We Ate 20,000 Calories At Taco Bell
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We Ate 20,000 Calories At Taco Bell

(sighing) – Keith DMed me, asked how I was going. I said we’re dying. (sighing) – [Alex] Tasted like beans, but there aren’t even beans in here. (sighing) – [KB] I don’t like this anymore. – [Eugene] Go drinks! Shots, shots, shots! (sighing) (giggling) – I’m so full. (upbeat music) – Hey, guys, it’s YB. – And Alex and welcome
to another episode of… – Food Babies!
– Food Babies! – [YB] So you might have
seen us eat Keith’s leftovers in his Eat the Menu series. – And Keith recently challenged us to eat 400 chicken
nuggets from McDonald’s, which we nailed. – We nailed it. (grunting loudly) (giggling) So this time Keith has challenged us to eat 100 Taco Bell tacos. – Which is approximately 20 000 calories. Let’s do this. So we’re splitting up
this video into two parts. First we’re going to be
doing the Speed Test. YB and I are gonna split
a party box of tacos and see how quickly we
can get through those. For the Endurance Test, we’re just gonna finish
the rest and see how we do. We’ll also be joined by The Try Guys for some Taco Bell facts. (angels singing) – Shall we order the tacos? – Yes. So today we’re picking up a
dozen Supreme Original Tacos. A dozen Supreme Cool Ranch Tacos. A dozen Supreme Nacho Tacos. A dozen Supreme Fiery Tacos. Two Supreme Soft Taco Party Packs. Six Chalupa Supremes. Four Cheesy Gordita Crunches. Four Double Decker Taco Supremes. Four Grilled Steak Soft Tacos. Four Spicy Soft Tacos. Six Chicken Soft Tacos and
two Mountain Dew Blasts. – All right, we are here
about to go pickup the tacos. This time we’re not scared, ’cause we already ordered. (giggling) (dramatic intense music) All right, we got all the tacos we needed. Now we’re headed back to the office. – Woo! (upbeat instrumental music) So we’re gonna jump into
the speed round right now. YB and I are gonna power
through this Party Box, which has a dozen tacos. So we’re each gonna
power through six tacos. – Yeah.
– [Alex] You ready? – Three. Two. One. Go! (giggling) Can’t open the box. – It’s good, it’s a little soggy, ’cause it’s been sitting, but the meats really good. This is already a lot. – There’s so many bites. (mumbling) (bell ringing) By the end of this, they’re gonna be tomatoes everywhere. (bell ringing) – After one I’m already getting nervous. I’m enjoying it a lot
more than the nuggets. This is not a cute food to eat. – No. – [Cameraman] Try to do
your cutest little bite. – This is my cutest bite. (playful music) (giggling) – This is my cutest bite. (bouncy music) (giggling) – Second one. (bell ringing) – How are you going so fast? – I don’t know. Taking big bites. (bell ringing) – Oh my God, this is so much. – I know, I really wish there was less sour cream. – There’s like just as much
sour cream as there is meat. – Yeah, look like a
little pimple coming out. – [Cameraman] Ew. – How many do you usually
eat if you eat tacos? – Maybe like three. Or a Crunchwrap Supreme and one taco. – Yeah. I always get the chicken
quesadilla and two tacos, but you know, today we’re eating 100. (sighing) – [Alex] I’m having flashbacks to nuggets. I just had to keep taking deep breaths. – Three. – Slow down. – It’s a speed round. It’s really good and it’s better than nuggets as in like it has more
taste then just one. Just really big. You know? – Nice and moist. – [Cameraman] Is there an
additional fact for this part, or it just comes after? – Yeah, after. – Sorry, this is the
content you have for now. (laughing) – People wanted us to actually eat fast, ’cause speed round, so we’re not really talking. – Three. (bell ringing) (sighing) – [Alex] I think after
four is when I started to get uncomfortable. – [Alex] Yeah.
– I can feel it. – Tastes liked melted Popsicle. – [Cameraman] You keep drinking it. – I don’t have anything else. (sighing) You know when you eat slower
you get fuller faster? I’m trying to eat quick, but you can feel the sickness coming. – I’m on my fifth one, almost there. – [Alex] Oh, God. Four tacos. Oh my God. – There’s three more left in there. – Wait, I still have to eat two more?
– [YB] Mm-hmm. (menacing music) (groaning) Last fifth bite. (bell ringing) – Yay! – One more! (sighing) – Do you ever get where
you like when you burp, it’s actually gonna be throw up? (laughing) It’s getting there. – It’s definitely getting to
the uncomfortable stage now. Not very enjoyable. It’s still good, I would’ve preferred to be eating this. (sighing) – I feel like the kid in
Matilda who has to eat the whole chocolate cake. (sighing) – You can power through. – Number five.
