city of good neighbors and that's an extremely accurate nickname if you consider someone taking all your stuff and assaulting you or possibly killing you neighborly then yes they're very neighborly here the overall crime rate in Buffalo seventy-seven percent higher than the national average and it's only safer than four percent of the rest of the cities in the country it is hard to solve a crime here most of the year anyway I mean think about it you get robbed on the street and the cop shows up to write the report and you tell him he was wearing a ski mask the cop looks round goes just like everyone else in the city you mean yes just like everyone else and number one the winter Buffalo normally gets 90 inches of snow every single year that's nine zero as in ninety almost a hundred why do they get so much snow well in part it's the lake effect according to the National Weather Service in the Buffalo area when cold air from Canada moves across the still unfrozen warm Great Lakes the lake moisture and instability from the temperature contrast builds extra bands of snow and dumps it on Buffalo what's scary is just north of Buffalo is Rochester and they get it worse the snow is just part of the problem in Buffalo the cold as you can imagine which comes with snow is brutal nothing like touching your steering wheel on a nice crisp morning and getting instant frostbite now here's another thing these people don't do snow days you know they don't call into work because too much snow here in Portland if we get two inches snow overnight the city stops not Buffalo they expect you to be at work on time so you can make 20% less than your Pittsburgh counterparts that's just the way it is they got a different way of doing things in Buffalo and they do it all winter long except for the roadwork that comes to a screeching halt hey and for all of those who watch this far the University of Buffalo is the Bulls not the fighting jellyfish I just put that in there so we could get people all stirred up now you get to go back and read all the hate comments should be fun all right so that's my top 10 reasons not to move to Buffalo New York hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it don't forget all the links below I left a link for caffeinated humor it's great books there's actually I think two or three of them I'd suggest getting them download in whatever you want to do everybody have a great day be nice to each other


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