When Bananas Kick @ss

When Bananas Kick @ss

fairly certain we're gonna win oh wow that was so beautiful what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing a control captain combustible deck have that in mind when you're playing this because that's the way you got to play this this is gonna be we're gonna be kicking some potassium if you know what I'm saying with the bananas synergy so it's trying to think you know this seems like a very powerful card how can you actually utilize this in a real competitive deck any time that this dies so one to two so again great control card and turn one you can stick this in front of almost anything that it'll at least trade evenly with that your opponent plays on certain one which is great and it will puff up all of your bananas when it dies so we are going to be playing sort of again a little bit of a faster control decks typically go late like two seven and eight we're really going to be trying to win on turns five and six since captain combustibles not very good at removing huge minions so you're gonna be controlling with your banana bombs and your half bananas your banana peel is actually fine this banana launcher I mean because this will give you a lot of little bananas and you can actually use your other cards like your other banana bombs and berry blast and stuff like that to actually protect this and keep it on the field and keep generating those banana bombs and keep removing their minions in stalling for time it's really nice running a couple Black Eyed Peas in the in the in really in the meta in general since this is very strong against a lot of the crazy decks that really can't deal with this efficiently we also are running for copies of fire we this is a very good control card trying to remove everything your opponent plays off the field the first few turns and set that late-game which I'll explain in a second this is good for covering up your opponent's environments if played on the ground this does for damage immediately to your to an opposing zombie and then a fifth one next turn before it's able to attack it's a super efficient really nice running split-pea not only can this do four damage to a zombie very efficient but it also charges your own block mean and gives you super powers and super powers are gonna be super important in this deck because the way that you're finishing off your opponent now we're gonna really be trying to do a bananasaurus rex combo or Mazz combo for example Danis Rex on turn five together with let's say blazing bark that will actually make this have a seven attack and it will be doing two attacks if it was buffed by let's say even one banana half banana earlier so then this will actually have eight attack so eight times two is sixteen I mean that's just a ridiculous amount of damage you started waiting for your opponent to commit before you kind of do that combo you obviously don't want to stick this on the field when your opponent passes turn five and they'll just use a three cost wrath or something like that to remove this same thing with the repeat Moss again really we do have a few cheap tricks but the main things you really need to use to with your peat moss are your super powers namely blazing bark and a big in and and time to shine once you have the card already buffed these are the ones that are gonna make it do the really efficient bonus attacks you're really trying to again kill your opponent on turns five or six which actually then brings us to the banana split this is a decent control card again this is a four as a plant you can always stick this in front of opposing zombies and you do have last say with your minions so horrible force already okay plus it's sort of clogs two more lanes when it dies so this can actually control several minions like a Dominion to the right will also sort of block that Plus this will actually be bigger if you play it if you had a half banana dice and then this will be a for cost five five which is a ridiculous control card plus then this will make another half banana which can buff your bananasaurus rex and set up the Big Finish so there's that huge synergy here again I'm not running banana peels or just randomly just putting in you know memes into this deck I'm actually trying to make this competitive I think this banana control can actually be competitive here hope you guys enjoy let's just get right into the game and start kickin that potassium I was originally when I was trying to make this back leaning much more towards the OT I was running maybe like a pea patch to be able to put your bananasaurus rex on I realized really not investing in too many circumstantial cards are just making this a nice salad sort of mid-range control deck that's definitely way to go question is do you keep beer extra peat moss as your late game was awfully fine people really undervalued or peat moss the captain combustible they say oh you're not running fertilizer it's useless that's completely misinformed I want to look for that half bananas so good look at this hand this is ridiculous house involvement even it well I'm thinking how aggressive would infinity have to have to be in order to take us on this is so good against an aggressive deck and thank you so much de mouth daymo Oh to mob there you go thank you so much dumb mob for subscribing to Emma's on prime welcome to the primal e ok so this is perfect this absolutely deals with this mini digit I want to be mini ninja doesn't die like a day actually be more value if it died here now it's just gonna he's never gonna kill this maybe he'll fire rooster on the top in the morning and turn this into a 1/4 oh by the