– [YB] Yay. Last gross bite. (bell ringing) (playful music) – Okay. It’s so meaty. – I like the meat better
than the crunchy part. – I like the lettuce. It’s my favorite part of the taco. – That’s why we’re friends. We complete each other. Meat and lettuce. Yay! (bell ringing) – Six. – So we finished the speed round, it’s empty. My time was 12:49. – [Alex] My time was 14:19. – So it was way faster than the nuggets, ’cause we took, you know, 45 minutes to eat that. – So in those dozen tacos
it was 2280 calories. Which is over half the amount of food you’re
supposed to have per day. If you’re eating like 2000 calories a day. – Yeah.
– I don’t feel awful, but I feel really full, like this is when I would
definitely stop eating. – Yeah. I don’t feel awful either, but I wouldn’t wanna eat more. – But Keith, Keith is making us eat 88 more tacos. – Can we a petition to help us? Help. Help. – Who has a ten taco challenge? – We’re gonna wait a little. Wait for this to go down a little bit. – Digest a little.
– Digest and then we’ll continue. (giggling) The false smile. (giggling) – [YB] Hey, Alex. – Hi. (giggling) – [Alex] My God, what is she doing? YB, what are you doing? – Digesting a little, you know? Our Red Bull break. – Cheers.
– Cheers. (silly music) – Oh, this is good. I’ve never tried this flavor. – It’s fresh.
– Fresh. So now we’re gonna go
into the endurance round. We have 88 tacos to finish
by the end of today. It’s okay, I had a Red Bull, I’m caffeinated. I’m ready to go. – All right, Food Babies Endurance Round. – Three.
– Three. – Two.
– Two. – One.
– One. (enchanting music) – Wow.
– Taco time. We’re gonna start off with a taco fact. (intense music) – Hey, ladies! – Hey, Eugene.
– Hey, Eugene. – Here’s your first fact. In 2017, Taco Bell opened the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas, where you can get alcohol
and even get married there. – Should we get married there? – I mean, we know, I almost proposed to you
last time with the nugget. So this time it could be in tacos. – Taco wedding. – Taco wedding. – Taco wedding. Are you getting married? Is this a gay taco wedding? Gay taco wedding! Anyway, you know what, I don’t see any alcohol here. I think it’s time for
y’all to take some shots. – No.
– Wait, no. – No, please. Oh, it’s tequila. – See it has an airplane. That means get ready to take off on this tequila journey.
– Oh my God. (lively music) As far away from me as possible. – Come on, dishonor on you, dishonor on your taco. Take some shots. – Ready. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, taco, shots, shots, taco, shots! – Oh, you took a lot.
– It’s so bad. That’s how much you drank? (laughing) – It felt like a lot
when I was drinking it. – I thought y’all could
drink better than that. YB, especially you. I wanna see y’all drink. (sighing) – This is not what I got hired for. – Shots, shots, shots, shots, drink, go.
– You finished it? – Drink, shots, shots, shots. (chanting in foreign language) Woo! Yeah, nice! Great, awesome! – I can feel it in my nose. (laughing) – Time for me to go. (speaks in foreign language) – Bye, Eugene.
– Bye, Eugene. I’m gonna start with the Fiery Doritos Locos.
– Yeah, me too. Also if I start getting red, it’s because I have Asian glow. Oh, it’s bright red. – It’s not spicy, it’s really salty. – I like it. – It’s sticky. – It is sticky, right? Yeah. – I feel like it’s making my insides hot. – That’s probably the tequila. – Oh. Look at this, you can fold it like a pizza.
– [YB] Oh my God. (upbeat classical music) – So this is number 13. – 14. Six more to get to the next fact. – Okay, I’m gonna do… Let me do a soft taco. – I’m gonna do a Cool Ranch. ‘Cause that is my favorite taco. (sighing) (giggling) – I’m so sorry. – Okay, this one is Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It’s just bread and beef, beef sandwich. 15. – 16. (sighing) (giggling) – I guess we should try
the soft taco now then. So we can compare. (giggling) – Okay, this is the
Spicy Potato Soft Taco. – Oh, I wanted to try this! But when I was not as full. (rhythmic music) – I don’t like it.
– Me either. I’m gonna double wrap it like this. – Like a Cheesy Roll-Up.
