UNTRICKABLE Pineclone Molekale (Full Of Highlights)

UNTRICKABLE Pineclone Molekale (Full Of Highlights)

total eclipse actually total eclipse rolling stone would be ridiculous yeah this is such a fun play oh oh we win we freaking win this game now what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing the untrackable pine clone deck this is really just an all-out pine clone molecule where you put a lot of little minions onto the field like puffs room and shoot for two we're running asterisk room for a little bit of extra damage every little guy you put it onto the field will do actually damage the face really completely cup loom deck the only mega grow card we are running and that's a little point of doing this deck especially doing with captain combustible is the umbrella leaf now umbrella leaf will make everything untrackable so the main way to counter pine clones that the zombies can you know protect themselves from this huge pinecone play of turning off so many little minions into decent-sized three threes is to remove them off the field using tricks before you're able to turn them into bank guns and hopefully the umbrella Leafs will prevent that from happening the umbrella Leafs are also gonna be really useful once let's say you play molecule on your pinecones during them into five cost cards making them on trickable and unremovable from the field will be great it also has a small minion that itself you know it's a small team up minion team-ups are always good with pinecone could just allows you to get more onto the field this can turn itself into itself also turns into a pinecone if you want you can play after the fact I'm a field of pinecones to prevent cards like extinction event that can reduce all the pine clips on the field by 2/2 it also might be useful to play with the Astro shroom you know again astro shouldn't can accumulate a lot of damage the problem is it's just they'll try to target this with their tricks but if you have an umbrella leaf on the field you can put a lot of damage onto your opponent's face I hope you guys enjoy I let's just get right into the games it's kind of all out playing club molecule in fact the molecule molecule really is if you can go Raptors molecule otherwise the molecules not even very good except for just with Raptors at plank load you don't really want a molecule a bunch of little minions much better to pine clone them and turn them into three threes supernova garbage can come to pine cone we have a couple sonic blooms by the way just as the finisher it's a very aggressive pinecone deck kind of like it why not imitator imitators horrible in this day sonic blue deck with imitator sonic bloom we do 14 damage interesting this is light never want to keep us from starting hands happy 18 months fry five more months and we can finally see what happens with president Morty wow that's a Rick and Morty reference this freakin already coming out a few months Game of Thrones is coming in a couple weeks I think I should be okay you can play both of these on I'm three and then the Sun for yeah this is a beasty hero so hopefully no with that I just donated it was living in the six subscribed 18 months really really you go why no imitator well I would imitate her be good that's why we are protected Steve these up for no reason oh we got a play around around environment it total eclipse can actually click total eclipse Rolling Stone would be ridiculous here this is such a fun play oh we got molecule oh we win we freakin win this game now that is crazy this this is getting crazy folks okay so here's pine cone one of these are gonna die anyways you might as well go 12 damage to faces to have one of these turn to a shooting star cuz this in bigan is gonna be insane man this is so good and get the highlight right there why not protect it whose pinecones useless this will I mean who knows after a couple we already have our turn so maybe what will accumulate some more stuff Oh baby we're gonna face removing this here yeah and feel the for for our far well can our opponent do that would that was fun let's see it see you later he's like no I don't want to have anything to do with this okay I'll have none of it we still that was beautiful all right it looks like umbrella leaf and pinecone work well together I hope that that answers that question Tigers is right kitty Tran you know it I know it the American people know it everybody knows it pretty good but roll deck should I craft the best one is Conger leaf still the best I can we game come on guys I still play that offline sometimes I feel like being a troll really even the teleports swabby back it's amazing to find all these on YouTube there's nothing like conjurer leaper kinda we've got nerfed I don't like it so guys what's up starting a useless comedy anyone know any good dad jokes my next overwatch video is probably gonna be over watching dad jokes maybe it'll just be over watch gone sexual and maybe that'll be it should I keep this this is crazy and they'll do this I started making the next one you looking at the decklist is messing with your appetite we won why are we crying