What’s Your Definition of Success? | The Roommates Podcast
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What’s Your Definition of Success? | The Roommates Podcast


  • Phitzee

    GARY IS ALWAYS ON FIRE 🔥 And YOOOO VAYNERNATION! If anyone happens to be interested in healthy living + eating, then you know what to do! I make eating healthy fun, joyful and vibrant! Please know though, that just like the legend Gary himself, I too appreciate your time and truly value tour attention, so hopefully you get something from it 🙂

  • Vlad Mercori

    If you are good enough and you are patient, you will eventually win. Every time someone asks me whats one thing that comes with a disproportionate amount of upside, I am always saying watching GaryVee every day. It's like a treatment for your mindset.

  • SedaleM

    Is it just me or did these two annoy Gary for most of this interview. Great content, but looks like they were grating on him a bit.

  • skate6574

    09:40 Gary could you provide some clarification on this? I know when you left wine library you had no equity in the company and you never got paid more than 6 figures the decade+ you were working there. And you always mentioned how you had no money when you left. But you also said you never bought any shoes, clothes, dumb stuff and never went out. How could you have no money given those two truths? But this is also the time you invested in Twitter, Facebook, etc, so you had to have had something. I guess I’m looking for some context on what ‘no money’ meant to you at that time.
    I’ve watched a bunch of your content because it provides so much value, but I’ve had this question for awhile. Thanks Gary!

  • Jonathan Labuga

    Love the energy that Gary Vee brings to each interview, giving real love and trying to understand and give back ~ "This is your only life.." I receive this. Each one of these daily vees start to pierce into my mental consciousness more and more as if Gary is there telling me to stop fuckin around

  • Jonathan Torres

    I enjoyed the topic so much on persistence vs. delusion. I think a lot of us are down on ourselves but Gary Vee really edifies the fact that if you’re making any kind of progress keep going even if its not the progress you would have hoped by now. I think at the end of the day it comes down to self awareness on whether you should continue if it’s been 4 or 5 years or even longer and it’s the same thing but what he said was powerful.

    The reason I love Gary Vee’s mindset is that everything he’s telling us can be built in our mindset we just have to get rid of those mental road blocks! For example caring about what people think. When was he last time you ever asked yourself why you care so much? Or if you have a strong ego and take yourself to seriously. When was he last time you processed Through that? That’s why Gary Vee seems like this super positive machine because he’s already processed through all those weaknesses and called nonsense on a lot of those false opinions and beliefs people have put on us since our childhood. If you process through those weak doubts and thoughts and continue to watch positive material and apply some of this stuff it does get so much easier and you get so much stronger. Your perspective really changes!


    After he's gone no one's going to remember him hell people are already starting to forget him and they're still even more people that don't even know who the hell he is or care lol

  • Rob's Quest

    Heard this on the podcasts too. Man your content drives me to the highest of work moods I've ever had. It's insane. Thx for your content Gary.

  • Maria STOICA

    The kids are good! 👍😍😀 gonna check their podcast! And Gary… loved your "I'm living my truth" legend ❤️

  • Jose C

    This is one of the best videos I've seen from you as of late. This wasn't an interview, this was an intervention.

  • Spencer Amansick

    Great video and super great message. This is perfect for teams to use as a foundation for others to learn a mindset and chase a passion together. I think couples can learn from this too. Thanks Gary!

  • Elite Clinical Research

    My real why is that i saw the opportunity was wide open in my niche. So i had to take it as a land grab. I saw the opportunity so i pounced!

  • joe powers

    As a 20 year old that just found his passion in cooking I love how the ‘’American dream’’ is a 4 bedroom house and making 150k a year. Not for me happiness> money any day of the week. Keep spreading the love Gary V! Listening to that positive energy is my body armor!

  • Rory O Connor

    You need to get Kyle Dunnigan [insta] before he blows up, do a alternative universe 'Weekend Gary' e.g. Squirrel Suit Gary – " I'm gonna woooosh yo f.k.n face off trees bitches!"

  • iherng

    I really love the silence after Gary dropped all those TRUTH moments. This happened in the interview at the radio station yesterday as well. These will encourage interviewers to really prepare and make sure they got their shit before spending time with the MAN gary!!

  • Restless Modern

    yo @drock or whoever, yall should really put timestamps in videos >20 minutes with vague topics so that we can jump around without scrubbing through everything.

  • John Basedow

    Lots of helpful info here. Respect for how you continue to promote Tierra Whack because of how much you believe in her. Much success to these guys and their podcast.

  • LyricalStatus1

    Get together with Fousey, it will be interesting to watch and hear what kind of bright shit you guys will come up with!

  • Isaac Knuuttila

    Go on "offence" and put all of your 💓 into the work you do but never get high on yourself or egotistical about your work.

  • HealthyHP The 2nd

    These are some true words. I am still looking for my reason to success except money… it got easier over time by speaking with friends, but it's tough and it helps me learn more of who I am. I am trying my best to improve my work ethic and grow from a baby (19 years old) to an Adult. It's going to be hard, but I still want to follow you.

  • mavball24

    Amazing video man! Garyvee is the man and you guys were great! My friend and I have been thinking of starting a podcast and you guys inspired me to get it going. Thanks and God bless you!