way just for the records great time to remind everyone playing cards like mini ninja and unlife in the party and paparazzi on turn one is so bad that it's you'll never get value from it mostly just they just happen to not have any ones or meteor as the superpowers come of it not a good play you just got another B Rex holy moly with that could you please go after my two one the smartest play for him an even regardless of this godlike hand it's definitely not to go after this to one we're gonna start generating these banana peels ringgit Jake we actually don't have a great and so we'd really like to see a one or two but uh we're in so far fantastic shape I would probably even grow this just that you would kill it oh we got a 200 i I really like the banana peels not banana peel the banana launcher you could have deadly in his hand he could have strength in his hands I think keeping this around this ideal so I'm gonna go I'm actually gonna protect our banana generating we do have this next churn well see what happens we'll just play whatever doesn't fit me close come on come on damn it wow he had that in his starting hands and he went with turn one mini ninja you freaking kidding me here's our super powers this superpower in time to shine this is the this is the best card in the game by the way I would say overall cost benefit this is the not super everything this is the actual best card in the game in terms of how much potential who we didn't get a cheaper minion gonna have to kill them that's pretty sad actually drilled all freeze there's part of me that wants to go for the win right now he needs a bungee bloomer does he not have a bungee plummer do we know that already this is turn four it could actually win here I feel like we always do this the question so this is this is really undebatable this is probably worth it the bananasaurus this will at least do a damage which sets up this banette bananasaurus rex to kill him because bananasaurus rex will do eight I think this is actually the cost benefit getting only as three cards in that dirty used to power this is just such a clean kill Bunji plumber as long as the answer or trapper territory or smoke bomb oh okay I still don't have it's interesting we have so much early game and we're stuck with all these all these late game cards actually unfortunate as goodness our starting hand was our draw our subsequent draws have been horrible that was a hell of a smoke bomb we're just gonna go face with the beer X here I guess the player on sugary tree it's gonna be very difficult for him to like kill us here it's clogging every lanes two three four five six seven Proc the block 2 3 this is the play I'm going for the win I just don't want to the problem is if we go here if this happens to be a sugary treat or something that could lose trying to get your mothers Amazon Prime man we're getting so unlucky it's been all threes oh come on he's literally rolled all threes I think we're one off lethal no way oh ok there's so little I can go wrong now I should have used that huh what could he do here a smoke bomb again play around a smoke bomb Bunji plumber I think this is the one wait no – damage doesn't do it it's only overshoot – it's only overshoot – no this is the flame Oh smoke bomb Oh smoke bomb this one still does it he had deadly yeah no no it's that was the play whoa I almost screwed that up so badly we act up yeah these both would've died in would have 100 oh oh oh wow I could've I could have OH oh man I wasn't even thinking of super stench I forgot he had a power he had him played I was playing on smoke bomb you have him to have that smoke bomb Mary with three cards in the hand that was anyway there were so many I mean this deck performed well there were so many things him rolling high him getting that strength early on was so significant – he rolled his threes just all threes oh that was crazy oh okay okay now we're looking for some now we're looking for that waking um this is fine because this will at least be arts turn three play yes so we're gonna try banana bomb on one hopefully we'll have enough will be not too far behind to be able but now I want you run too if he passes turn one goes infinity clubs it's gonna be it's gonna be cold it's gonna be cold out here this is rough this really makes us on we're gonna have to just leave that minion there and call the freaking day I mean mini ninja here is such a common plane out of this we know where that comes from if this goes on on heights because he's running gravestones I'm thinking about gravestone gravestone environment I'm thinking about I guess that's his environment maybe he's running trapper is this the same guy maybe last guy was named no different guy let's go is named Kim or something it's nice having a rewind on the oh I should have put this here whoops because of duh Wow I forgot that lanes matter so much in this day banana bomb this is that control banana daiquiri course again yeah it is getting cold out here it definitely saved this flee repeat mo okay go get them move this for one less that card in my hand they oh this is great we have to cover this environment also he's doing these low banana bombs are gonna be ridiculous eventually I think we'll just double up on this thing take this before in fact this will charge our block meter this is actually very good for us I should have thought about doing this before he's making us play there might be a play where we banana bomb this and then get a super power we're rolling solo really not getting pretty unlucky here I don't know how this guy setting up some kind of flamenco yet this is going here if he look over commits here