Welcome to the Paranormal Town of Black Hollow! An interview on the Hangin With Web Show

Welcome to the Paranormal Town of Black Hollow! An interview on the Hangin With Web Show

hello World Wide Web welcome back to the hanging with web show on GW papa sure and look at this we are hanging out with everybody's pop pop a hand up as I go over your names okay ready Robbie all right Grayson Miller there she is JC Layne jennifer Widmore sharyland there's trouble right there pasady O'Connor that's right guy though again I'm GW pound mature and we are the hanging with live show we are at Space Coast book lovers in Cape Canaveral Florida amazing convention this weekend everybody yeah this is the world of black hollow this is a shared universe okay who wants to tell everybody what the world the black hollow is about I don't even know who's here with me anymore there's a better-than-average chance that after the interviews over none of us will be able to stand up off the floor yeah this this could be a slumber party you're just gonna stay until we're able to get up so okay so Robbie – I can't see go so it actually started out we were writing in an anthology for unusual shifter so I did a gargoyle and ended up falling in love with the character and so I talked to Sherry Lynn and we decided let's make up this town and just make it all paranormals it's you know it's crazy as we can make it and then we just said why not invite our friends to write in it as well and now it's become this really huge thing that you know takes a lot of coordination everything else this is yeah there's a lot of writers here courting a lot of different things you wrote a gargoyle shifter I did okay and so who's responsible for the sort of the layout of the town I'm sharing a good map together okay yeah share you what what what who did you bring to the party I bought a mummy you brought a mummy yeah and he's a clothing designer cuz you know he knows cloth come on come on well you know mine actually deals with leprechauns who run a bank into the rainbow bank the time in this town of irony I have dragons and a siren and the Dragons owned rocky diamonds their fire makes the diamond their fire makes the diamond oh I gotcha okay and then two dragons and sirens sirens because that's gonna be a good combo she sings them in I wanted to do something a little different so I did ssam bees but they're not reanimated their first humans something a little different are you making fun of my mummy you have a town where the Yeti owns the ice all right so they're not they're not living dead pretty they're cursed people they as they age they end resembling the zombies that we know in popular culture but they own the Italian restaurant just called them rotten meatball yeah Robbie rotten meatball that's what they did who they're named after you know rotten meatball day on the Italian restaurant and and as they age they get more zombie like yep yeah so sort of like the rest of us okay oh yeah was this what do we got here yeah hold on do we had to get you a mic okay we gotta pass this stuff around I did I was so over equipped when I started today know what I was gonna do with all this stuff and now I'm passing around a mic my characters a necromancer that knows the mortuary watch out for her guy let you got leprechauns running the bank now leprechauns are not known for letting us withdraw their there they're more more friendly hi drinking the cleric ons are actually the didn't see that coming did you YouTube I know if you're on YouTube you're on Russia's social media – and you're on Facebook which means you read Bobbi's Ravi Cox posts and so you saw that coming Jamison was there I have a note here that's coming this is the Yeti owns the ice cream shop oh it gets worse than that that's cannibalism all right having then go around real quick okay I can see what the most fun parts of writing a shoe that's pretty obvious but what is it what are the challenges in writing in a in a shared universe let's go ahead start over here just making sure that your because mine can move towards the end okay first round making sure that I represent their characters in each one of your tales here are the other characters oh yes yes so you're trying consistency trying to keep their characters okay Robbie how about you what's what's been the challenge writing in this kind of assure you see one guy in five feet the I think the biggest challenge is the different writing styles of everybody the different pacing of everybody some are more detailed than others I'm a very detailed person what does this person look like person so what should the work that you do on your own centers around the interpersonal relations and interactions of people what's it right what's it like to write characters in your book that are interacting with all their characters well I think a lot of the times with me personally I'm their care you guys have makers everybody's coming in well their characters come in as like side characters so they pop in you said to the restaurant stuff like that and my characters are still the main focus on my stories I think each of them do the same thing we mention them we have we know their backstory so we can mention it the stories to help other people go find it but I really as long as I don't do something that they didn't intend on doing okay likes pretty yes like when they created the world I wanted to know okay what did the restaurant look like and of course many women do have very different perspectives on life so you are sherry how about you what's the challenge of writing in a shared universe like this well we have a Bible for the places by the