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Was ist ein Vlog | Videos einfach machen | Video Blogging

Hello and welcome to my new video! This time I want to talk about this question: What is a VLOG? People ask me this question a lot, so in this video I want to give you an answer! Let’s go! What is a VLOG? The simple answer: a V-LOG is a video log (in english you will know what a log is) You’ve heard it before if you’re into programming, e.g. log entries or you may have heard “log in”, which might not be the same, but it has to do with logging something in A v-log is similar to a blog and most of you know what a blog is, if you’re blogging you are writing on a daily or weekly basis articles that you’ll then publish online. In fact you can say that a vlog is an, on the web, electronically published video diary. But as well as with your analog diary, you don’t have to write/share posts every day Of course there are people, who publish one or more videos every day you can do it any way you want – that is a v-log. And the characteristics of a vlog are special as well, everybody does it their way For example: In a vlog you could only talk about your life, set up your camera and just start talking, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you are using, some people use their phone, with a professional camera, with a go-pro or whatever you can imagine, but it doesn’t really matter how it looks, everybody finds their audience. In my circle of friends and acquaintances, I have a couple of vloggers, who proportionately have more subscribers than I have on my channel and they talk daily about their every-day life, what they’ve done, if they have a child then sometimes also about the child or they go shopping. But you can set up a vlog differently as well If you, for example, check out the YouTube star Casey Neistad, who actually is a vlogger, He also does segments with tips and tricks or when he tries to educate on something he does that as well but usually in the form of a vlog. His vlogs usually start with a bit of b-roll which aren’t too complex, I mean there aren’t a lot, like sometimes he walks into his office, which is full of stuff and looks rather colorful, and is perfect to do different effects through the color correction and he films everything with a wide-angle lens, which just looks awesome Additionally he’s a certain kind of personality, who the camera just loves He doesn’t just start talking, he builds a story. For example, he comes into the room, the camera is already rolling and then he sits down and starts talking. I intended to try different things as well, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Another vlogger I like and follow is Peter McKinnon, who is also a photographer, cinematograph, YouTuber and vlogs a lot. He also doesn’t just sit down in front of the camera, turns it on and starts talking or cuts from that point of time. But he also does that move, I’m gonna just show you right now- He comes out of the off, then sits down and then asks his subscribers how they’re doing and blabla In principal I think that is a nice idea, it brings a certain dynamic into the video and and keeps people in a good mood His specialty are b-roll recordings but really, I’d say definitely longer recordings, usually something between 6-7 seconds let’s say 7 seconds and 20 to 25 seconds depending on what he’s doing you can see some nice detail in that and then he talks a little then there’s another longer b-roll sequence I tried that with a couple of my videos as well, but sometimes the b-roll is just too long and they drag down the dynamic of the video a little or the sequences are too many and too short and they start to disturb the video and you can’t tell anymore: is it about the video or about the talking I agree, but it’s hard to tell while cutting, the best thing to do, would probably be to cut the video and then leave it for a night and take another look the next day to put it on YouTube Even if I’m not publishing it right away, but if I export it from my cutting program and remove it from the cache and the project/timeline that I have to cut it all over again So simply speaking this is a vlog, try it yourself, there’s no good reason not to try it, if it is something you are interested in Maybe you have something to tell, an interesting story or you just want to talk about something and have no one who listens or maybe you’ve got someone, who listens but some things that are okay to discuss publicly – you just have to realize that this IS the public. When I’m talking to YOU, then you’re part of “the public” This is very simple, I don’t have a real person sitting in front of me, I got my camera here, you’ve got your screen and you’re sitting in front of it and you’re looking at me I’m telling you about things, which are important to me, things I need to get off my chest or just some news, talks, stories and gossip. And if you think it’s entertaining to watch, then you will want to see more of my videos or of the vlogger you like. Like I said, there are no reasons not to start vlogging, even if you don’t have too many topics, just start talking, try different things film your friends and see what happens work in a little slapstick or go to different cities and talk about that – everybody has some kind of hobby Just stick with it and talk about it – that simple! Okay, I think I answered the question what a v-log, a vlog is If you have any questions about what a vlog is, then leave a comment in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share and like my video, if you like it and subscribe to my channel for more videos and to be up-to-date on new videos! That’s it from me and we’ll see each other next time! Bye

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