what's the best plan tanking the matter right now no cycle caps still amazing I don't really know it seems like all the old decks are okay obviously the solar decks they used to be clearly the best are now they're fine I don't I feel like the game because the solar class got nerfed a bit the game kind of balanced out I can't really look and think as control is it rammed psycho cap is still good maybe cyclicamp is the best now these aggro decks pine clone decks are very strong I mean they're all very strong in their own right it depends on the matchup I think it's a good citron freeze no are we wanted to we just played against someone who disconnected so if you're seeing this on youtube that's why there was a break in the video oh snap don't need mal Cal quite yet I guess he hard Mulligan for a pinecone right I think even if it means getting rid of these berries a little bit of Barry Barry Sanders I miss trailer I'm not gonna make another honest trailer for PvE heroes but maybe a rap or something or just a sarcastic like me review man dog and argue later that we leave that was the second game on the breast of this connector that onion rings pinecone it's called captain swarmy swamp look up on YouTube and that is very effective because they synergize quite well I wonder if this is the best bonus attack that we're gonna get this turn we can combine it for the fit you know what the finisher once we get super well we'll get more damage three damage bull's eye ain't bad it's probably gonna rathus which means it's a two-for-one it does Aleppo and plumbing no oh wow those guys are in a world of pain right now what is going a whistle is to turn four we have shoe for two berry berry blast oh we just got flying phone oh this is crazy so let's do this first the little puff shrimps are gonna go in front in fact they should have done the puffs rooms for us because we're ply not gonna play with everything better this is so much damage I should probably just keep this one alive actually the fine coin can go here this is so ridiculously good Oh are we gonna get chickening to the Ice Age whoops I should've held on to the shrimp for two there okay we're stupid now I guess there's no point in using this berry blast anymore well hopefully get a small card a few chicken wings because he beat me up and no he doesn't have it yeah oh that was a missplay I should not have played this game for two maybe you only play the berry and not the shimmer for two you can see what you get you gotta go show some pine Club the next day there was a Miss play we're very lucky we got to bowl with the chicken thing there we're day passing I think the umbrella leaf happens after I don't know he didn't know if he had chickening we after the only thing we were worried about is chickening so so for making seven pine quills that's the way the news goes Ysabel turning into buying phones better as long as there is a pine clone to the right of and it has to be a pine cone that is transform now the one who play Gotham hey the 400 dead how you doing first time or the floor I don't even know your name says welcome to the stream long time easy what you are I love new people come over from YouTube to the live streams just say hello you know it you know what you guys they still don't make a video announcing when they're the merch who has more healed solar flare wall night wall night has this power geysers have probably the strongest little card entire game is geyser sir do I want to try a guard deck um I do have a gargle mortician now did I upload it good work thanks starting with meteor I could have gone a value trading 40 the shrimp 40 is just so valuable a blank that another one see I might just go shoot for tuition for to umbrella leaf on three and forget about the mushroom grotto I mean if we don't use it already that's why we're only running too hard ideas yeah I'll do that sometime we can't get weed spray the most we'll be able to do this environment environment covers this better than it does the so let's just do this we want one it needs to be a pink playdoh beat spring very well we'll have it turn for pike but instead of turn five his name is hahaha that's the name and he had an environment so super thirsty this is it's so easy to count it's a problem with three cost environments by the way it's so easy to get a amazing value yeah I have rich people don't even realize that I have a whole bunch of t-shirts he passed her in for sneezing zombie can clear it fireworks berelson sneezing but again those aren't cool fireworks farts and sneezing are not very common pattern for lethal illness man these umbrella leaves are really giving us that turn three security and artist set up that strong turn for blind clone I don't even know what this guy was doing there like marshmallow again there's probably will be one game today that fireworks we're gonna take that risk event fireworks or sneezing zombie will wreck us but I feel like it's such a high reward low risk play I mean low percentage of risk obviously if it goes wrong at the ends of a game usually because you just spent so many so many it's like a four for one