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That’s what happens when I make fun of Fumito Got myself a pigeon feather! Today is Johnny’s WEST, yes! JWEST, just like Kanjani8 are all from the Kansai region and were part of Kansai Johnny’s Jr And as they’re from Kansai, the region located more west of Tokyo They’re Johnny’s from the West, so their name is… And voila. Gramps Johnny’s outdid himself again to find a name The JWEST story is quite original, they were initially around 7 members, 4 of which were picked in order to debut as a group and finally, in April 2014, the 3 members were added back to debut with 7 members Some like me would say this is a touching story, others might think it’s just a marketing strategy What happened really? Marketing-san? Minion-kun, what’s up? Hi You don’t look good I’m bringing a memo from Manager-san, about JWEST JWEST4 No, JWEST. Oh my, You haven’t heard? Here’s the memo “JWEST4 becomes JWEST,” “and they’re 7,” “lol.” I know, isn’t it… FFS man, heads-up maybe? I know, it’s beautiful! What do you mean 7? I already started all the promo with 4 members! You think this is easy?! Fuck, man They went from 7 to 4 and then went crying to Manager-san and Gramps Johnny to get their friends back and now they’re altogether to debut with 7 members! Say again? This friendship, this commitment, it touches my soul… That, is AWESOME What? Minion-kun do you not understand? Do you realise how much money we can make with that story? What the hell? If you’re already crying like a bitch… I don’t cry… Yes, you do Really? I swear you’re crying like a virgin maiden about to get married Now imagine the fans! …No? No, no no no! Man, they’re good! They’re fucking good! Tell Manager-san I’m on it, you’ll get a press release in the hour (Marketing-san, please…) I’m on FIRE! On fire, baby! AWESOME Fuck What I think make JWEST just as great as K8 is their onstage skits and MCs The skits and play are hilarious, the MCs are madcap, it’s something they really worked on Their melody can be divided between 50% of fun and 50% of serious, basically there’s no middle ground It’s either crazy or swagilicious To me, JWEST is one of these Johnny’s group that could debut on the K-pop scene because they have the looks, the sound and the choreo With Domoto Koichi as their Manager I’m not giving up I know, in terms of choreo they’re not on HSJ level but they’re higher than KT, and KT went to perform in Korea! At the time…. Ok let’s start with: aka Fatty It’s not me saying, it’s Japan I personally think he’s the only one with a normal weight Akito is our screaming sow He’s like Subaru, the one screaming in the mic, Generally harmony and rap parts are well split between the members but Akito tends to scream way more than the 6 others With his BFF Nakama Junta (more about him later) Akito was part of a duo called B.A.D They got noticed mainly for their role in Gokusen 3 He’s our clown, he’s loud, I mean they all are, they’re Kansai people But he takes his role to heart, especially his Harapeko side Everyone makes fun of his weight so he turned it into a joke Drama-wise, Akito is mostly know for Gokusen but also for Asa ga Kita JWEST are often appearing in SC and Akito is sharing the MC with ABC-Z’s Fumito We also secretly think that Akito is gay as he tends to run after the members The running joke being his suspicious behavior I believe he’s been in a relationship with Junta the whole time. Wut? aka The old man. Jk, but he’s the eldest Junta is kinda a hidden leader, as the eldest of the group he’s trying to keep the herd in order Yes, they’re very agitated, Junta might seem calmer but you’d be fooled Junta has the role of Tsukkomi In Japanese comedy called manzai there are 2 roles: Tsukkomi and Boke Boke being the one goofing around and Tsukkomi the one yelling to point the mistakes If you watch JWEST and notice one shouting at the others, that’s Junta I know what you’re thinking: he has fat lips It’s ok, everyone is already making jokes about it so you can join the fun JWEST is ruthless. I find that Junta is the love child of SMAP’s Shingo and Tatsuya Ueda I like that Kami-chan to me is the one who can do everything: dancing, singing, acting, impersonation He’s hilarious when impersonating Kame, I just *smack* I love it Best Kame ever Kami-chan is a bit of a fashionista, his look is always flashy, very colorful, lots of accessories He’s also changing his hairstyle the most He’s also acrobat in the band, so jumping around a lot Maybe he’s compensating for being short And it’s working wonders to me In Japanese Kami means “God” and for me, he really is living by his divine name Kami-chan is also the group’s mum, he’s doing the laundry and cooking for the members when touring Maybe the one caring the most and therefore the one everyone loves He’s just perfect, Ok! For me, he has one of the prettiest voice in the group He can be MC, the goofy one, the warm up act, he has a great dynamic with Akito and are very funny together He’s a Joker, you can put him in every position (rap, dance, singing) and he’ll do great adapting I think he’s the second screaming sow and he’s also the second acrobat Only 2 can do that: a tall and a small one. The tall one is Hama-chan Basically Hama-chan is multifunction, he’s our good guy Like Kami-chan and Ryusei (more about him later) was part of the 3 members that were added back before the group’s debut Wouldn’t be the same without him! Next member Nozomu is our big baby, don’t get fooled by his height I know, he’s very tall but he’s the youngest, barely 20 y/o Therefore, Nozomu needs a lot of attention From the members, the audience and the camera! He’s a bit of a brat He needs to play with everyone all the time and it’s hysterical However, the group has a funny side and a swaggy side In Swag mode, Nozomu will be our Sexy Bitch Looking good Like many Sexy Bitches, he may slightly be narcissistic But having a lot of self-mockery, he balances everything out so we let it go With short hair, he has ears that stick out Hey, I didn’t make Pink Elephant up! Next member Careful! Don’t mix him up with this Shige I know: confusing, considering they’re both gorgeous but they’re different! Shige is the naughty kid. On stage he looks very serious, passionate, swag Often in the middle because he’s shorter, he has a great face and looks like Ranma 1/2 And I loved Ranma Saotome, I had a massive crush on him! Now, backstage Shige likes to annoy everyone. Basically, Nozomu is annoying on stage and Shige takes over backstage And we forgive because… look at this smile! That adorable mouth full of teeth! First time I saw him I thought “Hey, he looks like Massu but is called Shige”..! When he speaks his voice is quite high pitch and twangy, he can get on your nerves and it contrasts with his singing voice: very soft, smooth, you almost can’t hear him We’d get along really well. With Akito too. Very loud, they never shut up, and both Virgo… like me. Explains a lot! And finally: aka Dopey! Ryusei is easy to spot: you have 2 tall guys called Twin Towers One is Nozomu, the other is Ryusei. They’re usually in each other’s pocket When he shuts up, Ryusei is the cool guy, very classy, dresses up nicely, very popular by the way He’s like.. Heyyy! Now when he opens his mouth….brace yourself All the members make fun of him because he’s er…not the sharpest knife He’s the group’s simpleton. Doesn’t mean he’s stupid. He’s not. He’s like Aiba in Arashi He tried to fight against it, then quickly gave up because 1) the members don’t care and 2)… It was this or nothing, so he accepted his fate Ryusei, with Nozomu, are the 2 ikemen, they’re the visual that will sell the band But… And I speak only for myself He’s the least handsome You always need that one member to make fun of For me it’s Ryusei I’m not even sorry, I love him for this. Plus, it’s easy because he’s giving me the stick to hit! In my defense, all JWEST members are doing the same so I’m joining the fun because otherwise they’d get upset JWEST didn’t split the roles based on who’s doing harmonies or rapping, they usually switch but I find that Ryusei tends to rap more than the others I personally think his solos are the best, it’s exactly the style that I love. Same for his clothes I love his style. Every time, I think that Junta has the worst look ever and Ryusei has the best one It compensates, you see! There you go! I hope you enjoyed this video, Let me know in the comments what you thought of it Before you ask: Yes, I’ll do Kisumai and yes I’ll do HSJ I won’t do Sexy Zone, I’m very sorry but it’s a lot of work to prepare I have to watch TV shows, interviews, backstage and making of I’m very sorry but Sexy Zone is not for me. Maybe later, I’ll find time to take care of them! If you liked the video remember to give it a thumbs up and to share it For last week’s video, it’s right here! Still available on social media: TW, FB, IG. Links are in the description along with a link to the Playlist if you want to watch What is KT, Arashi, NEWS, K8 and the Top 10 of JWEST’s songs Of course, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s video! That’s it for me this week, see you soon~


