Why I (kinda) Quit Social Media
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Why I (kinda) Quit Social Media

I’ve always been a big proponent for social
media, and just the internet in general. And I would roll my eyes so hard at all of the
Doomsday Prophets who, ironically most often on social media, proclaim that the internet
is- RUINING OUR LIVES! We’re so busy looking down
on at screens, that we don’t even know how to talk to each other! *muttering*
That’s not the reason people aren’t speaking to you… What? *sighs* What do you think people are doing
on their phones? We’re more connected than ever, it’s just now we have the option of
speaking to people we actually care about, rather than weirdos shouting in the street. First of all… That’s kinda rude and hurts my feelings. Oh… Er… I- No. I- I- But I really cannot blame you. Your lack
of social skills makes perfect sense because thAT THING IS SENDING SIGNALS INTO YOUR BRAINS,
ROTTING IT FROM THE INSIDE! And you can fully see proof of this, by the mental health epidemic we’re having at the moment! *sighs* Signals are not the reason we have a rise
in mental health issues! But the connection to social definitely be looked into. However I do wonder how much the rise is because of how destimagtized mental health is finally
becoming, in part because of the platforms people gained to speak about it, thanks to the internet. *music stops* The internet gave us Logan and Jake Paul. Yeah okay, fair enough… I don’t personally think that I’ve ever been too ignorant, or even denied the potential
bad sides of social media – there are plenty! But I’ve always felt that the good far outweighed
the bad. Like for myself, I knew that I was addicted, and probably still am if I’m being
really honest. I’ve known ever since my family went on holiday to my grandparents’ place,
in Jamaica… Where they didn’t have any internet… *sad music plays* For three weeks… But I survived. I know, I’m so brave.
*mock cry* I was desperate for the internet after the
first day, and honestly felt like I was dying by the end. So yeah, addicted. But I didn’t
care, because I was enjoying it! The internet was fun, and it improved my life in so many
ways. And I was never that bad, like, I wasn’t one of those people who couldn’t have a conversation
with someone without checking their phone. I chose to be addicted, so it was fine, right?
Right?! *dramatic music sting*
Wrong! For the past two-three years or so I stopped
enjoying it as much. It’s been very gradual, and I’m sure there are external factors contributing
as well, but it just started feeling more and more exhausting. Endless information and
constantly feeling like I needed to catch up, and I was missing out and everything,
and just aaaahh! But despite feeling bad more and more, the
amount of time I spent on social media increased. And I mean that’s what the algorithms that
all of the sites have developed are designed to do, right? Make us stay on their websites
for as long as possible. And I was increasingly aware of the websites doing this, and having
this effect on me. But I still didn’t stop? It had become a habit, and I was stuck in
really bad patterns. Compulsively checking and letting myself get sucked in at even the
slightest hint of boredom. And spending late nights just aimlessly scrolling, being fully
aware that it would completely wreck my sleeping pattern, and that I wasn’t even really enjoying
myself. But still, almost every night arguing with myself. And almost every night losing. *loud rumbling and wind* Espen! *loud rumbling and wind continues* I’m here, Conscience. Switch it off! *sad, dramatic music starts playing*
*loud rumbling and wind continues* Go on, get a full night’s rest! *wind blowing, and dramatic music continues playing* What are you waiting for? *heavy breathing*
Just do it! Let it go… *voice echoes* Let it go… it go… *as rumbling and music fades* *notification sound in the distance* *notification noises, as whispering voices swirl around, and loud-pitched music plays* *all the voices fade* *wind blowing* I want to know what’s happening. *epic choir music plays* No… No…
*epic music continues* *high pitched noise grows louder* *phone unlocking pop* NOOOO! So, same time tomorrow night? Mhmm. I wanted to change, but I didn’t want to give up social media. So the first thing I did,
over a year ago now – I think, maybe almost two years… Was to turn off pop-up notifications.
I didn’t like that these apps were demanding my attention, and that I felt the immediate
need to engage. So I turned them off. That’s it. Done and duste- Except that just made me check my phone even more, to see if I’d gotten any notifications,
because now my phone wasn’t telling me if I had. And this became another new habit;
switching on my phone, seeing the little notification icon on the apps, and then boom – gone.
So then I put all of the social media apps on the second page on my phone, so I wouldn’t
