Twitter Tutorial (2016) – 5 Twitter Optimization Tips
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Twitter Tutorial (2016) – 5 Twitter Optimization Tips

Yo, yo, yo thank you for joining me on this quick tutorial video on how to optimize your twitter profile like a freaking boss there’s a lot of benefits of doing this number one you get way more followers number two you increase your personal branding exposure and number three your tweets get by far more reach and they get more frequency which means that they are shown more on people’s timelines and they get higher search ranks within the Twitter timelines so let’s get to it number one make sure that your name right your first and last name it’s the same first and last name that you use on every single other social media platform use for example my name is Gabriel vm is our but ever since i moved to add to united states america Gabriel sound like a woman’s name the Gabrielle I just said screw it i’m just going to be Gabe and the issue is that i had Gabriel on Twitter and on linkedin I had Gabe and our facebook i had gay be so by doing so by not having the same name first and last name on every single social media platform you’re making this so much harder for the google search engine to really locate and identify who you really are ok so if you have this exact same first and last name on every single profile you increase your likelihood of ranking high for your first and last name on the group on the google search engine results page and the same follows on the search engines for Twitter the search engines for linkedin etc so make sure that first and last name is there the next step is make sure your Twitter handle your at twitter handle is again your first and last name if that’s taken well good luck just get it if that’s taken you want to go last name first thing that’s also taken you might want to you know include a word maybe your middle initial or maybe if Fitz include got your whole entire middle name so its first name middle name last name again this is very crucial so I had a friend who back inside celcom a software company as he joined his Twitter handle with at Nimrod 69 or something like that and I’m like dude we gotta fix you up like I’m going to allow you to be my friend with the twitter handle so crazy like that so anyway we fixed it up and what’s funny is a lot of you that are hearing this you might think oh I open my twitter profile back when I was in high school opened up my twitter profile because somebody forced me and I never used it does not matter ok you are who Google Twitter and LinkedIn say you are so why not display that with your best foot forward and show the whole world who you really are what you care about and specifically if you’re using Twitter for b2b social selling it is a gold mine and you got to take advantage of that ok the next thing is your twitter bio right here as you can see here I’ve indicated that i am the head of b2b marketing at lucidchart and I’ve indicated and tagged at lucidchart so if somebody that collects on the chart is going to take them to the Twitter company page of lucidchart so again I kind of like to imitate a mimic what i have on my linkedin profile headline and I kind of we can modify and paste it onto my Twitter bottle so you might want to put your title of where you’re at and tag the company that you’re currently working with now have the company that you’re currently working with doesn’t have a Twitter profile the head them i need some help so I would just go talk to the marketing team and say hey you want me to help you create a you know a company twitter profile or sometimes they have it but then active so find it again you’re going to increase your reach for yourself and increase your reach for your company think about this it let’s say you work at you know Jill and JS coffee shop and every in the engines coffee shop has 200 employees what are all 200 of the employees indicate in their twitter bio that they work at challenges copy shop right that’s that’s potential traffic that you can drive through your employees to the company website and to the company twitter handle ok more website traffic sequels more leads more leads equals more pipeline or pipeline equals more revenue so the benefits are endless I’ll just stop there next thing you know you want to put I like to just include something that I’m passionate about so I’m passionate about social selling and social media and I consider myself a practitioner ok and then I also like to because that worked with very big companies that I’m very proud of and I built their social media teams or they’ve had a big influence in my professional life i like to include those here so before being a lucid chart i indicated that i was at hirevue ok and you can see here Twitter verified profile big deal but blah next thing I like to say that I used to be anti click on this BAM and then I also work to Southwest Airlines I also indicate that a Mormon I’m not ashamed of that at all and i’m a speaker and I’m a start-up advisor so you can say that your runner or let’s say you’re vegetarian let’s say your animal lover ok infuse some of your personality into your twitter bio doesn’t have to be professionally can have some professional tips you know professional verbiage you can also have casual verbiage you can have personality verbiage make it unique making your own and make sure that communicates clearly who you are what you do what you’ve done and what you’re all about ok again this might take some time to come up with a good Twitter bio but it is highly valuable in SEO and social SEO because again what people search for on Twitter right here if they search for any of these terms right your hope that you will rank on the Twitter search engine results page for these keywords and it has a lot of value next is your twitter profile picture make sure again that twitter profile pictures up-to-date in zoom it’s not faded it’s a current one that you take and probably as of this year and it’s just a viewing yourself I mean no disrespect your significant other no disrespect to anybody else but this is your twitter profile now if you want to add here in your banner image or hear a banner that picture of your family or picture of your dog picture of your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever that’s the place to do so but in your profile picture you see if you can see here as you tweet and you show up on the other people’s timeline they will just see your twitter profile image so make sure that’s of yourself so people can easily identify you and as an added bonus for extra credit i really recommend that you have the same image on every single social media profile meaning that if I brought a linkedin i’m going to have the same one if i go to facebook i’m gonna have the same one because if there’s nothing more frustrating that lets say you connect with you know John Smith or let’s say you connect with my Jones and mike jones you find him on Twitter you’re having a good time you love Mike Jones tweet and then you kind of connect the dots and say well if mike jones is very good and Posey good content on Twitter he will most likely post good content on linkedin let’s go and find him okay it is super easy if mike jones has the same image just once you search for Mike Jones will recognize that much right away but if he doesn’t then it’s gonna take you awhile it’s gonna make you do homework so it slows down the process you might give up again for me what kind of gives it away and what kind of in my personal branding and it kind of just happen that it I didn’t plan this specific way or manner but where my backwards hat I just thought you know if people really like my message people really like who i am and if I want to be authentic and offensive millennial i’m just going to hurt my head where I go I’m not going to take it off it’s just funny part of who I am right I even go interview in my hat and preview at actually when I was interviewing lucidchart i realized that i didn’t take off my hat and I was just wearing a shirt is a type of company that i would love to work at they’re not judging me for what i look like i do understand the value of addressing 46 SAS anyway we’re going to pay attention here let’s go back into this so make sure your profile image is the same make sure you indicate the biggest or largest city where you currently live nearby now I live in provo / orem utah now who the heck in the world knows who or mute is right so I want to tie myself to the largest city or neighborhood or whatever going to call it that’s closest to where i am therefore that salt lake city utah because people I throughout the world or in the united states where states ID know what salt lake city is which is the capital salt lake so make sure and if you live in a neighborhood in the neighboring town or city make sure you have that next is you want to add your Linkedin vanity or customizable URL as your link right here as you can see Twitter allows you to add one specific link that you can link back to any other website or profile or whatever you want i highly recommend that you add your twitter profile vanity URL and the way you find that is if you go through linkedin profile and you got a profile right here so its ATT up https you know / in / get vm is our and as a side note if you haven’t secured or claimed your vanity URL or customizable URL click on this little gear icon and click on this little pen and then BAM you can edit it now you can only secure and claim a name that’s not taken so good luck with that but again once you have that you want to click on edit profile and again this is how you make these edits on your profile and you want to copy and paste that link right there next is again your hero image oh that’s another side know as you upload as you save these images right as you lets you identify ok I want to use this image as my profile image and I want to use this other image as my hero or banner image make sure you secure and save those images as your first and last name because when you upload them right that also add add value to your SEO so people so the search engines can search and quoting kind of classify you as this is d gaben is our image this is this image is related to get beams are over here over there etc I think that’s it guys that’s that’s again pretty simple basic 101 social media Twitter SEO optimization so if you have any questions hit me up on linkedin hit me up on twitter i’m here to help if you have any requests for any other videos like to make starting to do to do these more often so that’s it and that’s all peace out

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