Tyrone Shum’s Response to Rapid Video Blogging
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Tyrone Shum’s Response to Rapid Video Blogging

Hi Gideon, I just wanted to hop on this video
and say a really, really big thank you for three awesome videos that I’ve seen so far
and the last one really, really touched my heart with Fran Kerr. And, I personally don’t know Fran Kerr very
well but I’ve been watching her as well from Yaro’s blog and also from the works that you’ve
been doing with her. And, I know West Loh has also interviewed her and talked about
health and stuff like that. But what amazes me is how Fran is able to establish a presence
online just by doing simple things and just by being herself. And I think I’ve learned so much just from
watching her because being yourself online, really, really makes a huge difference and
that’s how people start to relate to you and that’s what I’m finding now right now is doing
all these videos that I’m doing for my blog and just being personal talking to people
how I usually talk to others and just yeah, being on the camera really just providing
value. So that’s all I just wanted to say, big thank
you. I just want to say I’m one of your biggest, biggest fans. I follow everything that you
do, I read all your material, hop on your blog regularly to read all your content and
also watch your videos as well, too. And, I just want to let you know how much of an
awesome report that you’ve created and as you can probably see I’ve highlighted everything
that you’ve got there and I’ve taken the information and I’ve just really taken one step further. It’s to implement it into my business and
make it easy and simple to use. I just want to let you know, I love your processes because
one of the things that I read in your report about setting up the processes and following
that system was just mindblowing because I just did that and just gave it to all my virtual
staff. I outsourced it to my virtual staff and let them implement it. So from here onwards, once I’ve done my video
and it’s got onto my computer, the rest is taken care of by my virtual assistants and
I’m really, really proud of that. And, I’m really happy that you were able to share that
with us as well in your book and that supercharged my business. So thank you once again, and I’m really, really
excited to see you inside the course as well and good luck with it as well. I know it’s
going to do really well. So just want to say thanks again. Talk soon, bye for now Gideon.

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