– Yeah. – Oh, oh, I heard that squish. (bell ringing) (bell ringing) (mumbling) – I feel the tequila
slowly burning my face. – [Alex] Are you getting red? – Am I? How would I know if I’m getting red, Alex? (laughing) I don’t have a mirror. I’m gonna get red from laughing. I also took Pepcid, it helps. You know, I was having a cramp earlier, because of the AC. – Okay, you have to tell
everyone your theory about why you get stomach aches. – So I thought this was a normal thing, apparently she doesn’t feel it, but if I have the AC on like full blast, too cold, I get a stomach ache. – Does this sound real to anyone else? Maybe it’s an Asian thing? – Maybe. I know some Koreans have it, where like, you can’t leave the fan
on when you’re sleeping. Have you heard of that before? – Yeah, yeah! It’s the same thing as the AC, you get a stomach ache.
– No! The fan thing is a superstition, it’s not real! – Oh, I get a stomach ache– – Okay, fan death is a well-known
belief in Korean culture, where it is thought that
running an electric fan in a closed room with unopened or
no windows will prove fatal. Warning of the risks
of nausea, asphyxiation and facial paralysis.
– Nausea! Stomach ache. – It’s all– – It’s linked!
– It’s a superstition. – No, I feel it. – Taking requests, what do you wanna see the food babies eat? Comment below. – Please, no more challenges, God. – I wonder if their like
phrases are still on here. – Should we try to have a conversation? – Yeah!
– Okay. (crowd cheering) (enchanted music) – You’re so my type. – Not sitting this one out. – I can’t let you go. – Too bad, you’re not single. – I won’t wait forever. – Double dare you. – Take me home. – Let’s show them. – On the count of three. – Three, two, one. (laughing)
(bell ringing) – Oh my God, I’m sweating. Okay I have my last bite to… After you finish it’s 20. Cheers. (bell ringing) – 20! (bell ringing) Made it to 20 tacos. We get our next taco fact. – Taco fact! (intense music) – Hey, girls! – Hey, Ned!
– Hey, Ned! (giggling) – Why’re you guy’s laughing? What’s so funny? I’ve been in the fry box. Did you know that the
founder of Taco Bell, Glen Bell Junior, is a direct descendant of Joseph Bell, a medical genius from 1800s who inspired the character of Sherlock Holmes. – What?
– Oh, that’s cool. – That’s so cool. – Like, Sherlock solved
mysteries of murder and they solve the
mystery of how do you make a million different tacos. – That’s true, I mean, they made so many different
types of everything. Remember, what’s that thing with, like taco inside a quesadilla or it was the other way around. – Do you mean one of these bad boys? – They put a crunchy taco–
– Oh, God. – Inside of a soft taco.
– There’s beans in between. – Double the taco, twice the fun. – Thank you, Ned. – Thanks, Ned. – Bye.
– Bye. – Bye. Back into my fry box. – Wow. Oh, I’m so hot. – Oh my God.
– We’re at 20 right now. 10 each. We only eat 10 each so far? 10 sounds so little when
you just say the number, but seeing the size of these tacos, like–
– Yeah, like, That’s a big taco. (sighing) Oh my God. – Some of you asked last time, how is my skin so glowy? It was sweat. – And grease. – So today I didn’t
put any highlighter on, ’cause I knew I was gonna sweat, so if you see me glowing. It’s all sweat, natural.
– It’s free highlighter. (giggling) – It’s so hot. – It’s so hot in here.
– Yeah. – Are you guys hot, or is it just us? – [Cameraman] I think it’s just you. – [Man] It’s a little chilly. – Really?
– [Man] Yeah. – You’re chilly? – [Cameraman] It’s just you guys. – Oh my God, okay.
– Remember we were complaining about how the nuggets were too big? And now, like, compared to this taco.
– Mm-hmm. I’ll have this in one bite. – Oh my gosh. (bell ringing) (bell ringing) – [Cameraman] Hey, YB, I’m gonna actually adjust your chair. You’re kinda… – This is the fun part. It’s not me that’s heavy, it’s the chair. Okay.
– [Cameraman] I know, I know. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – [YB] This one, we’re
definitely struggling earlier, because one taco, I would say, is like five nuggets. – At least, yeah. Yeah, I don’t think Keith
thought about how much bigger a taco is then a nugget. – Help us. (giggling) – [Alex] Oh, hot sauce is hot. (bell ringing) (bell ringing) – Okay. – Okay, I’m gonna try a Diablo sauce. – Yeah, I guess I’ll try it too. – Should we take a shot? – No.
– Let’s do it. – No.
– YB, do it. – I already had a tequila shot. – For the content, YB! – Okay, can I at least
like chase with a taco? – If you want to. – Oh, God, why? – Ready? Three, two, one. (bouncy music) Oh, it’s hot! Oh my God, it’s hot. – Oh!
– Oh my God! Oh my God, it’s so hot.