amphibious deck for green shadow doesn't seem so impressive to be quite honest his Molokai after get rid of a thing I think this is gonna be too slow that's infinity here spine come on whoo turned out to be a pretty decent hand now we don't really have a turn to play except for shrimp for two I might play this on one it's not really worth it for him to destroy it this Agrotech four spit out you can do it just use the really aggressive I don't think I have that on youtube I think I have that written down somewhere though pretty sure I have a gross Bedell maybe I'll make that but it would be you know it would be blooming hard and health nut on three poison ivy obviously on three yeah we're gonna well using this shrimp for two years really sad I'm gonna go with this hopefully we can get a berry blast here or something would be amazing that's too slow why your rooster is a cannibal just haven't seen a lot of fire restrict seen a little bit it's going with the cheese I don't know really what to do here it's this is gonna be a come-from-behind situation the problem is is that the shrimp for Tuesday night I'm gonna have a lane anymore we're in bad shape to say the least okay at least it wasn't a swashbuckling what is he planning on doing on turn three as infinity using an environment it's really lucky didn't play a third gravestone here that would be really bad so we're gonna go for the setup layout hey Johnny boy he'll Rose poison Oh cousin finisher in this fanatic he totally passed turn 3 I mean that led us ok he played a stupid environment curve again running graves this gravestone in a headstone headstone Carver deck and gravestones are stupid cuz they need to be running natural gravestones this only adds one a tag it's just not worth it just not worth it you guys so this is fine we want these pine clones to survive because they will be coming five postcards on the claim a locale so it should have at least three surviving here that's like oh we get a pine cone back it's actually not bad they're really especially with the mushroom grotto there might be a pinecone play later no blocks it's molecule on time to shine time to shine might be amazing here he'll set loose very definitely not worthy yeah the block meter he's hit us now 1 2 3 4 5 times does he hit us 5 times over there there might be something that comes out of this molecule is just amazing shooting star it's kind of the best one with captain combustible see if shooting star was a huh bloom plants or something like that combining it with kick casting combustible could be shooting star that would just make it into a better card now it's the only green shadow just be a mega grow card since it's only good with a mega bus oh yeah taco chuckles yeah I know that was beer don't away quick maybe what he quit out of shame I get my gems going up I'll let you guys know how many the top of the screen is actually cut off it's just the way since my phone is a long phone so if it just fits better on the screen this way if I cut off the top that you can see the gameplay a lot better at twenty thousand eight hundred six right now and nothing to spend them on sadness you think he was sniping looking for plane flown looking for pinecone I believe hard bargaining for the Flying Club and mistake is good ending up with a berry blast is fine that's meteors [Applause] tried this thing cool seems like it's working this pike huh you got our a no doubt about it so this is turn threes or well three four you don't have to play the puffs remember this is super annoying we happened at optic berry blast technically berry blasting this right now would be good but enjoy your cards infinity I shouldn't count that one Oh baby here we go now trapper territory is a little bit sad the key s trapper territory fire eastern external system they still get inside no he's poacher it needs a good hero everyone has them too he's one of the starters it's probably the best time I'm using umbrellas so I can without risk takes turn three plays like this obviously meant to set up at a turn for plainclothes deadly sucks I think we go phase here I should probably go extra greedy I'm gonna go greedy hey guys smokebomb interesting he decided to go after the Astra shroom instead of covering this environment I mean this is making a lot of pinecones right now I've no regrets he thinks the Astros room is the thing that's gonna make us win here if this is gonna make us win we get a one drop here by the way right now it's four five six pine clubs one drop would have made an aid station for Jeremy Wow this actually only makes one more Planck film the first one turns into it the second one does not have a pine cone to the right look at this one now this one won't transform it defecate kills two extra points I don't know he has all these cheap cards right now he has so many cards it's gonna be difficult to win this game to be honest we could really use them all account right now obviously there's a toxic waste of time making our life any better can really play everything mr. owl what's in the box it's nice just because another car befall you man the playing everything it's