Travel Journal Flip Through – 3 Weeks in Japan
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Travel Journal Flip Through – 3 Weeks in Japan

Hi friends, it’s Tamsien from Babbling Books
and I am here to share with you today my travel journal from my recent trip to Japan. I spent 3 weeks traveling around Japan. I visited 5 or 6 different cities and lots
and lots of different interesting places. If you have been following my channel for
a while you will know that I did one of these travel journal videos for my 6 month trip
to Europe, and you can find that video linked in the description box below as usual. As with my last video the first question I
get asked is what type of journal did you use? I used a different journal this time because
it was a much shorter trip. This is a small journal, it’s roughly A5,
slightly bigger than A5 size. And it is from the brand Papier Tigre or Paper
Tiger. I absolutely love this journal it has 3 different
coloured pages, it has yellow pages, slightly blue pages and at the back it has pure white
pages. Most of the pages have dots, if you have watched
my other video you will know I much prefer dots to lined paper. Now the other question which I get asked all
the time is what type of supplies did you use? Is it difficult to journal while you are traveling? And I would say I use very very simple supplies
and keep it really really as simple as I poosibly can to make it much easier for myself while
I am traveling. So my 3 essential things to take with you
if you are going to journal while you are traveling are: Tiny little scissors, I use
little nail scissors, they’re practical. A very basic ballpoint pen. I don’t think you need a fancy pen, I don’t
own any fountain pens, this is just a basic ballpoint pen from the stationery store Kikki-K
but you could use literally any ballpoint pen. The 3rd and most important thing in my opinion
is double sided tape. This allows me to cut and stick in all of
the things that I collect while I am travelling, I don’t have to wait for it to dry like with
glue and I don’t have to wait until I get home. So now I am going to take you through my journal
page by page, I’m going to show you the structure and the way in which I lay it out and then
of course the fun bit, which is, all of the cool pages where I have stuck in interesting
things from my travels. So this is my journal. This is my records of my 3 week trip around
Japan. The first thing I did was write down my packing
list. I started this well before I left and I ticked
off everything as I packed them into my suitcase. Over here I kept a record of where we were
staying. Filling in the different cities and I added
this in later, which is what we did each day. Over here I wrote down the addresses of our
different accommodations, I didn’t really have anything else to fill in on these pages. I made a list of different cities that we
were thinking of going to and I wrote down the different things that I could do in those
places, using a really basic code: F for Food, B for Book-related, and C for Culture. Over her I kept track of Babbling Books, my
posts on instagram and how they were going, I actually need to finish updating them here. And over here I kept track of which book I
had bought, which is this column here. I bought 6 books. And which books I read, and how many stars
I gave them. You can see my video where I show the covers
of all these books and I talk about my reviews. So this is my actual journal section. I filled this in every day while I was traveling. I worked on it while I was there and I didn’t
have anything to complete when I got back to Australia which was really great. So this time I took some washi tapes with
me, so I took 3 or 4 different designs and you’ll see them throughout the journal. We started off our trip in Osaka, staying
with some friends which was wonderful. And I tried to keep track of some of the food
that I ate this time, because I didn’t really do that for my journal in Europe. So some funny little biscuit or muffin type
things that I bought, the label from a banana, and also some yoghurt labels. We did a day trip to Kyoto which is one of
my favourite cities in the whole world. And we got to experience the Kiyomizudera
temple, we got to eat some green tea choux pastry puffs, and I also found a Totoro themed
store. The next day we went to Nara and we also took
time to explore Dotonbori in Osaka. I absolutely love Nara, it’s the place where
you can pat the deer and visit Todaji, the amazing temple. Next, this is taking up a bit of space, we
went to Universal Studios. And you’ll see I have included the Harry Potter
section map, which was my favourite part of Universal Studios. We had so much fun exploring Universal Studios
expecially the Wizarding World of Harry Potter exhibit which is my favourite. And I took a photo using my instant camera
of the things that I purchased in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Next day we went to Osaka, and explored Shinsaibashisuji
which is the really long shopping street. I went to a few bookstores and generally had
a good time. Next day we went to Osaka aquarium, which
was also New Year’s Eve. So I have included down here so of the kids
activity sheets where you could sort of pop out the different animals as you found them. We also bought some very strangely flavoured
KitKats which were to celebrate or wish people good luck with their exams. For our last day in Osaka we didn’t do that
much, but I had a lot of things to talk about. We headed to Arashiyama which is a suburb
of Kyoto and I purchased yet more masking tape, which you can see across the top here. We didn’t stay that long in Kyoto but I really
enjoyed our time there. We traveled by shinkansen which is the bullet
train to Nagoya. Nagoya was lots of fun, we went and visited
Nagoya castle which I definitely recommend if anyone happens to be going through Nagoya,
it was very beautiful. I also bought from a vending machine this
really strange hot drink. In Australia we don’t have hot drinks from
vending machines so it was a bit of a novelty and this was apple, honey and spice flavour,
and it was actually really delicious. Our next stop was Hakone which is a famous