  • Alechan STF

    Kami-chan que je nomme Kami-sama est mon favori ! Il me fait penser à Yasu ! Mon second est Non-chan !!! Et mon top 3 fini avec Kiriyama !

  • Aurélie Vidrequin

    On est trop âmes soeurs sur Shige haha! J'étais aussi in love de Ranma plus jeune j'avais dessiner sa tête sur un coussin et tout, et maintenant que tu les a matché c'est la révélation , tout est lié mdrr
    Après je pense que Hamada en therme de victime il est pas mal aussi 🙂 En vrai ils se tapent tous autant dessus les un que les autres!
    C'est mon groupe préféré en tout cas!

  • emie demhaye

    XDDD l'intro ma tuée perso leur histoire elle m'a fait chialer a mort <3
    mon petit akito chou jle trouve pas gros du tout xD pour moi il a la plus belle voix du groupe
    MAIS OUI OUI OUI évidement que akito sort avec junjun le junkito c'est la vie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    ahhhhh mon junta le meilleurs le plus chou le plus beau le plus 😍😍😍 mon pti papy xD c'est la victime aussi xD toute les blague c'est pour lui mdr et dans les mukashibanashi il déchire en présentateur (j'adore ce corner)
    mon petit kamichou Chui d'accord il a tout pour lui ce mec <3 ces imitations xDDD j'aime trop tu a vu la grand mere dans le mukashibanashi blanche neige ???? il est juste mortel 😂😂😂😂
    hamada il est mortel jle kiff (je les aime tous xD) il c'est vachement améliorée en chant je trouve et il est mortel pour faire rire (une fois encore je te renvoie au mukashibanashi mais les 3 petit cochon xDDD quand ils traduit le parler cochon 😂😂😂😂😂)
    Nozomu Chui moins fan mais il est chou xD par contre niveaux chant des fois il merde 😂😂😂
    shige il déchire xD parfois il a une voix horrible en parler je suis d'accord mais en chant il est mortel
    ryuseiiiiii jle kiff j'adore son rap jle trouve chou mdr et j'aime bien quand il parle jle trouve trop mignon xD 😚😚😚😍😍😍
    ah la la mes petit johnny's west je les aime tellement

    merci pour cette vidéo Chui tellement contente je l'attendais a fond hihihihi
    ce groupe est tellement chou que j'aime tout tout tout 😙😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ophelie Bureau

    J'adore, merci comme toujours.
    Alors moi les West pour le moment ça passe pas vraiment … Je les croise souvent dans les émissions de musique mais j'arrive pas à accrocher :s
    Je ne connais que Nozomu pour avoir traduit un drama et un SP avec lui et j'avoue que de ce côté là, j'aime bien son jeu !

    Ah idée de sujet : Pourquoi pas faire des vidéos en début de saisons sur les futurs drama à venir avec des johnny's ? Et aussi parler du duo spécial kama/yamapi qui va revenir ça peut être sympa si tu n'as pas de sujet (je ne doute pas que tu croules sous les idées de vidéo !! lol )

  • despair chicken

    thank you so much for doing this!! I always find your "what is [blank]" videos hilarious af and I was shaking when I saw you did one for my all time favourite group ♡
    and keep up the good work!! excited to see the other groups in the future~

  • crispadilha

    omg! i agree with so many things in this video!! i must come back later and comment properly!! but one thing i MUST say: YES! SHIGE! I THOUGHT EXACTELY THE SAME THING FIRST TIMEI SAW HIM!!! (it means baby shigeoka, in 2009… 2010?) and being a Massu fan… well, of course Daiki is my bias!! <3