four or five six so sorry there she go face them Wow I'll take it that's gonna give us two more guys oh he's down the two cars so it getting cold in here there's our block super time to shine not horrible this will die on a mannequin we might start going for a peat moss here okay Wow let's go for it it's pretty damn good I think I'll do this first actually do we want to practice block with that ends up here we want to spend we actually don't want to spend the damage on the Garg anyway alright we're gonna go this usually both of these little things yeah oh okay and then this one and make him not get to gardening he'll go to the repeat Moss which we'll trade but again we're gonna proc his block and get him down to one healthier stick looks familiar this is a combination between captain control which was the thing where you control and then you go banana storage for peat moss combo for finisher so let's say it's a combination between that and the different banana decks we've done but it's it's a totally new thing into itself you're using the bananas as as your control it's the current I think most people think tempo awakens bananas oh wow pretty sure oh no we don't have anything in banana bomb freaking kidding me so annoying oh wow it's just that we have no targets that's fine he's alive very much life but we'll have the target with the a million that was a great play I love that play it was beautiful you should all do three damage oh oh okay fairly certain we're gonna win here oh wow ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba that was so beautiful it's a thing of beauty Oh baby 50 here is tier list yeah yeah I need to I'll do when I wasn't in time Section eight all right here we go here we go let's thanks doing pretty well good good good oh yeah oh yeah oh there would be heroes I would keep the berry blast against what brainstorms not one about this isn't one two two and some like it we have banana beer X combo decent car that's good that's perfect a nice minion brainstorm Zack this is a great matchup not really much gravestones to worry about probably people don't even know what's about to happen I wish we had a banana launcher they're sick little too late oh I'll go with this do we use this as a control actually what's his play is it be me up what does that egg do this is a valve tech so it was gonna be looking for a minion to play the barrel barrel against seeing ultimately brainstorm with egg in it what is his play which superpower did he not play backup dancers answers us summoning answers this and pass them we're fully gonna play this like a control deck no need to get in that extra damage right now let's save this for turn threes and so if we use this we actually won't have an answer to his turn to three play to his turn three play so we're gonna play us some three and then play this on four this is amazing this is fantastic this is a good four for cost control car so you're thinking this is gonna be a baboon rising deck egg brainstorm equals bad moon rising we'll see so he he for he didn't okay but we don't have enough information this is better this is the better card I can almost office what does he do on three now gentlemen zombie electrician Solis trade I think this is ready this wins the mention so we're seeing egg and card draw it's probably Val it's probably let's replay Iran chickening is this pretty good already what's going on Silla rising curse I think so much golden midget for subscribing two months in a row with Amazon Prime really appreciate teleport well I think I played around that barrel pretty well ooh things are not looking great for this guy again these two will trade but I'll get two bananas as a prophet can always put something here and get scared go for a Pete most combo immediately and go for this too if this is okay what what what did we see before as a gravestone we saw a kite flyer he very likely doesn't have a Rakhi he could have a fruit cake though that would suck it's maybe just he's too always done we could pass here I don't have to do anything if we start charging our block meter against the valdek what is okay maybe we should just say we're playing us about that it's gotta be Val what the belt I don't know thank you so much me we was such an under-representation thank you so much casual 3d fur for donating five dollars so generous really appreciate all proceeds from donations go straight to groceries for babies Fri he does have the free cake and he spends it we're gonna get another banana here what was that now this doesn't die what was that play that was crazy what's his Val count out we just have that we're lanes are clogged oh that was so bad damn son are you kidding me luckily just God I also want to save this sanity their insanity I know I probably prop the block now this pear Cup is insane against this play you kidding me man okay now this doesn't die okay now bananasaurus rex is gonna be a seven seven he did kill the black eyed pea at least now the five damaged always heads what's his Val get though one two three four five six seven damn he actually has lethal hair oh damn it he actually is up to 14 now No look at this B Rex there's no precise way of doing this is for I got a plate on the valve this is seven eight nine he has to spend C teleport valve bonus attack is a play so I'm gonna go can't use him begin here it's gonna be like this and this he doesn't have the mustache monument or else he would have played it which is very good news this will this will probably have to tell Borden about to to block the beer X here we definitely do not banana bomber LC teleport valve in a different Lane that ain't bad wow that's one of