see it as I switched my phone on. And I would have to consciously swipe in order to get
to- Within two days my hands had adapted to automatically
switch my phone on, swipe to the right, click on the icons, and scroll, before I even know
what I was consciously doing… Finally, in late January of this year, I suddenly
hit a wall. I was scrolling in bed, too late at night as usual, and I had this moment,
realising: I really, really don’t care… about any of this.
So there and then I logged out, and deleted the apps from my phone. I felt kind of free,
which I know is really dumb because there was no one forcing me, or checking that I
was keeping up with everything. But it really did feel like a pressure had been lifted. It was really nice not knowing what everyone was up to. *inspirational music playing* *music stops* Hey… What are you…? *sound of metal tools being dropped behind* I was jus- *sighs* Do you have another one of those… Oh, okay… *epic music plays* *music awkwardly falters* *tinfoil scratching on head* Wow… You kinda have a big head. It’s the exact same size as yours! So, is this the only solution, completely disconnecting? I mean yeah, I think it is healthy to completely disconnect now and again, but I’m not about to become some hermit. Against
all technology and modern society, living alone in the woods, fending for myself. Even
if for no other reason than that lifestyle just not being very practical for me.
But regardless of physical ability, I don’t want to fully disconnect. Because I actually
still believe that ultimately social media is more good than bad, or at least it can
be. And regardless, you can’t stop the progress – and shouldn’t. It’s here, we are more connected
than ever before, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ve definitely grown as a person because
of it. But I need to remember that it’s still so new, it can and is still being shaped.
Nothing is set in stone; even though it feels like there are these very concrete rules with
social media, there aren’t. So I just really need to take conscious control of my use of
it, and have it work for me. And I mean, even though I ‘quit’ social media in January, I
haven’t even fully stopped. I still use instagram a lot because there I have this curated feed
of- I basically just follow photographers, no one else, no one from my personal life.
I just go on there and feel inspired. I don’t feel any pull or need to go check it all the
time. And I still check my messages and direct notifications on other platforms. There are
groups and events that I- *breathing heavily* I thought you were different. Er… *whimpering and crying* But, *door slams* I don’t allow myself to scroll and just passively consume anymore.
*shot heard in distance* And the big secret trick to that: was to log
out. Seriously. When the muscle memory in my fingers, inevitably unconsciously type
in a site out of boredom, I’m met with a log-on page. So I have the opportunity to catch myself,
instead of being immediately bombarded with information and distractions. And personally
I think this is the way forward. Being really conscious about my use and just think about
why I’m doing what I’m doing. Just because automatic log-in is available doesn’t mean
that I need to use it. So I’m just making sure that I’m in charge and not some algorithm.
As much as that’s possible nowadays at least. Because honestly, a lot of the time the algorithm
does get it very right… And I kinda like it. All hail our benevolent overlords, and their almighty algorithms! *laughs* *radios static* Male voice: Clear shot achieved. Permission
to fire? Female voice: Negative. Rebellion detracted.
Abort assassination of target 2. Male voice: Affirmative. Aborting. Please do leave me a comment below, letting me know your thoughts on all of this, what
your relationship with social media is. Because I feel like I’m not the only one who’s sort
of gone through this, sort of… Bleh, crisis? That sounds very dramatic. But this sort of
like, eeew social media doesn’t feel right anymore, kinda thing.
Also, I have to say I’m using this video as a bit of an announcement to all of my friends.
I won’t be seeing, or I haven’t been seeing the posts you made on social media for the
past few months. And I do feel like I’m missing out. So if you have, like, a thing that you’ve
done, that you’re excited about, you’re gonna have to message me personally, because I won’t
see it. Thank you! And yeah, you will see me next
time. Bye! If you did enjoy this video and you wanna
see more, I would highly recommend that you check out my last comedy sketch-vlog over
there, which I personally think is the best thing I’ve ever made. So…
Otherwise you could also check out the video down there, which I actually don’t know what
is, but the YouTube Algorithm thinks that you should watch so, you know, you better
listen to them… *laughs*