a finisher getting a finisher here when we're out of steam is very very good promised any minion takes us out next time so maybe we don't play this means late here instead of playing into his environment with these gonna get cleared this will do two damage this will actually create a bunch of puffs rooms next under Lord I heard that info via screen shadow that guy I don't really know I don't see that competitive capabilities Wow so denies our mushroom grata play that survives just trying to think about our wind condition our wing condition is do seven damage to him and proc his block and set up the grapes of wrath' that's because of that barrel now killing one more card almost impossible I wonder if this is necessary [Applause] this pinecone guys we are very bad shape because nebula from space time I guess do you feel like you are burning out of PV heroes no I'm not burning out of it I think there's from there's two different points for my gamers perspective and an entertainers perspective I'm not burning out at all making new decks I'm trying a new thing never done this before and it's working brilliantly umbrella leaf pine clone so certainly not I would say from a business perspective maybe a little bit because I feel like the potential I've already maximized the potential from pvz Heroes is a very small audience that's why I'm trying to branch out to different things there's a part of me but otherwise certainly not then these Swami's brought the block he knows what's gonna happen this is for four is this a better we're all one we're not gonna prop the block this chair that's the problem so he's totally to find away he's only doing five we have to find some way of propping the block now but otherwise we have this the six damage in this in hand there's so many ways of activating this – oh what a blocking there been good the swabby actually kills one of these that basically is very unlikely now the key here is he doesn't have cards I don't think it's a chance right if you as Mills we could do it called wishful thinking again there's no either way I do we're out of blocks anyway time to shine it's best safe to proc a block cuz that lens of the day if he had less block meter there and we still have time to shine left in our hands we would have had less pine cones though we probably would have lost a long time ago all right probably I actually need to use the washroom so I'll be back in one minute I'll just run it one minute and be right back that's creator ever thank you Eric me you're looking watching for two years it can't be better this game can you help me I don't know how to help you dude keep watching the videos been watching for two years always Mulligan the Raptors and then get molecule I need a Franklin real bad you bad what here we go not bad one two bullseye that draws a card not horrible it's definitely better at things than this swashbuckler aerobics instructor instructor might be the best one and I feel and if he leaps this we're screwed well you just can't play nice waste it to earlier you gotta wait till we get a pine cone or something you know Briella leaf to start just protecting these see you later marcy detect these more card drop farcry haven't played any of the far cry [Applause] nice place next year I wonder if pops your molecules to play it'll just make a 2 to a 1 and a 1 so bad we get pine clone here we are in the money no such luck I wonder if him proc in our block this actually doesn't crack your blood I think this is the play and pass hello cleb how you do I mean Jonathan just gonna pass come on pinecone even sonic bloom is really good at this point try this here we go a berry blast energy clip probably a face with this if you figure which whoa okay so two one you get a big cards a molecule will make it worth it damn that's a good pickup so do you like this thanks this do a lot of a lot of extra damage I'm very blessed this one now not bad only untrackable minion are these okay is he running Campinas fake who even runs cuckoo mmm still has three health they were the most amazing shape over what about up here here paradise it's just too slow even the mushroom Greta is a little bit slow I'm pretty sure this is better come on berry blast I still think this is better this is so hard to take out the unshrinking ball we're doing fine really he got this is what he got from Eureka he's okay he got this one from from Sciences he's running cuckoo and his dad was just a random pet from Eureka he gets zookeeper skunk funk come on berry blast just for karma are there any team-up berries no he's doing bullseye damage to us right now you know like it – minions wins the game thanks Jen in fact if he if he Bungie plumbers this one now you running gentlemen zombie is no tricks in those things fine so any any minion any non pine clone or molecule minion wins the game that does it that'll do it unless he has fireworks that's the only out and even then it's called conjurer pet day DM value molecule for funsies no it's not a good idea you guys this isn't a good idea no no no no oh no no no no why did I even get this idea in my head I'm not give me a like