When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked
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When Your Facebook Thread Gets Hijacked

(typing) – Hey, did anyone see
London Has Fallen yet? I just saw it and I wanna chat about it. – You just saw it? (elevator dings) I don’t think anyone actually saw it. (gunfire) – Good morning. We are now hijacking this Facebook thread. We’re no longer talking about
the film London Has Fallen. We are now using that as jumping-off point to discuss London in general. – I visited there in the fall. It’s beautiful. – I know, right? It’s familiar, yet foreign all at once. I’m looking for the person
who started this conversation. Who is Zac Oyama? Hah. What do you think about London? – It’s fine. It’s fine, I guess. But we were talking about London Has Fallen the movie, though. – Excuse me? – But you guys just came in and started talking about whatever you wanted, but this is my thread. – Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You see, this is my thread now. You know, I spent a whole
summer in London once. – Did you get a rail pass? – I did. I visited all
of Europe for pennies. – So smart! Such a good idea! – I think I’m gonna go this summer! I know I keep saying that,
but this time, I mean it! So if you got any tips
or anything, let me know. – You don’t have to do this. Just take it to another thread. – Oh, you’d like me to take it elsewhere? Why don’t I take this conversation to this picture of your niece? – No, please. She doesn’t know what
we’re talking about at all. I don’t want my family to have to see this dumb conversation. – Relax, I was just kidding. I hijacked this thread,
but I’m not a monster. And besides, it’s too late
to start a new thread now. We’d lose the momentum of the conversation and I’d likely lose a few hijackers. – I know it’s a generalization, but is the food in England really bad? – Yes and no. You know, it gets stereotyped
as sort of similar. You know, a lot of lamb and potatoes sort of thing. London is a big city. You can find something for anyone. You know, a lot of variation. – Oh, I didn’t think about
it like that. You’re right. (phone buzzing) – Yes, hello? – Zac. Yes, I saw it. I saw London Has Fallen. – What’d you think? – I thought the first one
was surprisingly good, but then the second one — – I know, right? It’s like arguably D-acting
because they’re not in America. – Exactly. No! No! – Let this be a lesson. There
is no getting back on track. The conversation is mine. (gunshot) (screaming) – Why? – We were getting off-topic. – We were getting back on topic! – Whose topic? Not my topic. – Do it. You know what, if you
don’t do it, I’ll do it. I’ll burn this whole
fucking place to the ground. You think I give a shit about this? I’ll blow it all up! – He’s got a bomb! But he wouldn’t. – Three. Two. – Okay, okay, fine! We’ll go. Hijackers, out! Come on! – Get off my thread. – Come on, come on. (phone rings) – Collegehumor. This is Katie. Oh no, he’s dead. Thanks, bye. It was his mom. – Hi, I’m Zac from Collegehumor. Click here to subscribe, or click here to watch
another funny video. If you click right here, you can pretend like you’re holding me
and I’m a tiny person. Whoa! Let me down! Let me down!


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