Un dia de nieve con Rubius
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Un dia de nieve con Rubius

Oh I had not seen you there What’s up? Hello little creatures of the Lord, how are you? we’re here with a lot of snow im still here on a vacation as I said live and those little things I was going to go on vacation with the family and all that because behind this video-making machine there is also a human a human being with feelings and all that but we’re here in the middle of a town away from the hand of God, in the middle of the mountain It’s called Wengen, it’s a small town in Switzerland and as you can see, it is full of snow this is so cool, its like a dream come true I have not seen so much snow for a long time wiiiii ( I’m 27 :P) I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time so let’s go this is life its frozen Its gotten everywhere IM SUBNORMAL (F***. F***.F ***) no no no it got in my other shoe we cant make a lot of noise because this house It’s from a lady who rented us, she’s going to think we’re crazy and we are, but we don’t want them to think that before further I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all those pretty things (I’m late D:) because there will be some people that get mad because I didnt say anything about this in any video watch out I warned you we actually came for snowboarding and all that but… down here there’s something is there power? there you go as you can see, we left here our snowboards this one is mine, its beautiful. I almost drop my neighbor’s there is like 800 sleds here I don’t know who owns them but, I don’t think they would mind If I take one for a few minutes owner, if you’re watching this I’m really sorry…. I’ll give it back okay? in one piece :v I’ve never ridden on a sled before hurry up before someone sees us (Suck it) xD it went right in my mouth shit :v run run ruuuuun there’s a lot of ice here this is the first time I ride on a sled sooo, RIP rubius :v happy new year! Fml shit, I think the neighbor is looking at us behave shit lets put this back and we’re just gonna walk around the hills wait a minute… I think you sit on this and go down the hill super fast Swiss children they’re probably full of Swiss chocolate we already talked about this just let me bite one a little bit.- No the arm?- No just a little bit I’m about to bite him XD (x2) he just told me I can’t use this thing freaking Swiss children full of chocolate well, if they don’t want to play with me I don’t wanna play with them either, i’ll play here, with this thing. let’s see how this works I got my face full f snow, can you see it? damn we’re gonna do it again but in first person so you can see how I get my face full of snow its already going! SHIT! SHIT! IM FALLING! Happy New Year! this dog must be freezing balls now, we’re going to one of the highest mountains of Europe and we’re gonna go on this train from howards ok? are you sure this one is going up? we didn’t check nope, we didn’t check if the train goes down I’m gonna be fucking pissed (captions: “answers in Slovenian” *another language*) while were waiting to get there I wanted to tell you that I’ve been away for like two weeks and It actually helped me a lot for my mental stability I actually went away this time, I think its the first time I do this and I didn’t even prepare any videos or anything… hold on I want to show you this, look how pretty and I didn’t even check twitter, Instagram, or youtube, or anything else it was like total disconnection and during the holidays I did everything normal people do like watching Home Alone, Home Alone 2 Harry Potter playing Nintendo switch a lot spend time with my family , eat a lot of food so if you notice I’m fatter its because of that ok?XD fuck, my battery is running low and I didn’t bring a replace and we’re about to arrive so yesterday, my camera ran out of battery, great job rubius :v you’re always good at planning stuff but, I want to show you the views because they’re fucking beautiful they’re the best views I’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life and I’m not exagerating, its the truth look at this, damn bro and look at all this virgin snow, it makes you want to eat it ” huh huh ” “subnormal alert” so, lets try the dron. I haven’t used it a lot so I don’t know if this is gonna work we’re gonna try to get a nice movie scene 3, 2, 1…. it should start flying okay, okay, its working we’re gonna do the normal scene where the dron is going up and I’m under it so in this country, they’re known by their sausages, they have sausages everywhere I have here a super huge sausage and a strange drink that’s like alcohol, coffe, and they’re warm it is….. its a little weird to be honest, lets try the sausage… can someone explain to me what this is? I mean… why is there a kid that seems to be dead in that sled? he doesn’t move, he doesn’t move, he must be really tired XD Is in his last minutes the kid xD and they just leave him there by himself, whats wrong with people in this country? ” like so the kid grows healthy and full of chocolate” “SO WE CAN EAT HIM MUAHAHA” “like and you’ll have an amazing 2018! :D” “(or not, I don’t think a like will help you… unleeeeeeeesssss…)” “TITO RUBIUS IS BACK HOME SO THERE WILL BE MOAAAAAAAR VIDEOS SOON :)” Lick it xD


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