  • Aline Fie

    Et bien génial comme toujours !!! Les WEST j'étais pas convaincu au début et puis j'ai vu le making de Yume wo Dakishimete et voilà … en même temps c'est dur de leur résister et puis j'ai vu le VS Arashi où ils étaient invité et ça a fini de me convaincre XD
    Mes chouchoux c'est principalement Akito et Shige (j'ai un truc avec les Shige je crois XD) mais j'adore Hama-chan et Non-chan (surtout depuis Sekai ichi muzukashii koi avec Ohno)
    Et je sais pas si c'est moi mais Kami-chan je trouve qu'il fait très Coréen, genre je sais pas tu le fou au milieu d'EXO physiquement ça passerait il fait moins "japonais" que les autres je trouve XD ou il a juste plus un style polyvalent comme les Coréens je sais pas XD
    En tout cas voilà maintenant je les adore eux-aussi !

    Hâte de voir la vidéo sur les HSJ du coup !
    et petite question est-ce que vous allez rester que sur les Jojo où vous aller faire d'autre groupes JPop hors Jojo ? Je demande parce qu'il y a un ou deux autres groupes masculins que j'aime bien et si jamais vous en faisiez des vidéos dans ce genre ça serait génial ^^

  • ʕ; •`ᴥ• ́ʔ


    Oh wait no, wrong site. hehe. Oops. But nevertheless, brace yourselves for an ass-long comment because 'm not gonna shut up anytime soon about these dorks. Not at all. Even though I shared my life story at the Top 10 video… ┐( ˘_˘)┌

    Okay, I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with Johnny’s WEST. Maybe a bit more than „a little”. I don’t really know what I like in them. They’re goofy and loud, a bunch of weirdoes, each of them different than the other, but at the end of the story, they’re seven guys who treasure each other and the fans as their family. And I think that’s what I love the most.

    Honestly, they were the group I tried to avoid as much as possible when I came back from the fandom-hiatus I had for a few years. They were everywhere, everyone seemed to hype them, Twitter was full with them (it was around the time when I came back, that they got their own Twitter account, being the first and only Johnny’s idol group to have a Twitter account), so… They were a big no-no. Bad decision, bia, bad decision. You can clearly see where I ended up…. u_u

    And then, when they're not actually obsessed with their one-sided, criminal love and all that stuff (that…. 10% of time? even less?), they give us life lessons. Like, what is good food, how we all should fight for our dreams with all our might, and….. The first 26 digits of pi!! Because everyone needs to know that. Good guy JWEST!(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ (Let's not forget Mukashibanashi. BEST. EVER.)

    (I may or may not just copied this from the JWEST Pimp post I wrote and I talked about before. ISTG I'll post it soon. Just… life orz)

    Also. God bless our holy trinity! ♥ KamiNonTa♥

    AND NOW. MEMBER TIME. I'll just go by the flow I guess… hums along with I got the FLOW

    Junta – dsajdkbkasjdnksanflhaskdajhndkandkashajdbabk!!!! Okay, honestly. I never thought there will be someone I'll love just as much as I love Senga and Nikaido…. and then Junta came and "knocked" on my door… with his whip 。・゜・(。´ノω・`) (And kinda dragged the little elephant with him u_u). He was the first member I initially noticed because of his crown/cape during the beginning of Rakkiiiiiii7. I even remember asking my friends about what the fuck is going on with him lmao. And then, an hour later, TAMER came and mind=blown. I just love him so much I'm????? And I'm pretty sure I'd love him even more if I had a link to his 10k characters interview. (his is the only one i didn't find anywhere, and since I had such an ugly cryfest when I read Kamichan's and Akito's… yeah. ;_; ) To me, he's just perfect. With his lips and ridiculous hats and jorts. #TeamJunta

    Nozomuruns around in circles, screeching "non-chan" endlessly Oh. Oh… Excuse me. The thing is that I tend to forget myself and go all over the place every time something new gets posted about him (screenshots, pictures, scans whatever), that people often think Kotaki is my bias. Well. They're almost right. He's just a veeeeeeeery little behind Junta. There's literally an invisible distance between them. He's such a mystery to me. He has the looks that makes you drop your panties (no need to fight against it, it's a fact), he's awesome on stage, performing… Then once the music stops and all, he just transforms into an awkward five-years-old camera shy baby <3 I love him so much aaaaah ;_; I'm only 6months older than him, but I want to adopt him sooooo much and spoil him with everything he wants ;___; MY CHILD 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

