Why Rubies Don’t Exist in Minecraft
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Why Rubies Don’t Exist in Minecraft

*Music* Wooho This was the last one! This was the last one! 😀 But it feels like something is missing… I think it’s rubies… I’ve always wondered why they don’t exist Random guy>I know why! Random guy>It happended a long time ago… Music music Miner>yay,finally! A cave! im gonna find so many rubies I cant wait Music Another Music 45 days later Day 46 Its been days, I still havent found any rubies.. Epic music Clears book *wants rubies* *puts blocks Mines rubies Miner>YAY,FINALLY! Miner>It was worth all the wait Miner>Time to find out what they can do *puts crafting table* Miner>Maybe crafting a sword will work i guess tools cant be made with rubies Miner>They probably have some sort of special power! Miner>I wonder what it is… Random man>They are useless lol *puts sand on top* *Kills himslef* Later… Random player>We got so many rubies! Random player>woohoo The only problem now is.. Random player>What can we do with them? Another random player>I have an idea! Random Player>SILENCE! I HAVEAN IDEA! *puts crafting table* Random player>Doesnt seem like i can craft something with the I think i know what the may do… Another random player>Hey! Another random player>I Know how to find out wnat the do! Random player>SILENCE! Random player>i have an idea! Random player>Maybe it can get rid of the wither Random player>With one hit *gets rubies from his inventory* Random player>It doesnt seem to work… Random player>Ill try one more time.. *tryes* *Kills wither* *Happy music* Random player> What could they possibly do? Another random guy>I know! Random guy>LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY Random player>IM TRYING TO THINK! Random player>Maybe it is edible? lol Random player>I guess it isnt… Random player>Oh well. maybe I can go mining with it! *Goes to mine* Random player>Maybe it can mine obsidian :O *Tryes to mine obsidian with rubies* Random Player>It can’t mine obsidian either 🙁 Another Random Player>It’s easy to find out what it does! 😀 Another Random Player>All we need to do is Random Player>wow. Random Player>DO YOU EVER STOP TALKING? YOU’RE SO ANOYING. 4 Days Later *wtf music* Random Player>This is impossible… Random Player>How am i gonna supose to know what it does? Random Player>I Bet my annoying player is gonna show up. Another Random Player>Hey!Listen to my idea Random Player>THATS IT,WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE Random Player>Wait…You Know What? Random Player>Fine! Random Player>Lets see your idea Another Random Player>Why dont we check out the Wiki? Another Random Player>It Probably Says Something About Rubies Random Player>WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE? Another Random Player>i was trying,lol *wants to kill him and kills him* Random Player>You’ve Got To Bet Kidding Me Random Player>it cant get any worse. *enderman shows up* *KILLS HIM* Meanwhile.. SomeoneButter21>i Finnaly Got This Skin SomeoneButter21>it looks so awesome! Valdo1>Look over there! Valdo1>Thats a Rubby Ore! Valdo2>i dont know man Valdo2>it doesnt look like a block to me. Valdo1>You’re Being Silly,That IS A Rubby Ore Valdo1>Lets Mine It! *sees* SomeoneButter21>Oh no… SomeoneButter21>Hold on! SomeoneButter21>I’m not real ruby ore! *gets pickaxes* Valdo1>Get Those Rubies! Valdo1>IT’S TRYING TO ESCAPE SomeoneButter21>I’M A PLAYER!LEAVE ME ALONE!! SomeoneButter21>IM NOT AN RUBY ORE TheCrazyFox>wow… TheCrazyFox>So there really used to be rubies in Minecraft 😮 TheCrazyFox>But why were they removed and what could they do? *GLASS SOUND* Random Guy>LOLOLOLO Random Guy>DID YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE ME?LOL Random Guy>these were just silly stories i made myself lol Random Guy>RUBIES WERE NEVER ADDED LOL Random Guy>The idea for rubies was replaced with emeralds Random Guy>Now there’s an unused image of a ruby in Minecraft’s files TheCrazyFox>So That’s just it… TheCrazyFox>It didn’t do anything special… wwants to burn him Burns Himself Narator>and this is why rubies dont exist in minecraft 😛 (SUBTITLE MADE BY MyNukeIsReady MehNuke) Go Check Out His Previous video Its Cool !:) BYE :T THX FOR WATCHING BE SURE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO THECRAZYFOX MOVIES SO YOU DONT MISS A VID! BYEE *happy music* 🙂


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