Twitter Embraces Google Cloud
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Twitter Embraces Google Cloud

You have to be a big enough cloud to be able to handle something at Twitter scale. We have things that run that nobody else can do, and we build technologies that serve those needs. We do an immense amount of data every second, and it’s a live 24/7 service. We’re in the business of helping people find out what’s happening. And for my team, a lot of what that means is providing the tools and platforms that people need to get answers to questions about what are people tweeting about, what’s going on in the world. Twitter overall uses data centers for a lot of its infrastructure, and we’ve known for a long time that we should be using the cloud for at least some of what we do. We need more storage than most people. We need more compute. We’re expecting to transfer around 300 to 400 petabytes to the cloud. It’s hard to even describe how big that is. We actually had a very rigorous evaluation process to determine whether or not this would even be possible. We did in-depth analysis with many engineers over many months. When we came to Google, it was significantly obvious that this was a high-performance, high-quality cloud. Once you actually aggregate up the network differencesóyou know, the savings from having more flexible resourcesóthen the difference was dramatic. Google Cloud was very impressive to us. It led in performance, allowed us flexibility in storage and compute scaling in both dimensions independently, as well as the big data suite of products that Google provided. Google’s network is highly engineered and very high speed. The network was actually good enough that we could separate compute and storage. We’re really thinking about this as a broader, longer-term relationship for Twitter. This is Twitter moving into a hybrid cloud strategy. If you look back at where Google was five years ago with their cloud to now, certainly the trajectory has been incredible, and if that continued for the next five years, we’d be very happy to benefit from it. I think this is very much gonna be an open, evolving long-term relationship between Google and Twitter. [Music]


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