  • MLMusic

    LOVED this!! Such a brilliant view, good tips bro!
    (Also, your acting was on point, pls make Silver-Hat-Guy a thing, love him!)

  • L Doornbos

    "Target 2"?! Don't tell me.. poor tin foil hat man :((

    Also, nice to see you upload again! To me, sometimes web sites can be accessed without logging in.. like Reddit, which has a very addicting front page :/ so my solution is to be logged in, but to be subscribed to informative content that doesn't pointlessly waste my time (and doesn't make me want to go down rabbit holes :p)

  • Mari Dangerfield

    This is great! I also basically don’t follow anyone online – direct messaging or face to face catch ups is much more natural than status updates!

  • Ileia

    Espen! Your filmmaking is enviable! I laughed so much during this video. I like the conscience scene the best, it was very Lord of the Rings. I control my social media habits by curating the accounts I follow, when there is only content I care about from people who matter to me I feel engaged in my friends' lives and there is overall less content to mindlessly consume. What I struggle with is unfollowing friends because people have such a personal reaction sometimes.

  • Joel Duntin

    1. The middle earth mashup segment is fire. 2. Your haircut in the middle earth mashup segment is fire. You looked shaaaaaaarp! Great work as always bro …

  • Heverton Goes

    Clap Clap Clap…hats off to you!!!
    This video is so amazing and funny in so many ways:
    -Social Media absence: Feeling 'left-out' about friends' life. I've been doing this for the last 2 years and yeah, you feel like 'alien' when you meet them. I also only follow professionals for inspiration and learning. I'm with you on that man 🙂

    -Video editing: Amazing, so punchy, snappy and so funny

    -Sound editing: Oh man, so amazing! teach me, master?!!!
    -Cave scene (mind): High production! loved the echo and the duel. So professional and funny ending

    You kinda look a bit Arnold Schwars..(04:34)
    -Leaving the room: Oh man, it was a very emotional scene, almost got me in tears, and when got to the door I was so sure that it would finish there with a big white glare with a sound of the wind blowing ( default emotional ending) but hahaha, you got us there! surprise 🙂

    So again, AMAZING!

  • dum spiro spero

    My relationship with social media?????? I think we are married…in community of property, since it claims everthing i own, my bed, my toilet sit etc. No saying this makes me realise we need a divorce…or maybe go on separation. But what will I do without my better half 😭

  • Ben Aaron

    This is a great video. The world keeps turning whether we check those notifications or not.
    Thanks for the reminder of turning off notifications. Instagram keeps making me feel like I'm missing out, but there is really nothing there for me in the end. I'm not inspired, like you are when you see your favorite photographers on Instagram. Time for me to look more objectively at my social media consumption.
    Thanks, again, Espen.

  • Rachel Redeemed

    Oh my LIFE Espen, this is mad!!! Watched 3/4 with headphones and it was ACE with that sound design. I slapped my legs and screamed A LOT at this. Seriously. The LOTR scene, the smoke, the set. The tin-hat man. GAAAAAAH. It’s good to lose it every now and again. Anyway I finished the rest of it with John on loud as I had to make him watch it on his laptop and we both cackled along. Seriously we laughed more at this than at ‘stuff that’s meant to be mainstream funny’ – thanks.

  • WatchThisHannah

    Late to this, but so good!
    I have stopped using pretty much everything but twitter now and feel SO much better for it!
    Instagram was the big one! I haven't looked at it in months and feel GREAT!
    Also youtube have stopped keeping up with a lot, only check in occasionally and pick and choose what I want to watch instead of trying to consume EVERYTHING.
    Great vid!

  • Tabitha Spear

    Definitely definitely relate! Such a great video!! Your theatricality is incredible :'D

    Here are some of my thoughts on this topic…

    One of main reasons I wear a watch is so that I'm not constantly checking my phone for the time, and inevitably being distracted by notifications.

    I recently saw that my phone has a digital wellbeing thing which has helped, because I can see how much time I've been on my phone. The hours we waste is ridiculous!

    A while back I also decided that I wouldn't look at my phone while walking down the street (unless I really need to, like for google maps or something). I want to contribute to a world where little children see regular people who are able to live life not glued to a screen. I'm so conscious that we're terrible at being bored, and that'll affect future generations even more than ours because at least we had a few years of life before the internet!

    Sorry, big old comment!! This kind of stuff is on my mind a lot!!

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