Twitter criticised for lack of action over ‘fact-check stunt’ during leaders’ debate
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Twitter criticised for lack of action over ‘fact-check stunt’ during leaders’ debate

I think Twitter were aware of this during
the debate and could have acted sooner. What could they have done?
Could they have taken the account down? They could have of forcibly renamed the account,
they could have – so just for non-experts in this,
Twitter did have at their disposal, the means to do something about this
during the debate and chose not to. – Absolutely. They control the platform. I think if they have spoken to the party
and said this is a breach of our terms of service then the Conservative party would have
reverted back to its true branding and stopped misleading voters. So, I think they had that option and I think
they should have taken it. But the responsibility here is not on Twitter. A political party chose to impersonate
and independent fact checking service and let’s be clear: they weren’t putting out
accurate information, they were putting out party lines.
– Sure. Unlike a serious fact checker, they weren’t
giving sources. I think they would say, I’m going to talk
to a Conservative politician later in the programme, I think they would say two things:
number one, there was a little sign, CCHQ at the top, so you could see, if you
looked really carefully that it was something that came from there. Number two …
– They changed colours, they changed their name, they changed their logo to something not
resembling the Conservative party. – Number two, if you read it for a bit,
you could see perfectly obviously that it wasn’t entirely factual. Well, that’s not how Twitter works. What you see is individual tweets interspersed
between different people’s work and actually when that account retweeted
other people’s content, then all you would have seen is Factcheckuk
retweeted this content. It was misleading and Twitter, who are
the experts in Twitter, were right to identify it as an attempt to


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