the I mean get a gun a dead beer was a for the no he can't yeah for three doing 7m he has a rocket we're still doing five here I wonder if I'm over so two of these win now he has no he topdecked yet he topdecked it uh yeah icky Val can beat this thing damn I thought that was going so well we played around the the teleport valack said well there okay I there's no shame in losing to that day that was good oh maybe he got his Valkyr turn light that's right he might Holly got his mouth late and didn't have 14 damage but he had the must that he probably had it anyway which means we shouldn't have actually killed any of his minions there because maybe that actually there right I got about 214 now it would have been under we would had a full block meter that maybe not playing this know spoopy charge are blocking here anyway no that was fine I made a difference this is cool nice look for another banana wallet huh best 91 easy thanks for your optimism China this is not an easy card to answer I guess I mean he'll draw a card with them this is fine I just think I understand he'll draw a card with bats we'll get the free card to kill it next turn anyway so it's just a card draw due to damaged cargo fund me do that Oh baby my bananasaurus rex more like my bananasaurus rekt me want to spend this I don't yeah mortician against B Rex I wonder if we go for here this really is not a rocket so we saw a dog and beam me up so chances of having rocket science are fairly high this is a control day we do have the repeat loss combo feel like I'm gonna wait till we commit something event and I'm with the B Rex I guess how does the otk work if you just have a big beer ax akin or peat moss combo you can kill them can all mutts here welcome Rios desert a if it is a control deck we're not actually not gonna have a good turn later than played us this is actually the most likely turn this does survive so let's just go for it whoa as a rocket shame I feel like this will this will get rocketed eventually and probably once we invest even more into it I don't know you wait too late I wish we had just said see without we got meteor into starting him with no more power as their peat moss is very sad it's probably why would you run dog and a trickster day so it turns out it being rocket bull was a disadvantage there we've got six damage if it had not been buffed so against a Morticia late-game is okay that's interesting too bad it's here I would have really wanted this banana thing see this would have been the turn to play them they damaged Buicks this is very doable guess we'll just berry blast it what is YouTube have their face cam there it's written in the description there check that out you're a hairy wizard you know a hairy wizard it's so sad I don't you know this is this is such a great matchup a controlled garvik ridiculous it's too bad I don't have any I don't have any way to punish this guy except no way to punish he's doing huge amounts of damage usually again but what I held onto that that beer X no idea what power is over I've been developing this right now is going sad wow he rolls a three ah that's this is useless here that's good something's oh it's just a block the through it would have been blocked anyway wait wait do bonus attacks count separately for the block meter I thought the second one would have been blocked there wait doesn't the second bonus attack give blood it's separate how do I not know that if you use time to shine and the first one gets blocked the cent one still happens are you kidding me harsh didn't have a way to punish him if we would have had any power that wasn't meteor in our starting hands I guess time to shine Wentz have done us any favors even we've gotten super into starting I'm gonna kick that guy's tush I don't know that game mechanic didn't look familiar with much older people on see may be plant food on her peat moss so the first one if the first one products the block the second one will still hit it must be unless there's something with him having a minion superpower that delays it well we got killed by deep-sea drive again that's like that even though that's a below-average card against captain combustible has no way of dealing 70 damage particularly to a water lake he'll beans seems oh man oh snap pretty crazy I gotta win here little one wishful thinking with five Lister get some cards the overcommits with his brains right now we have beards you people well one cost card smokebomb we play around smoke bomb was the only out I think you already use freeze environment this has happened already once today on the same play it was almost the exact same play what is going on today what is happening where are these smoke bombs coming from whoever runs that cupboard can't believe this we still should win Wow just you know what we're gonna play on second smoke bomb and get rid of his deadly go dude yeah we can't get your break today damn my stream sniping just don't just say that for oh man see my invisible Apple Apple smoke bombs a brutal you can't see the chat should be good to the tempo dekhna wow this guy's so far behind it nice just making it harder I'm just eating an apple so I don't die of low blood sugar rocket cook fix your deck charging our blow this helps us so much we're keeping these on the field make it with bone sticking if they are the Bungie plumber and the yang just to be really serious well people are scum but I'm ready do this anyway doing these two like this for lethal that sir these tricksters are actually you only have one card left in the family maybe run the King sir I'm not like hard tracking I don't do that Wall Street known attorney Manoa probably