  • David Talas

    "What is your selfish why?" – Wow that struck me. Just realized I can have a selfless why (which I already have) and a selfish why. The key is to make sure these two go together. Just balance the two. There is no 'selfless' without 'selfish'. Just like there is not light without the dark. Haven't listen to the podcasts for a while "because I learnt everything". Maybe I should tune back in? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Mert

    18:56 Those 2 kinda laugh about you cuz you don't watch movies. How do you not take this Personal get offended or whatever agitated? This would kinda piss me off, that why I might be still hesitant to go all in..

  • Michael Bowman

    Gary you're the shit. I love how you just get shit, you can disect people down to a T that are 20 years younger than you lol. You're music to my ears every day!

  • margaritanoir

    Im an International Relations and Translation graduate but Id love to work for Gary Vaynerchuk. This made me also realize Im not at the right place.. I think where Im now caused my health issue and surgery because Im just in my 20s and the moment I understood what Im looking for, I returned to top health and mood.
    Thank you for this channel!

  • V.I P

    i send this llittle message for gary i hope to read it i konw that you will read it because you read all the commnets and emails so i write this message because you change my life no you did not change my life but you were the the point of change of my life i had many knowledge but i was and now have trouble in personalities(lacke of prespective . lack of intitlment … ) like every one young man in the daily human life who become a loser so i kknow that my english level is so bad but i am aware about it and i wrote to you without to cerect it by the way i can fix it by go google and ….ext ..its mean i didin't fake it to learn and devlop my level in english
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    all what you talk about it (family, work,pietience ,spead,anthenticity,self wareness,intention,intent,perspective …) all of that is the old same shit that you lead you to sucesses and not even success the constantly success is old and the origin source to talk about them is the islam religion , who know the islam religion the really islam religion not the shit media talke about it ,who really know about islam values what is it , know that the only resources that pump this imformation and knowledge and values names it what the fuck you want but is the truth this is the real truth that you talk about it every fucking day if you really want to know the real truth this is it you are in the real roald gary look and listen and search about the really is what islam is and finally you will know about what i am saying but if really want to search and do the really research dont go to islam infleucers to persons but go the book of islam and study it real study not just reading study it like you study your custemers and your busniss study and you will see you will see you will see in the long terms when you study the book of islam the coran you will see the result in the long terms …

    love you brother , honesty she were a man , that you gary you are the honesty
    and thank god that the erea that we live in

  • Ride The World

    Sorry but this part with BMW is not true. I want one because I really love it, I enjoy driving it and that's my goal. It's not my leverage or a way to hook up. It's just a matter of what is important to you 😉

  • Lemniscate Money

    I guess I gotta be the only one to call Gary’s b.s. “stuff” and “money” is damn good motivation. Buying the Jests is stuff and money. You can’t help others much without either of those two things without being a pontificator, something Gary says he hates. Someone, and I forget who exactly said you’ll never go broke feeding other people, and I believe that wholeheartedly. The stuff and money is just a result of helping people. When he built his parents business for 12 years for nothing it was delayed gratification. I’m not judging either. He also said, just like almost every other human being that the best things he does for people never gets seen. That’s because he does put weight on other people’s opinions. Filming and promoting charity work is considered taboo because society deems it too self serving. If Gary really didn’t care he’d have more videos like the one with the girl, and the gun license. Can’t speak for others but I’d rather see stuff like that than the latest drama/tea in Hollywood. Gary is an unparalleled practitioner of getting people to do, complete with practical examples of how to start. He’a priceless commodity in the business community, and his book Crushing It is a land mine of entrepreneurial information, but I vehemently disagree with his position on money, and stuff. With that being said, we’re arguing two sides of the same coin. Find your passion, help others along the way, and you’ll be successful. Even if money and stuff are some of the things that help motivate you. Peace family.

  • The Organic Guy

    one of the best interviews have listened to in a while. This motherf* garry is just a real one! see you at the top

  • Toronto Neck and Back Pain Clinic

    Vanilla…the top selling ice cream flavour in America. Funny, my kids don't like vanilla. Be different, be you…be your flavour…and it's probably not vanilla! But if it is vanilla, be the best vanilla.

  • Inform & Inspire

    I was impressed/inspired by these fellas journey, so I used a Gary Vee strategy and DM’d them. Long story short, I just finished having Hafeez on the Inform & Inspire podcast, where we talked about the good/bad of this very episode above, how he landed a spot on the Gary Vee show, and what both he and I have learned and applied from listening to Gary Vee over the years. Check out my IG @informandinspire this week to learn more.
    (Thank you, Gary!💯🔥)

  • Adrean Cotton

    I had to take a step back from being a general store manager for At&t, to being a customer service agent for Cox, so me and my wife could be our own bosses today. We saw the potential in her Etsy Shop SweetLooks Collection, and decided to go all in. We work all hours of the day but we it is worth every minute. We launched our website www.sweetlookscollection.com earlier this year and it is doing well. We get more time with the kids and each other. Which is worth its happiness alone and if we are going to work this hard its nice to be doing it for yourself.

  • Adrian Virlan

    This is what we need to hear. Gary's "Just start" video actually pushed me to fucking start this youtube channel 😀

  • Mary Ralladi

    I only recently got recommended this video but it was great timing. I'm done with only consuming content, and ready to grow and build my own. If you're looking for a channel that's fun but frank about everyday topics, or want to be around people who want to level up their career/lives swing by.

  • Birdy Lyn TV

    That’s true. I said “everybody has a story” and his supporters came for me in my DMs 😂 “ do you know his stoooooory”. Yes, I do.Damn. I said what I said.

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