• Vanessa Lau

    Which platforms do YOU use? Which ones do you think you'll migrate to after watching this video? I wanna know!! Drop your comments below! <3 Hope you all enjoyed! ** JOIN MY PROGRAM "THE BOSSGRAM ACADEMY" HERE **

  • Alina Zhidkikh

    My fav ones are Instagram and YouTube. Trying to grow now. But also use VK (Russian one). Russians mostly use that for chatting. I’d like to be on Facebook but it seems to me sooooo difficult. I just have no idea how people use it

  • Tapesh Chowdhury

    Nice video Vanessa. According to me YouTube and Instagram is the best way to grow with the help of Social Medias.

  • CJ in SoCal

    thanks for posting this! you always come up with great stuff to talk about 😊

    im still tryna build my youtube and ig. my cousin just told me about promoting on fb and how you can pay to have your posts promoted, but idk how i feel about that 🤔 like, im still torn on whether or not its worth spending money on right now lol

  • Paula Puddephatt

    Great video. My main social media sites are definitely Pinterest and Twitter. I'm on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr, but it's way too difficult to be everywhere, and maintain the quality. I focus mainly on my blog and Pinterest right now. It does really depend upon where your particular audience hangs out, as you mentioned. As a writer, I've found the strongest communities on Twitter and Instagram – and Pinterest is by far my top source of blog traffic. 😃💝

  • Coach Hall Writes

    Trying to grow my YouTube Channel. I have a corresponding Instagram, but building my YT content is the priority. (My channel is about high school English advice — AP, SAT, ACT, etc.)

    Thanks for the tips. I need to learn more about Instagram stories.

  • Asa's Awesome Adventures

    Instagram is huge for building an interactive audience!! We’re getting the most response on youtube somehow tho! It’s tough to balance the two and build on them simultaneously..

  • Hannah JLewis

    Great video! So do you not think Twitter is worth being on? Also how about having your own website/ blog as that’s something you own? Interesting to hear your view 😊

  • The Blackscribbler

    I use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. but i do not think i utilise them enough. Thank you! this was very helpful!

  • Nabeelah P

    sweat equity!!

    That is SO true! I think the most unprofessional thing about a profile on a platform is when there are no posts or posts from 2014, and the company is actively asking you to follow them on that platform.

    Really makes you doubt that they will reach and engage with you if they last tweeted in 2014 lol

    There loads more platforms specific to niche industries.
    Will you be addressing those?
    e.g. like your and Diana's great pinterest live training

  • Catalina Guerrero

    Vanessa!! Awesome as usual! So much value! I have a video idea for you 😀 HOW TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS THROUGH DMS. That's literally what I have no idea about, and you have so so so much experience about this. Maybe it's something you'd consider doing 🙂 thanks again beautiful


    Dear Vanessa Mam,
    I really want to find time for social media but I couldn’t..please suggest me some tips..that how can I find time for it… By the way I love your videos and your suggestions…so please suggest me how can I really find the time… I am big fan of yours..I would like to meet you once but I live really very far from you or your country…it is a humble request mam…Great Video Today As Always❤️💫

  • Sim With Miss Reeva

    Love IG! Looking to expand to podcasts and YouTube. I’ll be moving to Victoria soon, hope I can meet you.

  • Evian Mason

    Youtube Is Amazing But "it is Also a Lot of work" U Right About That For instance i Have A Lot of views on One video then on my others not so much so U have 2 Study And Work hard!!

  • Miguel Niemtschik

    Excelent video Vanessa. I have all the platforms except podcast, but I am thinking in growing up youtube and instagram for a start, then I will think about the rest. Very good advise video, really apreciated and thanks for accepting me on your facebook group. I am a busy man (medical director for a clinic in my country) but want to start a non 8 to 5 work as a hobby but want to convert it in a passive income in the future changing my brand to a niche (havent done that yet)

  • JM Weiner

    But I need shiny object syndrome so I can add smm to my biz 😢 LOL actually, I'm going to leave that to Caitlin! I think I'm going to add LinkedIn to my active repertoire. Which means I'll have (counting the hubbies) three IG, two YouTube, three fb pages, several fb groups, three websites with blogs, a podcast, two Pinterest accounts, one Twitter, and a "day job", plus actually trying to live my life. I gotta help the hubby learn to do his own accounts ASAP! 😂😂 then maybe trim a few off my own list… Or get enenough clients to leave the day job and still pay the bills!

  • Jash Outline

    My main platform is Youtube.Guys am running a tech channel called Jash outline can any one check my channel and give some advice or suggestions for improvement .

  • A Real Kitchn

    Great video as usual Vanessa! I definitely feel like I sometimes have "shiny object syndrome" – but for now – I am concentrating on YT, IG and Pinterest (having a cooking channel). I definitely feel that LinkedIn would NOT be a place for me. When I get more subscribers (fingers crossed!) – I will definitely create a Facebook Group. Thanks!

  • The Millennial Life

    Okay, so I just saw your facebook group in my suggested groups and asked to join and I didn't know it was yours until now. I do hope you accept me though.

  • MrsPazStyle

    LET’S GROW TOGETHER!🙏🏻😍♥️ Subscribe to my channel & i will subscribe back! Just leave me a comment👇🏼

  • Mr G Gamer

    In my opinion, Pod Cast must be suported by other platform, a website, YT channel. Only social media suport a Pod Cast it seems that will be a huge grind!

  • Mr. Animalistic

    Thanks so much Vanessa, since joining the FBN I've had the courage to finally create my own fitness channel.
    No vids yet but that will happen very shortly.

    Again thanks to you and everyone involved in the FBN, I'm one step closer… Watch out world.

