West Wing Week 06/13/14 or, “I Am Hip To All These Things”
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West Wing Week 06/13/14 or, “I Am Hip To All These Things”

Narrator: Welcome to the
West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s
happening at 1600 Pennsylvania
Avenue and beyond. The President: Tomorrow
I’m going to do a student loan Q&A with Tumblr to
help spread the word. You’re laughing, because
you think, what does he know about Tumblr? (laughter) Narrator: It’s
June 6th to June 12th. The President: But you
don’t recall that I have two teenage daughters — Narrator: “I’m hip to all these things.” The President: — so that
I am hip to all these things. (laughter) The Narrator:
Our story begins in Normandy where the
President began his West Wing Week by commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The President: And in
their memory, those who returned home from war
were driven to live their lives the best they could,
raising families and helping build the
American century. Today a new generation
of troops, the 9/11 generation, carries
on that tradition. Some of them have come to
Normandy today, and as this time of war comes to
an end, and our troops come home, I hope
every American will join me in honoring their service,
just as we do the generations before. The Narrator: That event
was the capstone of the President’s week-long
visit to Europe. Our Monday began with the
President making his way to the Blue Room to meet
with students before signing a presidential
memorandum to reduce the burden of student
loan debt. The President: Yeah, I get
a little nervous before these things, but
hopefully I’ll be okay. The Narrator: In the East
Room the President laid out his latest initiative
to help young Americans pay off their
student loan debt. After signing the memo,
the President then took some time in the Blue
Room to meet with the University of Connecticut
men’s and women’s basketball teams, who’d
been invited to the White House to celebrate
their national championships. The President: All right, let’s go talk to your fans. The Narrator: The last
time both the men’s and women’s basketball program
from the same university were invited to the White
House was back in 2004. The school? UConn. On Tuesday, the President
and Vice President Biden started the day by meeting
with members of Congress before signing the
Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014. WRRDA, as the act is
referred to, authorizes the construction of
34 Army Corps of Engineers water resources projects,
including maintaining our waterways and expanding
our major ports. Immediately after signing
that bill, the President authorized the
Congressional Gold Medal to be awarded to Puerto
Rico’s 65th Infantry Regiment for its
pioneering military service, devotion to duty,
and many acts of valor. (applause) The Narrator:
Afterwards, the President sat down with former first
daughter Jenna Bush Hager for a Father’s
Day interview for NBC. The two talked about a
wide range of issues dealing with fathers and
their role in the American family. The President also took
the opportunity to wish a very happy 90th birthday to her grandfather, former president George H. W. Bush. The busy morning prompted
the President to head out across the river to grab
lunch with Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The President: You
got cheddar cheese? Male Speaker: We do. The President: Let me have
a cheddar cheese burger — The President:
Good to see you. How are you? (inaudible) Hey,
how you doing? She’s perfect. Good job. You can’t beat daughters. The Narrator:
The President then headed back to the White House to
take part in that Tumblr event he was hip to. He met with Tumblr CEO
David Karp before the event for a brief chat. The President: A GIF. I’m all on top of it. The Narrator: With that,
the two took to the stage in the State Dining Room
to answer questions submitted through Tumblr. The nearly hour-long
discussion focused on education, student
loans, and some personal anecdotes from
the President. (laughter) The President:
All right, where do you want me? Right here? Is this my spot? The Narrator: Wednesday
was Worcester Tech Day, where the President
delivered the commencement address and congratulated
the graduates at Worcester Technical High
School, which implemented cutting edge vocational programs
in just the last few years to transform itself
from one of the lowest performing schools in the state to a Department of Education
Blue Ribbon School. Thursday was Harvest Day
when the First Lady joined local students and school
nutrition directors from across the country to make
and enjoy salads made from this year’s summer crop from the White House kitchen garden. Meanwhile, inside the Oval
Office, the President was meeting with Prime
Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, and then
with the WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx to honor
the team in their victory in the WNBA finals. You can find out more
information about any of these topics or see
complete videos of these events at whitehouse.gov. Thanks, and stay tuned for
next week’s West Wing Week when the VP goes
to the World Cup. David Karp: Oh, did
you see the GIF? It went up? First of all, there was an
executive order; it’s a GIF now, so he made the
decision, just so you know. The President: A GIF. I’m all on top of it. David Karp: There is. So you’ve made
up your mind? It’s GIF? The President: That is
my official position. (laughter) David Karp:
All right, it’s done. We’re going with it. The President: I mean, I
pondered it a long time. I think that one’s
going to work. David Karp: Yes. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: All right. (music playing)

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