Travel blogger Cory Lee visits Bearizona and the Grand Canyon- Livability Magazine
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Travel blogger Cory Lee visits Bearizona and the Grand Canyon- Livability Magazine

– Yeah, my name is Cory Lee, and I run the travel blog It’s a travel blog that focuses on traveling the world as wheelchair user. Really, traveling it is
complex as a wheelchair user, there’s no doubt about it, but there are some things
that you can definitely do to make it easier. Plan ahead as far as you can. So, usually I’ll start planning trips even 12 months in advance
if it’s international. And then if it’s domestic, at least a few months in advance and that really kind of
gives me more time to Google and figure out what
attractions are accessible, or is transportation
within the city accessible, or do they have taxis and
kinda navigate all the details that go into traveling
as a wheelchair user. The hardest part of
traveling, for me anyway, and I think for a lot of other
wheelchair users, is flying, because I always worry about the wheelchair getting
damaged during flight, and actually being
transferred onto the plane is a pretty scary process for me. One time I was arriving back
home in Atlanta at the airport, and when they brought the wheelchair up, the whole joystick had
been smashed to pieces and it was undrivable completely, and so that was probably the worst and I had to be pushed out
of the airport manually. To make the flying process a bit easier you could bubble her up,
parts of your wheelchair. Definitely if any parts of
your chair will come off, then take them off and take them in a carry-on bag on the plane, just because the less
that’s on the wheelchair, it’s the less that can get damaged during flight potentially. So, we a couple days ago, drove from Tempe up to Williams, Arizona, then on the next day we boarded
the Grand Canon Railway, so it was about a two
hour, 15 minute train ride up to the Grand Canyon. So, they had lift to get me in
the train and off the train, and then a parking spot where I could just park the
wheelchair inside the train car by my companion, and they also even had a
ADA bathroom on the train, so accessibility was really, really great on the Grand Canyon Railway. And then I had a few
hours at the Grand Canyon and it was completely amazing, I mean, no pictures can do it justice. So, being able to see it in
person for the first time it was just incredible. Then we went to the South
Rim at the Grand Canyon, and the Rim Trail was paved and really easy to get around. So, we actually went for quite a while, probably a mile or two along it and just saw some different vantage points of the Grand Canyon. So, yeah I absolutely loved it and already can’t wait to go back and experience the Grand Canyon again. So, on my blog I really try
to share all information that someone that’s
traveling in a wheelchair might find useful. So, I really like to review
hotels for accessibility, attractions, transportation, any detail that might make
it a little more helpful for someone visiting
Tempe, or the Grand Canyon, or wherever it may be around the world. I think Tempe is somewhere
that everyone should visit, it’s really a smaller city but there’s definitely a lot to do. So, even just rolling along Mill Avenue and visiting all the restaurants, and the shops and bars, and I think Tempe is a
really great destination for anyone that wants
to experience Arizona, and what all it has to offer. I think that Ability360 here in Phoenix is absolutely amazing. I wish we really had these facilities all over the country, I would love to have one
back home near Atlanta. Every ounce of detail that you could imagine for accessibility has really been implemented
and thought of carefully. The walking track has a special surface for people with prosthetics, and even the gym equipment in the fitness center is accessible, so that’s something that you
really never see anywhere else, absolutely incredible here at Ability360. My name is Cory Lee, and my blog is, but check out my article all about the Grand Canyon and Arizona in the next issue of LivAbility Magazine.

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