Twitter Calls Rapper Lil Baby A ‘Drug Addict’ After Viral Video!! reupload 2018
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Twitter Calls Rapper Lil Baby A ‘Drug Addict’ After Viral Video!! reupload 2018

that’s what I might take Tiger charges
you know when I said I have to have some I’m in the studio everybody alrighty welcome back we’re talking
little baby and it seems like he has gone viral
all because of a video where appears to be that he is tweaking which has you
already know I’ve included the video now I’m not gonna lie when I saw the video
myself for some reason I thought about the five heartbeats I thought at that
part where Eddie came was outside the gate and he was like he was like I still
got it bang now I’m saying you want drugs but I will say that’s kind of
strange who knows it could be one of those genuine things remember when
genuine did the interview and he said it was because of an energy drink maybe
that’s what’s going on here but I don’t know cuz I didn’t give him a drug test
so so that’s which got it all right so
here’s what happened what happened was he was given an interview at Atlanta
radio station hot 107.9 and during an interview that lana rapper was squirming
in his seat and exhibiting what appears to be like drug addict mannerisms to be
nice we can’t sit still now almost immediately folks on twitter picked up a
little baby’s behavior and the video went viral it’s been seen maybe about
two million times maybe all right so little backstory little
baby he’s a rapper he’s from Atlanta he rose to claim in 2017 you might know him
from that song trip to heart I drove to my daughter listens to that all the time
all right so if it is a you know a drug situation I hope he gets to help that he
needs in no way shape or form am I saying he’s drug addict now we all know
a song drip too hard but he is certainly twitching mighty hard at which to heart
I’m sorry I oh my god I can’t make this stuff up like the stories after stories
anyway whatever maybe that’ll be the new verb Remus twitch too hard what you
think I don’t did you say expand like a roach I mean
twitching like a roach that just got spring that’s the remix switch to hard
okay just got spray no I don’t like that remix okay go back go back and get a
ghostwriter or something arty guys I know you are gonna go off in
the comments section and I mean go ahead say how you feel whatever as long as
it’s not me cuz I ain’t saying nothing I did not say he was on drugs I did not
say that and we all know that you know some people will have issues and things
that sort and some people will turn to drugs when they have issues on a more
serious note I believe addiction may be a disease and a lot of people do turn to
drugs because they you know just I can’t say choose not to deal with reality but
some people they try to yeah they’re trying to escape you should say that but
I’m not gonna say choose not to deal with reality because I don’t know people
go through different things a lot of people can’t handle you know a lot of
stuff and they don’t know how to ya cope that’s why you know mental mental health
is like a serious issue and there’s not a lot of attention on
mental health but either way what do you think go off
in the comments section like I said this just went viral
you know his twitching and weekend and now that I’m talking about that did you
guys catch the Dave Chappelle special because I sure did this it was really
funny I don’t want to go into detail but if you haven’t seen a Dave Chappelle
special um you need to see it on Netflix it came in my notifications yesterday
and I watched the whole thing it was about an hour and 20 minutes long but
hello funny but that stated Chappelle he’s always funny to me alrighty guys so
what do you think like I said go off in the comment section and I will see you
later have a good day bye bye


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