to resist it's a bean I'll give it team-ups energy that team of synergy then no he wins Oh any meteor would even go to beget meteor yet no we didn't get it [Laughter] come as a loss I'll take responsibility County as a team oh my gosh I think I miss lethally dude thank you Miss bleep garbage our berry deck skipper sit down they're okay they're not broken like they were they're like just fine I would say they're a little bit underpowered if anything fry you missed lethal fry yeah now you guys gotta get out of your system I know you guys have been wanting this for long no good get your weak servants out in here really right well awesome find out fries I'm asleep okay I think we're just gonna do this that's her in four four five like you got to work with what you got in this deck okay where is rafters I Bulgin Raptors and God molecules so many times so far they see me rollin sonic bloom just failed I'm trolling they see me rollin I'm rollin and I'm trolling maybe I'll do the sonic blooms afterwards they see me roll their what is this a Simo way too slow maybe something good will happen no this would have been so good uh-oh oh okay who can Brock and and grow this thing come on if we roll a three me getting big and then we are in such great shape we aren't in such an crave we do not block and get him big in here actually meteor also works time to shine also works this is definitely worse time to shine if we block here yes yes oh okay that literally gave us an Astra kata this would have exploded and cleared our field now we get an Astra kado we have extra minions on the field this is gonna be a six koster now this is crazy this is crazy wrong one what are you even saying we're gonna get three three oh man I don't even know if I wanna Molokai yet this five damage strike through is so okay we got a molecule now because that will oh it's so interesting without getting split pea here too we would not have been able to block we actually high rolled a three and a two there let's just go with this now I feel like he's gonna well yeah let's just so we get potato soros Lily Lily does not grow this because it things transform from left to right when we got all so I guess this works okay with the sonic blooms this will protect something also take the service is really really good here there's kneeling his face desperately needed in fact we're gonna get plenty of value out of this Lily now we have team ups oh we the money you guys very interesting probably most interesting use of time to shine ever this is we are in guchi guchi shape here the problem is propping the block with actually not gonna use the sonic bloom wants to go faces pose yeah we have two proper blockers and what is he gonna get okay so might as well do this first well no well okay he already used super and he'll so he has frenzy and okay so let's do this first there's no need to actually grow this it's much better to do three damage to his face he could have killed the oh right he killed it killed the lily their frenzy that one this goes here oh we in the money right now oh that was so good and begin no no healing here we go you guys nurse now this will do none of these are Team ups right there Lilly just died kill nurse how do you kill nurse oh oh I should have put this here and then grown it right six no week I'm sorry I don't have my earbuds I came here costing this place yeah killing nursery is correct I don't play sorry guys see growing this again no I had him too I had him too my bad seriously my bad I just I didn't what I spent half of that turn writing down the highlight and then I didn't make a good play that's the way it goes streaming hazard now we lose now that was that same game right end up losing just from writing down the highlight that's writing down the highlight makes us leave the game anticlimactic sorry about that that's put the sound hello real banana man thank you so much for subscribing really appreciate it what have we learned fry we've learned don't rap write down the highlight until the game's over that's what we've learned I guess we'll try to go this route see if high voltage currents can carry us here we're really if you consider actually making good plays were six and one he's summoning there what was it though something what it wasn't live goes to us it's interesting and think it's pass here skunk makeshift bury victims of that I was writing something down they must have time to play with we'll have more berries later hey fry have you tried frankenz are going viral yet since the buff also great scream cuba matcha bagel I guess I could do that Frank guitar some met some Mavs occurred with the sergeant strawberry we have the sour grape setup we're in decent shape here six damaged eight to face the stern I would instead of removing he is lying Dancing's obvious sir oh my goodness he might have actually pressed past there and had a plane Oh crazy he passed really quickly there I don't even know about this pine cone anymore this um sour grapes is looking pretty good press that awfully really but use this on an unshakable minion right now I mean it could be just be nibble or environment