    Kamichan – Holy shit, angels are real. I have an evidence. It's Kamichan. Honestly have you ever seen anything more cute and pure than him in that Lovely Xmas performance? With his little fluffy jacket and ushanka? Kamichaaaan ♥ And ofc, Kamipachi-sensei. ISTG Kamichan is a genius. He deserves all the love in this world. So sweet and gentle ;_; And I legit cried my eyes away from his 10k interview, it was such a heartbreaking interview, I just wanted to go ahead and hug him and tell him he's a good boy and he's doing things right and he's awesome and the best chibi ever ;_; ♥♥♥♥

    Akito – THE OTHER ASSHOLE WHO MADE ME CRY RIVERS. HONESTLY THEY LOOK LIKE THE MOST STUPID GROUP YOU'VE EVER SEEN AND THEN THEY JUST BREAK YOUR HEART INTO PIECES AND THEN EVEN STEP ON THE PIECES, BREAKING THEM EVEN SMALLER. I'm honestly impressed by Akito's development. How he realized he won't achieve anything if he's such a selfish kid he was and how turned into someone who treasures others more than himself ;___; Pochaaa ;___; And ngl I quite like how him and Junta ended up as BFF after basically hating each other for such a long time. They're such an OTP, I can't anymore. And I honestly love his singing. His screeching speaks to my soul. ♥ (My mom once heard me listening to Summer DREAMER, and when the song reached Akito's "Kakenukete iku night & day naitenaide (…)" line, she just looked at me and said "who's this guy? I trust him so much". AKITO WON MOM'S HEART. Only Yamapi was able to do it so far). And yeah. He's totally gay. Though who wouldn't want to kiss those groupmates. Amrite? I'd kabedon Kamichan anytime anywhere. And accept Nozomu's kisses as well u_u

    Ryusei & Hamachan – Hate to say this but I don't really know too much about them ;__; Aside of the obvious things, like Hamachan's no shoulder thing (that thing with Sho in VSA was hilarious to watch) and such… But I am proud to say I do have a growing interest in Ryusei! We'll see, we'll see. They're such good guys though Idk why I didn't really pay attention about them before ;__;

    Shige – Umm. He totally creeps me out. Mom and I often call him a serial killer because of his smile/grin/behavior. Like, he always looks such a good boy, he always grins like there's no tomorrow, istg that kid is totally up to something. I don't trust him D: Though I like his singing a lot. And his ridiculous pranks. Yup, the phone one especially :DD

    Sorry this turned out as a goddamn novel. If anyone reads this to this point: you're awesome. I'm glad you did so. Thank you for your time you spent on the smaller book I just wrote. ♥

  • Colleen Deruelle

    Junta!!!!! o Hum….
    Le sketch du début est excellent!! xD Tu as bien présenté le groupe je trouve, c'est exactement ça! Junta a vraiment des looks limite parfois. Mais je suis contente de ne pas être la seule à trouver qu'il ressemble Tat-chan…

  • Mi-Tsu-Ko

    Mes bébés <3 Mon groupe préféré, je les aime trop trop trop, pour leurs conneries et leur bonne humeur communicative <3 Je plussoie complètement, Kami-chan est parfait XD Mais mon préféré est Hama-chan, parce qu'il est trop adorable, hilarant, et brave comme moi XD (je suis d'accord, Ryusei aussi est brave, mais pas pareil XD) Mais honnêtement, je les adore tous, y en a aucun que j'aime pas et le groupe serait pas le même s'il en manquait qu'un seul! (Je fais aussi partie des chialeuses qui ont trouvé ça trop émouvant qu'ils passent de 4 à 7 XD)
    Vivement que je retourne au Japon avec ma meilleure amie les revoir <3
    Et très bonne vidéo qui explique très bien qui ils sont à celleux qui les connaissent pas 🙂

  • SaintAntRox

    I don't think it would have been good for Akito to debut in a Kpop group if he indeed gets comments about his weight. I just imagine comments saying, "Control yourself! You are an idol and must watch your figure. Blah blah blah. " I have also read that Yuya (HSJ) tends to mention going on diet. The environment of kpop, I think, would be too much for them.

