What Are They So Proud Of? - The Whirlpool

What Are They So Proud Of? – The Whirlpool

welcome back to the whirlpool where fibs and fabrications are pulled under a drowned I'm Michael Worley here we are again it's June and our eyes are assaulted from all directions by rainbows rainbows rainbows it can only mean one thing Pride Month but what are they so proud of are they proud of their sinful lifestyle which they practice in flagrant disregard of the will of our Heavenly Father are they proud of the way they've transformed our once-great country into a nation of debauched degenerates are they proud of ruining Star Trek or is it something much more sinister it's no coincidence that the symbol chosen by these sickos is the rainbow all faithful Christians especially members of the one true church know the story of the rainbow but for you voyeuristic heathens lurking out there it goes something like this a few thousand years ago mankind was a lot like it is today decadent hedonistic lewd shameless mankind had rejected God replaced him at the center of life with lustful pursuits so God decided to do something about it he flooded the earth drowning everything except for that which was preserved on a single Ark and when the waters subsided and the ark came to rest upon dry land God made a promise to never again flood the earth and God said as it is written in Genesis chapter 9 verse 13 I will set my bow in the clouds and it will be the sign of a covenant between me and between the earth in other words God invented the rainbow to signify his promise to not kill everyone again and the gays have deliberately chosen it as their symbol and do the same thing with the rainbow that they do with everything else wave it in our faces are you tired of living in a world that tells you to be ashamed of the way that God made you the time has come to stand up raise your hands lift your voice and declare to the whole world I am not ashamed join us for the first-ever wilkes-barre straight Pride Festival because there's no reason we can't be proud of who we are too sponsored by the one true church and your friends at the green town union of national socialists they think they're safe they think that because God promised not to flood the earth ever again that they can taught him not only with their sexual proclivities which are gross but by appropriating his very own symbol the rainbow but they haven't read our Heavenly Father's Word as carefully as they should have have they if they had they would know that while God did promise to never again flood the earth and God always keeps his promises he did not promise to never again and force his divine and wrathful judgment God never again flooded the earth it's true the next time he destroyed a large human population it wasn't the whole planet merely a couple of cities and he didn't use water he used brimstone and fire think about that the next time you march in one of your pride parades God only promised he wouldn't drown you so unless that feather boa you're wearing is made of asbestos I've watched my step thankfully not every institution and our culture has bent over for the gay agenda there are still those who are willing to stand up to these pushy perverts and even use their own tactics against them for example YouTube the very website you are watching right now has recently confirmed that homophobic hate speech does not violate its community guidelines and is welcome on this platform and just so there would be no misunderstanding as to where YouTube's loyalties lie they made this confirmation during Pride Month while their website mockingly displays rainbow imagery and claims to be supportive of gays and transgenders very funny well played YouTube and on behalf of right-thinking individuals such as myself thank you it's good to know you're on our side for the whirlpool I'm Michael Worley you


  • pointless opinion

    As a Haired-American I find this very offensive! Do what you like but your not using our bathroom…..

    It's the one in the barber shop.

  • The Poet Of Fall

    This is almost a perfect parody, but your phrasing is a bit off. Someone in this mindset, which I know you're parodying, would never use the term "climate change" they'd say "global warming". (That also adds some good irony, since global warming would cause more flooding. Ie more blatantly than the other term). Edit: Wait, the graphics are sarcastic, can't say that makes sense to me, I mean they wouldn't sarcastic be on a tv broadcast.

  • Tiger Style

    Next we come take back the swastika. It will be hilarious when fascists are confused about the black clad counter protesters with big rainbow swastikas on their hoodies 😂

  • Osiris Malkovich

    I had never heard of Wilkes-Barre before this series. I'm certain now that I never want to go there for any reason.

  • JohnnyTheWolf

    Now, why would the One True Church associate itself with National Socialists? I mean, they have "socialist" in their name!

  • Perplexia X

    What's wrong with being Gay? or Bi? or Trans? or Cis? Aren't we all just People? Can't we all just… get along?

  • The Raddest Scorpion

    Every time someone says "gay agenda", I always think of a book with a time schedule filled with things like "9am through 11am: be gay as heck" or "don't forget the gay on Sunday" underlined three times.
    Because if the gay agenda isn't that, then it's obviously a conspiracy theory that gay people want to "convert" non-gay people into being gay, which is not only homophobic on the face of it, but it's also homophobic in that it presumes sexual orientation is an choice.

  • Joe Hinkle

    Is there actually a Steve Shives, I mean, Michael Vortex straight pride parade? I’d go for the lolz 🏳️‍🌈

  • Jason Knott

    How many innocent babies, including unborn ones, were killed in the flood? Ballpark figure. Millions? Was it okay because their parents were sinners? If so, abortion should be legal for sinners. And since only a vile, murderous sinner would want an abortion, anyone wanting one should be allowed to have one. Right?

  • None Defense

    all this pride is making me feel like having inappropriate sex acts with men. Thank God for you Michael! your weekly reminders are the only thing keeping me from tasting the forbidden rock hard throbbing fruit.

  • Troubleshooter125

    Mostly, Mikey, I think they're real proud that they don't really give a flying fuck about anything you have to say.

    As for flooding the earth, have you seen what's been going on in the Plains States lately?

  • Kazi Siddiqui

    I'm worried the wealthy are actually planning to use the coming environmental crisis to reestablish theocracy with themselves as the new feudal lords. Online conservatives are such incredibly low IQ chuds, it's not obvious that wouldn't work, eg: https://youtu.be/VOqbdOHWlbk

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