– It’s so hot. (gasping)
(fast-paced rock music) – It really hurts. Do your ears hurt? Now you’re red. – Am I red? (laughing) (somber music) (sighing) This is so much more painful
than the nugget video. And I didn’t think it would get worse. – I’m sweating. Oh my God. (sighing) – [YB] What’s more painful is seeing– – [Alex] There’s so much left. – [YB] So much left. Nuggets we at least were
able to see a dent forming. This one, I don’t even see it. – Oh. (bell ringing) It tastes like beans, but there aren’t even beans in here. You swallow it? – Not yet. Did you? – Mm-hmm. (giggling) – Oh my God! I don’t like this anymore. (sighing) – I really feel like I need to lay down, but there’s just tomatoes everywhere. (sighing) (groaning) I’m so full. You got some sour cream. – [YB] I feel worse than the nuggets. – [Alex] Yeah, I can’t open my eyes. (bell ringing) Oh my God. (giggling) – We’re at thirty. (sighing) – Fact. – Next fact. (intense music) – Whoa! Hello, Food Babies! – Hey, Zach.
– Hey, Zach. – How are you feeling? – Not good. – Fine. – Well maybe this will
make you feel better. Did you know that Taco
Bell’s sauces can be used to clean dirty pennies? – Oh my God, we just at a whole packet of sauce. – Wait, how do you clean the pennies? – I bet, like, the sauce just has so much chemicals and spice in it–
– Oh God. – It cleans the copper. – Maybe you should both drink
some clean for your throats. Always helps me. Keep it up, you’re almost there! This is my favorite show
and you’re my best friends! – Bye, Zach.
– Bye. We’re not almost there. Are you kidding me. – We’re not even half way there. Should we take a break?
– Yeah. – Okay, we’re gonna go take
a break for a little bit and have some more Red Bull. (sighing) – [Cameraman] Oh, my, are you guys okay? – No.
– No. – All right, guys, we’re back from our break. It’s late. – I’m not doing great. I really thought the break would help, but I feel just as bad as when I left. I think I’m gonna do one more taco, I think that’s all I
can finish for tonight, before I get really sick. – I’ll do one more with you
and then I’ll see how I feel. – Okay, I’m gonna roll this up too. – Yeah, rolling up really helps. Keith DMed me, asked how I was going. I said we’re dying. – This is my last bite. This will take us to 31. I have no idea how many I’ve eaten, but I’m done. (bell ringing) – Yay. (grunting) (laughing) It never gets old. Okay. (bell ringing) Okay, one more. – You gonna do one more?
– One more. Our very last taco that we’re eating, today. As tradition, I will dedicate this taco
to The Try Guys and Alex and this ones big, so I can’t eat five tacos, obviously, I’m gonna do each bite. My hands shaking already. (giggling) – [Alex] Oh my God, it is. – Okay, I’m fine. (giggling) For Eugene. – To Eugene, you’re the most beautiful
drag queen we’ve ever seen. (lighthearted music) – Ned. – To Ned, ’cause you have a hot wife. (laughing) – Zach. – To Zach and your fresh head of hair. (mumbling) – Oh my God. – As it’s falling apart
and my hand’s shaking, Keith. – To Keith, ’cause you also have a hot
wife and you eat all the menus. I feel like ground beef is gonna start coming out of your nose. – And my last bite. To Alex, who doesn’t believe that AC can give you a stomach ache. Well you have a stomach ache now. (laughing) Love you. – Woo! Okay, so we made it to 33. It’s definitely not 40 and
it’s definitely not 100, but it is what it is. So Keith bring us our last taco fact. (intense music) – Hey, Food Babies! – Hey, Keith.
– Hey, Keith. – Well it looks like the Food Babies really
gave it their all, huh? – We really did.
– We tried. – So fun fact for you Food Babies. Did you know that the Taco Bell chihuahua, the, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” chihuahua, actually also
stared in Legally Blonde 2 as Bruiser’s mom? Did you know that? – So it wasn’t Legally Blonde 1? And it wasn’t even Bruiser? It was Bruiser’s mom.
– It was his mom. – We’ll take it. – Wow, Food Babies. You know, your goal was 100 tacos, but I’m pretty impressed with 33 tacos. It’s a lot of tacos. – Yeah, next time, we’re gonna have to have a third person, ’cause this is too much. – Yeah, Keith, you try this next time
and see how you feel, ’cause this is not cool. Bye. – Whoa! (laughing) – We’re mad at you! So you know, as tradition, since we failed again. We will eat the rest of the
tacos throughout the week, maybe share with our
coworkers a little bit. – Yeah, again, it will not go to waste. We are committed to
finishing all 100 tacos. – Roll the montage. (rhythmic upbeat music) (crowd cheering) (energetic rock music) – Thank you guys for
supporting Food Babies and we will continue to eat. Oh, God.


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