Totally Tommy Gas Wash C-Store “Waverly” update!
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Totally Tommy Gas Wash C-Store “Waverly” update!

Hey Everybody, It’s Ryan Here. We’re at our corporate store Quality Car Wash #6 which we call Waverley location. I want to give you a little bit
of an update. You probably heard about 50,000 cars we washed in March today it’s August 7th 2015, we are at 270,000 cars in year to date. We are averaging 1400+ per day at 1500 cars averaged per day Now what does that is the perfection in this
system in process we’ve combined from the point of sale to the loading process the
smooth belt conveyor system and then clean shiny dry wash process will
turn out great car and beautiful result in that speed and it’s something
that is a package in this system is all worked together with our 45 years of
experience. Now this brings in a whole new era of car washing and its time to throw out the old mentality. The performance is proven and we are rolling these out all over the country, so come join us, check it out and come visit if you
haven’t seen it already. We look forward to helping you with your car wash!

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