‘Very Intimidating’: Yovanovitch Responds To Trump’s Mid-Testimony Twitter Attacks | MSNBC
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‘Very Intimidating’: Yovanovitch Responds To Trump’s Mid-Testimony Twitter Attacks | MSNBC


  • Peter Nesen

    Adam Schiff, should be locked up for good! Military tribunals should be in place for theses traitorous power hungry politicians..

  • Karen From Finasse

    Shameful. This woman has the bravery to testify in front of the World and faithfully tell the truth. Where is Trump? Sitting comfortably on a gold plated toilet and attacking her on Twitter like a coward.

  • G2 Precision

    She didn't even know about the Tweet until Schiff for brains said something about it. We know how the Democrats like second hand information. She served in Somalia, she's not scared or intimidated. Brought her Blasey-Ford little girl voice though. I wonder if they had the same coach…

  • Christopher Scramuzzo

    if it were my choice, i would remove trump from office for plenty of already substantiated reasons and welcome a humble man who seeks other validated values than holding one of gaslighting tactics in their methods.

  • Doc Tom

    Well, SHE has every right to be Ambassador, I should be Ambassador to Monaco, would be too, BUT, Trump liked somebody else more. WHERE IS MY WHISTLE ???


  • David Hale

    So get got fired as ambassador but is still employed by the state department and is teaching at Georgetown. She hasn’t been harmed in anyway. Except her feelings got hurt.

  • thegrandfinale2

    Investigation in search of a crime. Attempted coup. Presidential harassment. Witch-hunt. #SHAMpeachment.

    But we are not fooled.

  • William Talbot

    Oh Brother. From the same Playbook it's Cavanaugh all over again. The Dems tried their best to make her cry but it wouldn't work she's a lie this is all a lie the same s*** over and over again with these Democrats how many times have they tried now 5 6 different times they're not going to stop. They're psychotic anyone that believes this crap is a moron

  • derry667dingo

    “The previous ambassador, the woman” has so much courage, integrity and dignity and it’s plain for all to see.

    No wonder Trump fears and loathes her. Right now, she making him “go through some things” and he doesn’t like it one bit.


  • taylorj959a

    Adam Schiff intimidates Yovanovitch by reading the Tweet by Trump that she wouldn't have heard because she was testifying so instead Schiff testifies by reading the tweet. More Schiff show.

  • David Hale

    The stock market doesn’t look to worried bout impeachment hearings closing at another record high of over 28,000. 228 points. So impeachment is helping the economy at least democrats can be happy bout that

  • MrLinkolin

    Pretty smart for Schiff to use this moment to get Amb Yovanovitch to say, in her own words, that what Trump did was “very intimidating”. Looking at another Article of Impeachment!

  • Gary Schooley

    I thought that bloated orange liar wasn't watching. How does someone who's "not watching" get so triggered by a woman with power and integrity?

  • Ralph Gonzales

    How can #45 keep saying he is transparent if he's trying to hide and block almost everything maybe if #45 could emtpy his simple mind and hear himself speak he would actually shut up 🙊

  • lovable Alexa

    Ooohhh my God I'm embarrassed for this Clown! Is so "infair" he doesn't care I wish they stop calling him President but I guess that is going to make the punishment much more harshly I hope

  • jim gustafson

    I do vote Demacratic but really, after watching all this for years, its sad, I'm leaning towards Republican. The country is better off these last few years and I like it.

  • Young Lee

    Having watched the entire hearing, it's interesting to note Yovanovitch always glancing back at Schiff whenever she gave a reply to a difficult question posed by the Republican counsel or a Republican member of the committee or was about to say something which she was not completely sure of. Obviously she has gone through hours of practice with the democrat conspirators behind closed doors in the basement of Capitol Hill prior to the event but even with all the clandestine preparation done it seems she still felt the overwhelming need to receive frequent looks of encouragement and approvals from Schiff.

    And it's quite painful to see her coughing, hard swallowing and her face reddening on the numerous occasions she lied and distorted the truth to conform to the prearranged narrative.

  • Magister Militum

    I thought this was a Impeachment hearing, not a therapy session for a fired Ambassador. Schitt knows her testimony was a massive dud; she didn't know anything, so he plays the victim card for her. The Demorats are are a joke.

  • Eddie Guerrero

    Every Single Witness Can Not Name A Crime The President Committed Nor Can They Say They Heard Any Part Of The Presidents Phone Call, This Witness Today Was Already Removed From Her Position Before The Phone Call and Should Not Have Wasted Our Time Today, This Whole Impeachment Inquiry Is A Hoax…. Totally Political and Is A Waste Of Time.. I Hope The American People Vote Out Every Single Democrat.. The President Is Not Above The Law But He Is Not Beneath The Law Either This Impeachment Is So Unfair To Our Country And To The 63 Million People Who Voted For Trump… Our Voices Will Not Be Silenced By The Media Or Democrats.

