What Is Passive Income l Affiliate Marketing

What Is Passive Income l Affiliate Marketing

what is passive income I believe that financial awareness is very important but it is not taught at school most of us were trained to focus on our studies but never understanding the real financial situation we believe that finding a job is enough that is not true I have the same concept when I was studying the real scenario is that in order to be financially stable we need to leverage and find different sources of income now it is not difficult to find another stream of income you only need to search online and you will find many ways how to start with it but you must also keep in mind that it needs work and effort in order to achieve a good source of income online passive income is defined as an income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it for short you do not have to always spend the same hours working on this cash source once it is already established I would say that this is one of the best sources of additional income if you are a full-time employee and you wanted to have another source of income this would be ideal for you passive income is not fixed when you were just starting usually it might not even be able to cover your electric fee at the beginning but once you have this long enough it could even go up higher than your monthly salary why making passive income so important first you can work anywhere in the world I know it could be boring and unproductive if you have been working on the same job but not feeling any satisfaction with it we often work for the same hours the same salary and not because we enjoy our job but just for the sake of earning to make it worst it is not giving us fulfillment or satisfaction when you found your passive income and put this to work or make a source of income out of it then you will feel not obliged to do this rather you have this interest in enthusiasm to work on the passive income for instance someone who likes photography may start an online business about photography class you will surely enjoy this extra work and at the same time you could earn another source of income second you can give yourself a race we all know that as full-time we are stuck in the same monthly salary it is usually not enough to cover all our liabilities however with passive income you have chances of earning more because it is not controlled by the company you work but it is like a small business you own depending on the demand you may have more income and would vary from time to time once this passive income of yours is already well-established it could even replace your full time job third you get to work now and pay over and over this sounds really exciting who does not want this all your hard work pays after a long run let us say you finally establish your own online business once that it is on the internet you will surely have audience that means you have the potential customers to whatever business you have this could give you extra income for as long as you have your business online fourth you don't have to trade your time over money the reason why most businessmen are rich is because they value time over money it means that they hire people to do the job while they find other ways to earn more if you are an employee you are spending most of your time at work with a specific amount which is your salary your income will never change unless you get an increase unlike the businessman he uses money to do the work for him so we can find more ways to increase his cash flow theft you don't have to worry about being fired again being an employee we are not certain how long we can stay and work for the company therefore this tells us that our source of income is not forever it is natural for us to find another source of cash flow to guarantee stable financial status sixth you don't have to be away from your family high paying jobs normally require work away from home since you can do two passive income business anywhere technically you can stay all the time with your family if you want to this way you can also be with your children when they are growing up sometimes this is the stage that one or both parents miss in their life for the sake of securing the family's future if you feel that this is the kind of life you want it is not too late to start you can make a difference in your life right now [Applause] I have a guide ready for you to read to help you start making this dream happen start your journey with our free ebook download it for free and make your dreams come true

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