What’s the Correlation Between Reach, Engagement, and Social Media ROI? Social Media Minute
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What’s the Correlation Between Reach, Engagement, and Social Media ROI? Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. We’ve been talking
a lot about engagement and reach. Now, we know today
engagement isn’t everything. We also know more and more
that reach isn’t everything. There’s good reach and bad reach, through different audiences
that you advertise through. But one thing is getting pretty clear. You have to have enough reach,
you have to advertise on Facebook. That goes without saying.
But with engagement, it’s not so clear. There is sort of vanity
metrics type engagement. You get likes,
comments, and shares. Even though that might correlate
with ROI it typically doesn’t. While that drives more reach – if you have
more shares you get a bigger reach. But then there is a different type
of engagement – clicks, video views etc. Video views and the reach can be
correlated and come to brand awareness and people might buy your stuff. But there is a lot of engagement
that goes directly to ROI. We’re looking at hospitality
categories, e-commerce, but even retail,
fashion and some others. You get straight to the shopping carts. And those clicks
to the website, to registrations, to sign-ups, to newsletters will directly correlate with ROI. So when you measure
engagement and reach we always said,
measure all the metrics. Not just one reach,
all the reaches. Not just one engagement,
all of the engagement types. Really understand what
that span of engagement is. What is the most
valuable type of engagement? Is that the clicks to the website or the video views?
What is it for you? Try to build a formula around that. Try to visualize
the most important metrics and focus and comp your
social media teams around those metrics. Thank you very much
and see you next Monday.

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