  • GamerGrade

    Amazing advice as always! Your energy is contagious thank you for sharing 🙂 I know 2 platforms is best for growth, but If you could only choose one platform, which would it be for your niche?

  • YBTamoi

    This was super helpful. i find myself mostly switching between Youtube (my main platform) and instagram (where i get about 80% external engagement from). My thing is, i have a Twitter but my presence there is so low in comparison to the first two that i barely find myself engaging as much as i should. this was definitely a wake up call in terms of me not getting the most for my channel in terms of social media presence elsewhere. love it!!

  • Gastón García

    A suggestion, if you are doing podcasting you should also upload it to YouTube to take advantage of the search optimization like Vanessa mentioned.👍🏼👍🏼

  • Raphael Avant

    Hello my social medias are facebook, instagram, and youtube. I just started my my youtube channel over 2 months ago, so my video skills are a bit green, but i'm enjoying th process. My favorite platform I like using the most is definitely instagram.. I've never used linked before. Is it good for artist content?

  • Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

    When I first started I tried a little bit of everything. Now, I'm active daily on Insta and 3+ times a week on YouTube. SO much better for my productivity and ROI.

  • Vickiee Vice

    These videos are so helpful and information! It's hard to grow your social media if you don't know where to start

  • Cindy Johns

    Great info as usual. I’m still on the fence about Facebook, I find there are more lurkers in groups than there are active people tbh.

  • panda doodles

    I'm just anxiously waiting for this channel to blow up.
    As an animator, I could probably start using insta and pinterest to promote my work, although my main stuff is obviously on Youtube XD.
    Furry hugs froma furry friend! 🙂

  • pastorskid808

    Great vid! I use IG, FB, and YT. After watching this I may use LinkedIn too. I’d love to see a video on how to start and maintain an active Facebook Group as your group seems to be doing very well!

  • The Life Of Ace

    Any small channels want to help each other grow?? I’m subscribing to anyone that subscribed to my channel‼️ comment “done” when finished

  • Melody Style

    I just subscribed to your channel, I couldn't help it, your advice is highly informative, authentic, and attainable. I really appreciate your videos and the efforts you got to to help!


    Instagram is def the best way to go. I've had clients use my IG before hiring me, my YouTube was brought up at a job interview (i got the job) et. however between the algorithm, they've begun to flag a lot of non controversial LGBT content just B ECAUSE the topic of the cutlure in general is controversial. i've watched some of the lgbt accounts suddenly get yanked off of instagram too recently. how do you get around THAT?

  • Dhruv Kumar

    YouTube can be great to get started unlike pictures on Instagram we can actually connect to people like as we are taking to them but also express our feeling.
    And thanks for the great content you put up which is really valuable for me and makes my time worth whenever i watch videos like this and from the creators like you 🤩

  • Glassesguy video game analyst

    I would like to know cause I've been watching influencers for 3 years now and not a single one talks about promoting our channel, is my Marketing teacher who told me to promote my channel, and it works, my april fool video is the first video I promoted and is the only one who got a 1K views while the other videos have 20 to 30 views, so why not talk about promoting with google adds?

  • Just Chill My Dog

    Hi could you please share how Pinterest works🙏 , coz I cud find some of my external views comes from there 🤔

  • Create And Adorn

    Hi Vanessa – I really want to start a YT channel & either turn my business FB page into a closed group or open another FB page as the closed group. Would you consider doing a video just about FB & using FB groups? I’m not your target Demo – my children would be closer to your audience age than I am – however I’m transitioning my brick & mortar businesses into online only using YT & FB groups & doing live streams on my FB group. There are a lot of other videos out there but I really enjoy watching your journey & your content! Thx! Viki

  • Zaida Liz

    Your videos are awesome and so well explained. I discovered you channel like 12 hours ago and I can’t stop watching your videos. Also I will like to see a video exploring more about Facebook.

  • Grisell C.I

    You are really good! I know that you are strong in the personal brand it could be nice to touch other files like restaurants, tourism, and hotels for example ^^. And just a thing you have a tic you use a lot However and for intense. However you are smart, a boss and also cute

  • Erika J. Alford

    I've literally been binge watching all of your content and taking notes. The information that you provide is absolute gold. Thank you so much.

  • Shelley Nayak

    Vanessa why didn't I find you before. Thank you once again for sharing useful information.
    Can you please talk more on Blog? Blogs these day seems to be bit dead, but I still feel to find in-depth knowledge on a particular thing, blogs are still preferred! Please make a video on "how to get most from your blog"… I myself have a beauty blog where I limit my content to "detailed review" on a particular product, as I do share general information and day to day information on my youtube channel and Instagram.

  • Ayodele Ogunlana

    Great video Vanessa. Finding a social platform that works for you can be a really tough task to complete. After all it all depend on your goals and objectives. But what if there's such a platform that puts all a user can find from owning an account on all popular social platforms into one portable and controlled environment where the noise have been filtered out and the labour done for the user? A platform where there's no complexities whatsoever and you know just exactly what you're supposed to do to get exactly what you want.

    Well, there's such a platform and it wasn't in your list.

    The platform is Ayocer ( ayocer.com ). I think you should check it out. Its a great platform that i think deserves a sit in this list.

    Here are some of the things Ayocer does:

    1) You can write and publish blog posts.
    2) You can link Twitter and Pinterest so people who followed you on Ayocer will also automatically follow you on connected social accounts.
    3) You can receive monetary gifts on your posts
    4) You can also receive money from people that viewed your profile or content.

    There's just too much to mention here. You can learn more about the platform ayocer.com/help/article/1

  • thea imogen

    For real social media stuff just like; real instagram Followers & likes are just @ the distance of IGROCKET D O T C O M

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