vlogmas day 1: Trolls holiday review
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vlogmas day 1: Trolls holiday review

good afternoon my fabulous 112 yes I have this is
the my personal Christmas countdown right here so that I think I talked
about that in the previous vlog we’re gonna I’m gonna open the advent calendar
yeah this is our simple little donor that way yes oh yes oh I don’t
know they open all these on camera but I’m gonna open the first little box on
camera and we’ll see what what happens from there
we do have a watch this okay fine number one okay oh so this one I don’t know let me see I can get the camera fuck yeah it’s a
little train as you can see and yeah this isn’t the entire video just so you
guys know I am also gonna be reviewing for I guess now for the parents who the
parents who are kind of out of loop with kids movies and whatnot I’m also gonna
be reviewing trolls holiday today so this is just the first little part of
the video and yeah I’m gonna go I’m gonna go watch ghost holiday and I’ll be
back with my thoughts on that I hope you’re doing the the first day of
walking us so far and also we have our little vlogmas plush buddy and this is
penny the penguin for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter
or Facebook or with it for those of you don’t in social media yeah and I was gonna use my snowman but it
kept falling over so we get penny so I’m gonna go what first of all return
this sub kitchen and second what the trolls holiday movie and I’ll let you
know if I think it would be movie worth showing to you kids basically so but the
reviews aren’t all that interesting so it’s more I feel like the reviews are
more for the parents to be honest oh okay yeah I’m gonna go and I’ll be back
with my thoughts on the movie see you later back so I just finished the movie
and I’m gonna read it on my three categories
okay watchability um I will say it was certainly interesting but I don’t think
I’ll watch it again oh no it kind of I don’t know they were parts of it that
honestly kind of gave me child version Oh No it gave me kind of Clockwork
Orange vibes I know it was I don’t I don’t know what was going on with that
movie but yeah not for me I don’t think I really I think it would have been
really confused by it as a child to be honest um so yeah so actually for kids
I mean yes though I will say I believe it is for a highly imaginative young
child maybe somewhere between the ages of five and seven yeah because in order
for this movie to make sense you have to have a lot of and also spoiler alert
there is excuse me um the original troll make a
cameo so there’s that so that was an interesting part to me so the end the
ending was pretty good but the umbrella movie was just kind of all over the
place so yeah I’m not gonna watch that again it was a nice experience Hey
yeah anyway that’s it for today’s movie review and also vlogmas day 1 and I hope
you enjoyed it if you did please be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe
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scan if you prefer if you prefer that method and I will see you tomorrow for
vlogmas day 2 and that’ll probably be another review of you as I have my plane
and my face basically my last day of theatre tomorrow as well as yoga so yeah
okay the movie you’re here is gonna be the easiest thing to do so I have a list
that I will post on Instagram and Twitter so and probably also Facebook so
if you if you want to tell me which one you think I should watch next that’ll be
up on social media on one of those three social medias or all three probably all
three just so I make sure I reach the maximum number of people to have input
on this thanks for watching and above all looks stay fabulous bye

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