    I read the other day that the group will have a show on Netflix. Are you going to watch it?

  • LB Cécile

    Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec toi!! Je rajouterai pour Junta qu'il a hérité aussi du côté vestimentaire féminisé de Ueda surtout celui de Eternal avec le chapeau. La ressemblance entre Kami-chan et Yasu-chou est flagrante tant au niveau vestimentaire que de leur façon d'être sur scène. J'ai adoré le sketch de leur premier concert Akito et Hamada sont énormes !!!!! Encore merci pour la vidéo et vive les gens du Kansai !!!! 😀

  • K David

    This is GOLD. I've been watching a few of your videos (like the Top 10 songs. And the KAT-TUN ones) but refrained from sending a comment until now. I can't quite hold back now because THIS IS JOHNNY'S WEST. And I love that group so much. AAAAAAHHH, yes. (let me edit some other time to properly comment sob I a) can't find words and b) have very little time)

    Just popping by (for now) to say that I love this

  • Rika Kazushi

    I had problems with my internet last week and couldn't comment so… commenting now! 😀

    The pigeon feather! XD
    Marketing-san is kakkoii! XDD

    I always thought that Akito sounds like a Subaru-type too! 😀
    Akito in a relationship with Junta…? I think he has a pretty open and bold relationship with Hamada… XD
    I also thought Junta has Ueda's lips XDDD
    Kami-chan really can do just everything! You can't not love him! ♥
    His Kame-impresonation's hilarious!! XD
    I once saw a tv show where Kamiyama and Akito were the guests, and Kamiyama said there that he gets a lot of clothes second-hand from Kanjani's Yasuda, which explains a lot. XD
    (My favorite quote from the show:
    Akito: "I remember that time when he came to work wearing a hideous carpet.."
    Kami-chan: "That's also a clothing I got from Yasuda-senpai…"
    Akito: "Oh! I mean… It was just marvelous! Very fashionable!")
    Finaly someone who understands me!! Hamada's voice is pure gold! ♥___♥
    He was my favorite Kansai junior back then, (together with B.A.D) and when they first announced that Johnny's WEST will be 4 members I was like "Noooooo!!! They have to debut Hamadaaaa!!"
    The pink elephant XDD
    Now when you say that, Shigeoka really reminds of Ranma! XD
    lol The first time I saw Shigeoka I thought he looks like Ryo "XD
    With his creepy smile full of teeth… XD
    Again – Finally someone who thinks like me~ Ryusei is the least handsome in my opinion "XD
    But we love him the way he is 😉

    Oh, I was just about to ask about HSJ and Kisumai videos, thanks for answering my question XD

    Sorry for the long comment! "^^
    The video was absolutely great!!

  • Sabun Chii

    i was hsj's fan and still, but prefer jwest now because they're really great at singing, even making jokes haha. i love them, especially nonchan, his jokes are fresh and crunchy haha.

  • Kokoro NekoPi

    Oh mon dieu je commente cette vidéo que maintenant alors que je la demande depuis plusieurs semaines ?! =O Mais que… que… Honte sur moi ! D= Non en fait je l'ai vu dès sa sortie mais comme j'étais au boulot et en pause, j'ai pas eu le temps de commenter et j'ai complètement zappé entre temps… xD Mais me voilà o/