hot spring resort. And I included this page which is a bit of
fun, ‘Things we didn’t see in Hakone – but the brochures say we should’. So there was the Cedar Forest, Chisuji Falls,
The Okada Museum of Art and the Hakone ropeway, all of these are things which are really famous
in Hakone, but for one reason or another we didn’t get a chance to visit them. This was our cute little guest villa that
we stayed in. We went on this really interesting railway
line which has a switch back. Which is basically where it goes up the mountain
one direction, and then it stops, the driver changes position to what is the back of the
train, and then it keeps going up the mountain. I also took a picture of the washing machine
because I managed to finally do laundry. We had the most amazing time in Hakone and
I am so glad that we had the chance to explore it. We saw this beautiful view looking exactly
like this on a clear day of Mount Fuji. It’s pretty rare to actually see Mount Fuji
in all its glory, as it can often be cloudy this time of year, so we were very very lucky
to see that. We also found an outdoor onsen which was really
affordable price and it was just an amazing experience to relax in the hot water, looking
out at the bamboo forest and hearing the rushing sounds of the waterfalls below. We traveled from Hakone to Tokyo, on the shinkansen
once again. And when we arrived in Tokyo we met up with
my sister which was a lot of fun. And one of the things she really wanted to
do was to visit a hedgehog cafe. Which is a cafe that has lots and lots of
little hedgehogs which you can hold to play with and to meet. And because hedgehogs are not allowed to be
kept as pets in Australia it was a really fun experience for us because we have never
actually seen a real hedgehog, and we also did a little bit of shopping that day too. So I have included this page here too. These were our Japan Rail Passes, which are
special passes you can purchase as a foreigner before you arrive in Japan and they give you
free transport across any of the Japan Railway lines trains and it was really useful for
us on our trip and if you are travelling definitely recommend it as an option. Tokyo, there was lots and lots of shopping. I visited some amazing bookstores. I loved that a lot of them had these beautiful
illustrated floor plans. So instead of just having a list of which
which sections are which they would have this kind of map showing little people doing various
different things. And this was exactly how the shop was laid
out, the Daikanyama T Store, which was an incredible bookstore in Tokyo. I also went on this day to an Alice in Wonderland
cafe which was a lot of fun and I purchased a few more masking tapes. I just really had so much fun in Tokyo. This is my sister here and me, and we just
had the best day exploring Tokyo, going shopping. We found some vegan doughnuts, I bought lots
and lots of tape, and we went to Shiro Hige, which is White Bread of White Moustache, a
cafe which makes Totoro themed choux pastry puffs, and they were so good. So so delicious. Yet another day in Tokyo where we mainly went
shopping. I was so excited to go to the Traveler’s Notebook
Factory in Meguro. It was amazing, I just, I bought a lot of
things and I will be doing a video to show you all the different things that I purchased
from the travelers shop and to show you how I’m going to be setting up my new journal. So if you’re not already a subscriber please
subscribe and you can not miss out on that video when it pops up soon. We basically explored a couple of different
suburbs of Tokyo each day, and I really enjoyed that as a way to get to know the city and
to find lots of different things that we might not have come across if we were just focused
on visiting tourist sites. One of my favourite things in Japan is the
deep and lovely baths that they have in all the different accommodations. And how easy it is to find really lovely bath
salts and bath crystals. So these are 4 of the ones which we purchased
and used and I have just written like little mini review of what I thought of them. Our very last day in Tokyo is one of my favourite
page in this journal, we went and explored Shimokita which was the area where we were
staying, and we went to all these beautiful little antique shops, we had delicious lunch,
and I just had so much fun and it really felt like a great local experience to have on our
last day in Tokyo. I tried lots of different food while I was
in Japan this time, and I wanted to make a note of some of the, I guess, more interesting
packaging that I came across. So these 5 are different yoghurt flavours
which I tried and what I thought of them. I also wanted to keep a record of some of
the strange flavoured KitKats which you can purchase in Japan, so here we have caramel
pudding, sweet sake, orange flavour specially for exams, and a matcha almond raspberry and
cranberry flavour. All of which were, I guess, of differing levels
of delicious-ness. And the very final page of my travel journal
is our homeward bound page. Where I just talked about the things which
I will remember from this trip and what we did on the plane home. And also I snuck in a picture of Lila, my
darling cat. So this final section I wanted to keep a record
of the different tape which I purchased while I was traveling. So this page here are various different ones
that I have bought and I’ve included the different brands and where I purchased them. My sister bought me a selection of tape and
they’re all recorded on this page. And here’s even more that I bought while I
was traveling. These 5 here were the ones that I brought
with me from Australia and the rest I purchased while I was traveling. I really like these two in particular, which
were ones I bought at the Traveler’s Factory in Tokyo. The final page, which I won’t show you is
where I recorded the addresses of all of the people that I wanted to send postcards to
while I was traveling. And, that’s it. That’s my entire journal. And I hope that you have enjoyed looking at
it. I really loved creating this thing and I am
just so delighted to have it, and to be able to remember my trip in this way.


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