  • Bunchoffuckingbullshit

    I always thought witness tampering/intimidating were felonies. But then…I always thought America was a country of laws.

  • Bunchoffuckingbullshit

    Here's my plan to balance the budget and wipe out all debts foreign and domestic: Put Trump in the witness chair and sell "pay per view" tickets. Only $5 each should do it.

  • Septembers Whisper

    This woman has no knowledge what so ever of the phone conversations, none. Was not even working during the time any of this happened, she is just someone scorned that would say bad things about Trump, that's it, nothing more. I am sure everyone is aware, obama fired all George W. Bush appointed ambassadors. Everyone of them and that was just fine, he can, no big deal. But oh no, if Trump does it , watch out, it is horrible, bad, unforgivable. Then we have schiff withholding testimonies so the GOP cannot ask questions. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/11/jim-jordan-says-schiff-is-hiding-four-transcripts-to-prevent-republicans-from-using-info-in-them-to-question-impeachment-witnesses-video/ is this how you want our courts run? All they have is hearsay, and they want to impeach a sitting President, we cannot have any court deny anyone the 6th amendment, nor accept hearsay to convict anyone. If they can pull this crap on a sitting President, what will they do to you? This will set precedence in the courts which is not what our Constitution or our Founding Fathers ever wanted for this country. This whole thing has become a sham, and it is wrong, the President is not even allowed in these hearings, how would that work for all of us, a room full of people deciding our faith based on second and third hearsay, with people testifying just because they hated us, and our side not allowing witnesses or for us to be there, and if we were not allowed to see our accusers. This is B.S and it is dangerous for all of us.

  • Mustang .308

    This is NOT a "Coup" attempt….. It is a "COOP" attempt by the Committee on HEN HOUSE GOSSIP INQUISITIONS !!! 🤣😂😃😆😅😄😃🤣😂😆😅😄 And SO FAR, Schifty Schit💩t has been a REAL Chicken Schit💩t, when it comes to DUE PROCESS https://youtu.be/tWAtlb8QHJA

    Beside all that … the Q POST FROM MARCH 4, 2018 … fully predicted a "whistle blower trap" even giving the initials of the "whistle blower/CIA SPY/Schifty Schitts buddy in fraud" as E. C. (e r💩 i c – c i a👎👎👎 r a 💩👎 m e l💩💩💩 l o) https://youtu.be/tWAtlb8QHJA

  • Yellow Flash

    Wow the democrats are so pathetic. Let’s put these so called witnesses up who aren’t even witnesses 🤦🏻‍♂️. Democrats = 🚮

  • robotron17

    I guess SCHIFF is guilty of aiding and abetting in the commission of the "crime" since HE chose to interrupt the proceedings and relay these "intimidating" remarks to the witness, who, without Schiff's interruption, would have had no idea she was being "intimidated".

  • Mr. Mist

    Trump has the right to speak anytime he wants. Trump stays, Dems are going down. Today's spectical made millions of Americans truly hate Democrats. Even you guys can see the whole thing is a sham. You like it…true.
    But you know it's a sham. No way you dont.

  • Alana994 Aj

    Very easy to attack others when behind the desk of White House , one way to settle this issue would be Trump to TESTIFY under oath . Does he have any credibility

  • Carlos Trincado

    SHE WAS CRITICIZED AND FIRED BY HER BOSS. What is she doing there? I wish I had the platform to criticized my ex boss too. What does she has to do with trying to Impeached the president?

  • Bob Smith

    Oh the horror! The outrage! President Trump hurt my widdle fee fees! I can't live in this terrible world anymore! I'm going to just end it all! Don't try to stop me! Goodbye world!

  • steve MITCHELL

    Yovanovitch is the deep state.. 33 years as a government hack . Obama fired all ambassadors and not one word from corrupted MSNBC. No wonder their rating are tanking.