rocket maybe I'll do it on this one once we're probably not gonna okay well do this them get it in this Agrotech it's not a whole lot can go wrong gets another beam me up that just means the beam me up can't be using like to pass okay worth it I think the umbrella leaf to be honest I really think the umbrella leaf is what carried their relief is a good card frança tois going viral the zmax set what are you gonna put in the big early game though I just don't see what Frank is our ads it's just such a mad cart thank you so much daddy punk oh I don't know why it's not reading it so it's not a lot but something to help you get those copyright freaking claims like probably because it had bleeped content that's really really appreciate it naughty fine clip go get some baby fries and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I really really appreciate it thank you so much it was just some severe language warning stomp it on thick Tzemach stomp it on I haven't done that in a long time that's a good deck you can get those con mending CEMEX stomp it on I'm in the mood for another stomping on deck you guys I'm gonna move just for orangey decks right now I'm probably does that mean this definitely counts I think we do start with us here they need some twos and threes very blast does work thanks Dan as well hey guys this is game fun I find it very I actually still play this off lioness at my own time oh my god hi come on non grapes Dominion let's go only three four five usually that this will still died a very blessed change in plans change in plans nice try computer day I'll turn five flying phone it's gonna be a lot more pinecones if you do that way that meteor is worth it here I think the one damage in the fan it's gonna be umbrella leave Frank alone entomology try to team up as many as possible we have the puffs room on the right side so we doin good good good and we do win good supernova guard would be a problem here come on man no we do changing plans we're gonna molecules with the plank though this game and we do in berry blast them and we do and good I guess we're gonna play these see you next journey on this very bless is correct I am a vampire haha his powers are that good here it can take out one of these Oh bless my freakin so think we're still doing okay so it's gonna be um that does nothing yes this would have to have three attack its you cost because three attack is not that uncommon this is still the play need a lot of puff shapes [Applause] not even close no no deep both of them turn of the pinecones both of them turns into pie clothes wait no wait if we get it no he grow oh I was thinking at least we're gonna kill the supernova guards no he has lethal now no I'm pretty sure both rafters turn into pinecones – come on man that was the fail of the century you guys that was crazy we had a great chance I went in that game oh man so many highlights today I think I'll upload this to you just for the highlights oh man oh man that was so good what a fail what a fail that was that was molecule into versus super with eight minions I'm I feel that people are like come on you're gonna face Lily super duper gari today I'm like no don't worry I'll be fine you know every time we Mulligan molecule we always get raptured I so would have kept that now we have to heartbroken for a molecule or a pine cone or something I might actually even go for the snow in place captain spaz fuh fuh-fuh fuh-fuh fuh-fuh ja there we go I'm just gonna try to aggro him down nothing really more to it than that question is what can HG have on turn 2 that would be able to control these there's no environments there's beam me up as teleport plus what though if I roost your next turn you what if I roosted this turn think we go like this I'm gonna do it to the astronaut food because he's gonna this anyways a high-priority target see I made it go put this on a non high priority target well I changed the blocks in the back ends and I'm feeling good new wallpaper how's that set better now if now summer is here you guys pulled damage on turn two ridiculous only captain we almost have lethal here looks tacky all right I'm on vacation guys I'll just keep this up for like 24 hours sonic bloom is just gonna win the game this is a rout look at this game an absolute freaking route here you guys there is nothing he can do here why your fiery stir could save him temporarily but this is just harsh this is just ha turn four lethal dose all right guys 64 there were two games we could have easily won this is actually a decent deck I'll say eight into okay listen we lost one game to be playing molecule which I purposely lost another LAN I came as the loss to some major another game we lost I was writing down a thing I didn't think we had missed play a really really that was winnable very very winnable that was the second one the third one was him that supernova guard so I there is a certain reality where this deck actually performs nine and one even though we and the scorecards of success for this actually did quite well hope you guys enjoyed peace


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