destroy that's annoying actually actually quite annoying Apple and protein shake is pretty healthy breakfast or lunch or whatever got to go for it now so I think it's 6:00 so this is how it's really done guys we have to be there's none of his blocks can actually deal with this even if you've watched the second one this always wins against summoning is the only thing that can prevent this he knows we have the banana bomb too so you can just I don't even need it I don't even need it repeat Moss so dangerous so dangerous here we go Missy welcome back must be a leji they do work together as well I'm gonna just wish we had one other banana Thanks I've tried don't starve before the art style and everything doesn't really appeal to me of it yeah appeal it seems like I like survival games I could if I probably like actually give it a real chance very likely it wasn't a make him that maybe this was the play this probably was I'm getting a little too greedy with these bananas I played Minecraft yeah my career's fun I'm just dicking around with that like exploring one thing I thought you a funny minecraft story so you guys can laugh at me right now when I dig when I meet playing a game like that like a full screen you know your adventure a game I kind of like get myself in the game like that's what it feels like and when I dig too deep in Minecraft and I don't he'll like have a clear way to get out above ground I actually start feeling claustrophobic in real life it just triggers like it's uh I mean it makes sense it triggers like a fight-or-flight response for me they freaking GABA the cave and I have to like I have to basically have to climb out of a cave and that takes care of it it's just it's just it's kind of funny I've got the big beer at school like these I'm a vampire I kill everyone cuz I am a vampire you always kill this nice journalist I'll have for health I kill this turn I'll just probably spend this term propping the block and then we'll have an empty block whatever good old big old chunky monkey be Rex so the people been fired Becky let me smash have that R in there good you did we roll double ones I'm telling you this game this game is I can't believe that just happens that's crazy would you stream on oh that new stream that rig decay this game is more rigged an election okay pretty good accident should I buy seven premium packs under hero save up and buy 11 Oh going up to 20 those suit rate now it's got scared well have there are few miles down low here basically no matter what banana-bot the worst super rare card I've never I don't like spend time thinking about the thing about this play is that um alley news doesn't kill this is in begin and frenzy whatever galvanize yay look freaking burger so even like one one actually Elias was still saving these games are actually taking a long time this is seven I'm gonna do one more I thought this deck would be a little faster this game really slow oh snap maybe I should send P cats at home or something I know why why would you run qinger yeah kangaroo when the game was the released originally was a actually before the game was released it was a 4/5 I thought it was too powerful as they nursed it I feel like four or five was correct for kangaroo to be honest it wasn't too powerful hammer stream used to be a five six the problem with that card is that it I think the problem was that the four or five counter the actually no camera zoom was the problems with that character over five five guards like play smashing guard hammers room wins that trade and still surprised I don't see the problem with the with the completely useless now completely unplayable kangaroo what do we do with this oh snap that just became really good I love giving half bananas in the starting hands damn so we'd like this to go on Heights terrier yeah I even have one too area video on you I got burnt out when I get into hard mode I feel like a lot of games are really fun for a few weeks alone they just get so burned down everything go with this maybe just pass we have the Sun turn just pay oh we have a second B Rex oh really you know what I'm not chasing you just I love how the chicken I don't know ever noticed that when he dies he does this big he's gonna control me with that thank you wow that was good he does this big like slope backflip it was amazing actually weird Petach we could just wait week let's just punish him there's no need to punish him punished in fact if we block and get time to shine I'll use it here for sure oh oh that wasn't one in nine chance yeah that one oh it's getting cold in here for brain freeze no pun intended he's getting cold punished from fighting games punishes from is from fighting mostly I know it from Street Fighter 5 but yeah no need to overly be my guy it was already her stuff isn't this alright guys that was amazing I like this deck others yeah anyway I think the mortician guard deck we lost to was actually a good matchup but if we would had a repeat most commonly find would have kept that be right around the time I was too greedy I didn't know can add echoes games against that that was the trickster day what else did we lose – anyway the tech perform well it's kind of cool it didn't have that glamorous like I feel like maybe I'll retry this deck again with like completely focusing on the otk but it'll probably get worse this is actually most likely the best version will spec the half bananas were great I was like the bananas what's actually good but good old captain control I mean this is a very strong deck peat-moss combo and beer axis finishers hope you guys enjoy peace


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