  • see aunty

    Democrats need to ask questions that prove Trump is corrupt, use their time wisely to show that his removal is essential to America, American people's well being and the World as America is held in high regard as a nation who fight against corruption, but now Trump may be a sign of the end if he is not stopped now. Be the light that has since dimmed to a mere flicker of its former self before Trump extinguishs it and the Russian President watches celebrating America's demise. Get a backbone Republicans and Democrats use the facts not feelings to over come Trump and the American people will turn around and remove Trump as their President, good luck, I hope for the best for the people of America, God bless you all…

  • Tribegal

    More propaganda, and a lot like a soap opera. First, she was fired last may before Trump's phone call. She is a "witness" to nothing, except the corruption in Ukraine that she and Obama did nothing about. 2nd, the word, "intimidated" was put into her mouth by the democrats questioning her, and if Trump was bashing her DURING her testimony, how did she know to be "intimidated?" Third, Ms. Yovanovitch is part of the UN-elected bureaucrat deep state cabal attempting to overthrow a duly election president, an Obama holdover who is receiving a VERY generous pension for her 30-plus years of service. The President determines foreign policy, not the diplomats that are trying to get rid of him that he has the constitution right to replace any time he wants, for any reason he wants, ESPECIALLY since he is being denied due process. You goofs let the media set you up for another fall. Meanwhile, Trump is still standing.

  • antiquity. art

    she should feature in Jimmy Kimmels "Celebrities read mean tweets". Trump is going full out berserk. Meanwhile on Fox: do you remember Obama's tan suit? now, THAT was embarrassing…

  • Matt Carlson

    Trump will be physically removed from the office of President one day, and he should be. Looking forward to when American Democracy finds its' way out of this mess. People, next time you vote foe someone, make sure you know who he or she is!

  • Jack Jack

    IMPEACHMENT based on OPINIONS and hear say is Sedition. Democrats have gone FULL blown Soviet on American Voters … DUMP'EM in 2020!

  • Jack Jack

    IMPEACHMENT based on OPINIONS and hear say is Sedition. Democrats have gone FULL blown Soviet on American Voters … DUMP'EM in 2020!

  • Jack Jack

    IMPEACHMENT based on OPINIONS and hear say is Sedition. Democrats have gone FULL blown Soviet on American Voters … DUMP'EM in 2020!

  • hiram hacklesworth

    How the leftist trained seals can be worked up over this obviously irrelevant to their own malarkey testimony is a testament to their stupidity and the Pravda style of Fake News.
    The Spanish Inquisition which is what these hearings are reminiscent of in tone and tenor, should not be considered at all intimidating, however.
    That perpetual glassy eyed stare on Shifty suggests drug use, btw.
    Or that he is in fact an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" type pod replicant and should have his DNA checked to see if he is in fact human.

  • Mel Tan

    After the first hearing where a lot of assumptions and hearsays were presented by Democrats' star witnesses. They turned to sympathy card in the person of the former Ukraine ambassador to play with the emotions of the American people. Totally irrelevant to the case! This reminds me of Christine Blasey Ford playing the victim card.

  • mbhtx777

    yovanovitch has been around for 30 years and when do we hear about her? When she is replaced? That is a sore loser sorry – not dignified. This whole thing is a joke. While these clowns do all this theatre wasting everyones time and using up more money Trump is actually doing things for people – that is why they fight him. do you really think Schiff the yavanovitch woman and the dc crowd are working for you? Where is the proof? wish they would show that instead of complaining – what they dont say is what these career politicians and gov employees unelected latched on like leeches have allowed to happen in our country.






    common core wasting our kids time, parents,, teachers…why? https://youtu.be/wZEGijN_8R0




    while they put on their clown show Trump is working. https://youtu.be/Vm1X-O9cK30?t=1001

  • Whip Scorpion

    Those republican politicians think that I am stupid enough to believe
    what thirty million trump supporters are stupid enough to believe.

  • nationwidebw

    Shens a filthy lying biased corrupt bureaucrat. She works with some of the most CORRUPT shady and dangerous people in the world, the Ukranians. Yet she is intimidated by a trump tweet. HAHA Naive idiots!

  • Brad Gies

    It must be very intimidating to hear the President of the United States attack you.

    She has been in many countries where when the President says anything bad about you, you end up dead on the street, or just disappear. Add to that the US President is the most powerful person in the world, and she knows how immoral and out of control he is. That's what she's testifying about.

    If I were the Democrats, I would immediately ask to attach another charge to the impeachment for witness tampering. Trump is like a child, if his hand isn't slapped immediately, he thinks he got away with it.

  • donna ford


  • Renzo

    Yovanovitch was never fired.
    She is still an American diplomat and member of the senior ranks of the United States Foreign Service. She was first appointed ambassador by G.W. Bush. 
    He was very happy with her service enough to keep her through both of his terms.
    Trump's displeasure with her is the first time in 33 years that she has been criticized by any President because she was too ethical to do his dirty bidding.

  • I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

    When is she going to start suing dunce Trump, his son, Fox News, and Rudy G with his Frankenstein looking self.

  • Toraguchi Toraguchi

    Congress: Do you have any knowledge of the President committing Bribery?

    Yovanovitch: No.

    Congress: Do you have any knowledge of the President committing a crime.

    Yovanovitch: No.


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