    – Y a trop d'amour pour les membres des WEST dans Akito, c'est pour ça qu'il est un peu plus "gros" que les autres x) Bébé chat ♥ (ou bébé cochon ♥ x))
    – Maintenant que tu le dis, effectivement y a une ressemblance Junta-Ueda =O Je sais pas ce que Junta a fait aux stylistes mais ils ont pas apprécié du coup ils lui ont donné toutes les tenues merdiques xD
    – Kami-chan est parfait. Et pourtant, allez savoir pourquoi, il n'est pas mon membre préféré. J'aime pas la perfection faut croire… xD
    – La voix d'Hama-chan est magnifique ♥ A chaque fois que les WEST sortent un CD, je suis impatiente juste pour écouter ses parties solos ♥ Et j'a-do-re son rire/sourire ! Haaaaan ♥
    – Nozomu = sale gosse xD Il aime tellement faire chier le monde cet enfant et surtout Akito ! Mais c'est pour ça qu'on l'aime ♥ x)
    – Avant j'avais beaucoup de mal à nommer Shige xD Shigeoka : trop long. Daiki : Nope y en a déjà un dans JUMP. Shige : pareil y en a déjà un dans NEWS. Au final j'avais décidé de l'appeler ShigeDai. Mais comme c'est aussi long que Shigeoka et que tout le monde l'appelle Shige, j'ai fini par me résoudre à l'appeler aussi Shige xD Sa voix m'insupportait au début mais on s'y fait vite~ Et Shige est tellement génial ♥
    – Fujii est le membre avec qui j'ai le plus de mal. En fait, à part son côté BG et idiot (oui ça peut être une qualité u.u), j'arrive pas à lui trouver d'autres qualités et bah ça me bloque >< M'enfin je l'apprécie quand même~

    Les WEST aiment tellement se foutre de la gueule des membres. Y en a pas un qui n'y passent pas xD C'est ce que j'adore chez eux ♥ Rien à foutre d'être des idoles, on a un gros, un petit, un sale gosse, une grosse bouche, un cheval, un idiot et un brailleur xD C'est la foire ce groupe en fait xD

  • SientjeL1

    Bonjour! I am in the process of becoming a fan of JWEST, but it's just so hard to find stuff about them since i am new to jpop. How can I find pictures and music videos I need them in my life

  • Yao Zhu

    I'm a Chinese jpop fan. And I was really amazing to find a jpop fan in other countries except Japan, China or Korea. 😀 I like your videos very much. And I am also becoming a fan of Johnny's west gradually(at first I prefer Arashi and Heysayjump O(∩_∩)O~). And I can not wait to comment your video, because meeting a jpop fan is really exiting!

  • Strong power Thank you

    I’m a new fan to Jpop and I’m finding it super hard to find there songs on YouTube (not live) any tips or tricks for how to find them thanks x (love your channel)

  • rara cool

    That ryusei is the brother to the fuji sisters in egirls, am i right ? There you go the f***ing good genes in family. Hmmm, watching ur video made me think twice to search about them cause they reminded me of those dumbass eito 😏

    Eheh, gotta search them 😆

  • Wendy Lobry

    En remattant la vidéo de What is Kat-TUN (j'adore toujours autant le passage sur Ueda et sa "recherche" de personnage xD) je suis tombée sur celle là que j'avais pas encore regardé! Et ça m'a fait rire quand tu as parlé du mélange pour Junta parce que… bah quand je l'ai vu dans Gokusen, il m'a directement fait penser à Ueda xD Et pareil pour Shige, quand je l'ai vu il m'a fait penser à Masu x) Enfin bref, je suis bien contente d'être tombée sur cette vidéo, ça aurait été une erreur de manquer ça :')

  • Clara Houle

    Comment est-ce que vous êtes si peu connue, c'est vraiment du contenu de qualité !!! Sur une autre note, je suis québécoise et j'étais convainque que vous étiez espagnole ou quelque chose du genre au début, et ça m'a prit un bout pour réaliser que c'était du français ! C'est fou comme les accents différents d'une langue peuvent affecter notre compréhension hahaha ! Encore une fois, super vidéo ! xxxx

  • Kikstra

    Hello, I just found this group and I'm very interested in them. This is my first J-pop group I'm interested in, but I can't find anything on youtube. I can find their funny video's etc. but not their music etc.

    So my question is: Where can I find the music of them? and Do they have an official account on youtube or not?

  • L Lee

    this may be a stupid question but where exactly do I find their music? like I've been trying to listen to their songs but for some reason I can't seem to find them ….. I'm pretty new to jpop haha

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