Trading Chat Rooms are Healthy

Trading Chat Rooms are Healthy

today we're going to talk about mental health yes like I said today we are talking about mental health now I'm not a licensed psychologist or anything like that I can't really say that I have any scientific data to back any of these claims up but I just want to quickly talk about something that I think is a benefit that really gets oftentimes overlooked and do I have a bias here do I have ulterior motives yeah I guess so but I want to talk about how chat rooms are actually healthy and not in the sense at all about your financial health so I'm not gonna sit here and say how much chat rooms can make you money or anything like that I'm just going to talk about more so of a really realistic perspective and I say realistic because I've been living through it you know ever since I started my chat room and community and you know I'd be lying if I thought that it get to the point where it is but it truly is an area where I think it's very good for mental health because let's face it if you want to get into trading it's more specifically day trading where you're gonna be at your computer it's a very lonely job I mean if you're doing it from home it's literally you and the computer maybe you and your dog you and your cat I don't know you and your goldfish but it's not like a normal office job where you walk in and you're having conversations around the water cooler and just you know conversations at lunch it's just you and like I said the computer and I guess this is a little bit creepy in some ways I know my wife and I think other people in our chat rooms wives and husbands are like so you talk with people in the chat room but yeah it's very healthy and why is that the case well multiple ways and some of them are directly healthy for your trading but I just want to quickly go through a couple things first it's just that first point that I talked about personal interaction you know for me I mean I kind of like people sometimes I don't like people but I've discovered that it's nice when there's down times in the market why not just go and talk with some people that's not what I meant – right there we go we'll change I've had it force trade savor what do I mean by that well boredom can be a killer in the market meaning you get bored there's not anything really out there and then your mind starts to imagine setups yeah I think yeah yeah that looks that looks good I'm gonna trade and it's really not you're just bored but when you have a you know an opportunity a community that you can go and just personally interact with and it doesn't have to be about stocks you can be talking about I don't know whatever you want maybe a good movie just came out it's gonna actually eliminate your boredom because now you're having a conversation and during those dead times during the day you're not going to be forcing trades so it's a forced trade saver in the sense of a personal interaction plus it just keeps you like socially competent so you're not one of those people where you're like hi nice to meet you know you can actually can talk with somebody and hold on a conversation now granted it's you know a typing conversation but you get the point you know how to still interact with somebody second part don't go crazy what do I mean by don't go crazy well again it all harks back to the you know trading is very lonely if you're just day in it and day out doing the same thing over and over again that can be good if you're doing good habits but there's a lot of opportunity for just bad little habits to creep in and you know I don't have any exact examples just because like I said I don't have any scientific data but just speaking from experience of you know being isolated verse you know being with a communion of people you know there's there's a little I should put crazy I don't mean literally crazy but your mind just starts to play tricks on yourself and again going back to the personal interaction going in and be able to talk about you know a movie that just came out can really just save you from this and then finally and this is I think the biggest one at least an arc commuter I don't know if all chat rooms are like this but encouragement tough love and just having a good old time of fun like I can't speak for everybody chat rooms but I know in ours this is something that definitely takes place people have a bad trade you know hey encouragement but at the same time if it's a bad trade people are gonna you know let you know that hey that's a bad trade and they're gonna give you some tough love but I'd rather have somebody tell me you know how to fix something rather than oh it's okay and then just sugarcoat it and you don't learn from the experience then of course fun going back to you know this let's talk about movies or something like that so by entering the chatroom by joining the chatroom I think it's a lot of benefits that you know indirectly can affect your trading in a good way but you know it's good just for you I think as a human being no I'm not this is not some sales pitch for my chatroom if you're on the fence like I don't know should I join another chatroom outside of mine yeah go ahead I'd say give it a try if you're thinking about joining mine hey that's great too but again this is definitely not me trying to persuade you into joining my community I'm just speaking for really all chatrooms out there now are all chat rooms like this in terms of encouragement something like that I can't speak for that but assuming you find a good chat room and you're happy there these are some of the benefits that I do think come along with it and you know just little things that really can add up and keep you you know keep you away from going crazy and then developing little bad things that actually seep into your trading so maybe totally disagree maybe you think chat rooms are a waste of time I don't know I like hanging out I like being able to discuss with people cuz I don't know about you I'm going to speak for myself here but I have the tendency to get bored and through my experience boredom leads to imagination in terms of yeah I think I see a trade there and I start to just want to do something because I'm bored whereas now you know with the chat room I can just go and you know shoot the breeze with people and it just keeps me more focused so that's kind of my thoughts on this hopefully no psychologists of watches and said what are you talking about but to me if this all makes sense I've lived through it I've seen it a lot and you know it really just goes to help out in terms of not allowing you know not hi how are you you know date traders are almost kind of like gamers in the sense of they can get reputations of being like anti-social so I brush up on your social skills consider joining a chatroom whether or not it's mine I'll leave that up to you you


  • Danny

    I agree…I'm new and I spend a lot of time on stocktwits. I totally understand that the community there has a mixed bag of nuts, some with their own agenda but it's nice to interact with people with the same interests.

    I think a big item you missed , especially for new people…it's a good place to learn. Not necessarily people's bad habits but you'll hear terminology and things that you can Google to understand what they are talking about and what it means.

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