people and try and get everybody for all the characters in there and all the places and keep it up to date so the next person could start logistics trying to get everybody to know what everybody else is doing at that moment trying to release a book every two months one of us it's like so we're writing as they're writing and we want to read it and keep so we can how many books are we up to right now seven released yesterday No eight eight because you did too first you do the prequel count to eight awesome Cassady how about you challenges big challenges don't say my name Robby on behalf of Robby and the species putting y'all on mute is sort of just what we do on Facebook we can get away with it so do the more high-level stuff so I have I try to make sure the website stay up to date and then we have the Facebook page and then we created this reporter in town and he interviews the characters before their books comes out so I write that blog as him and then post it cool so yeah it's just I kind of keep the more high level stuff and it's just making sure hey guys can you think of some sweet had a pet wash that happened so we add the Yeti they didn't want to let him into the pet wash but they let him finally and we have the werewolf they've rolled around in something and she was actually no you're not getting near my water way I can see werewolves as pets in this case because all of the actual shifters are more like they were in the butcher shop and they go to the 10th place – they got smelly they got our pets can't only shops ok Grayson how about you your biggest challenge writing in a shirt for me it's layout like if I'm trying to write walking down the road I have to make sure everything is there so I can't tell you many times I went back to the most mad to figure out where we were and where will you let go that's cool yeah that's my fault cheap I would only buy two mics I think because of like Robbie said the writing sales but some of us write a lot more erotic than others guys you guys already know Grayson right yeah yeah I think trying to watch everybody so it's the same kind of no levels this entire conference can say the word dick without thinking about research or Julie Morgan who's back there causing trouble behind the camera interchange so yeah so you're just matching that seemingly heat because we don't really want a whole lot in this world but you have to have some spice so hey i spiced mine down and then I was told these guys were like what yeah it's time for me three exes 2 to r 2x – yeah is that going I'm already down to like xx – you don't put any sauce on the wings they're just wings no in between the other issue either Robbie or I are commenting on that [Laughter] keep going cuz you have to the other issue is somebody's characters likes to take potshots at everybody else my next books out in December and he's gonna get it back now whose do you brought the yesterday okay in one order here who's next and I'm riding a merman and a hippocampus hippocampus like that's a part of the body not an actual like there wait a minute never my body but you don't get to weigh in uh okay what are you right now I have the October story it's gonna be on the story of a jack-o-lantern stingy Jack stingy Jack stingy Jack actual folklore uh who's next after it Robbie that would be me in December in December I'm doing the witch who owns a candy shop that comes from originally Salem it was kicked out yeah you got a wig got kicked out of Salem yeah she's got bad chocolate those brownies are going down what kind of brownies bring about this who's next I'm in February you're in February I'm doing King and Hitchcock that are introduced in this okay and then they will have their love interest who is after somebody said yesterday and none I might actually you had none yeah she didn't even know the word of them didn't even know what the word none me all or none and she's got all and that brings us over here okay well we're gonna got mics well we got mics next April and I'm thinking I'm gonna be doing a cupid cupid she got all sweet right after you're not was deflowered and she awesome this is a crazy town these are crazy people these are hanging with web shows favorite authors and we love you guys for coming back on the show guys thank you so much guys we're gonna drop links down below so you can check out all the books that are already out and look for the schedules and the websites and the social media presence so you could find out what's coming up next we've got to wrap it up we're gonna thank our partners and Friends a famous faces in funny Space Coast comics in the originals live J Bower our Josh Bower over there is a fantastic artist cobbler Emporium or set-pieces back here embellish effects for keeping cosplay Michael happy enough to not drive us crazy fox wood wine company for our amazingly comfortable chairs which we don't get to use I need 187 more chairs uh and our great friends and hearts helping others in Central Florida and Krypton radio thank you guys so much for sharing these videos on the world wide web you please share these amazing authors check out these books amazing projects when these guys come together and do something fantastic we have been hanging out with Cassidy kay O'Connor we have been hanging out with Sherry Lynn and Jennifer Wedmore and Jacy Lane Chris and Miller and of course Ravi Cox who has the distinct privilege of trying to be the guy standing between all of these he loves every minute guys it's the world of black hallo check out the books check out the links log on tune in and see who were hanging with next

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