Why Social Media Views Don’t Matter. How to Sell More in 2020. | Tim Queen
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Why Social Media Views Don’t Matter. How to Sell More in 2020. | Tim Queen

So today we’re going to talk about views and
why views are the least important metrics that you should pay attention to when it comes
to social media. So last week I met a really lovely person
who is running his eCommerce store, and he told me he was like hyper excited by TikTok.
And he told me that this is the next big platform and he’s getting a ton of engagement, 10,000
people who have watched one of his last videos, most of his videos getting at least a thousand
views, and he was like super excited, saying, I should definitely get on TikTok. And I was asking him, so how many of those
users translated into your revenue? So did you check your numbers? Did you look at your
analytics? What’s your revenue increase? Did you get more orders? Did you get more website
traffic? And when I ask him this, he didn’t really have an answer. So it turns out there
was no additional traffic coming from the platform. And that’s one of the big problems when people
look at views. They see views as this magical currency where they believe, once they get
like enough views, that automatically transforms into money. Like one view equals to 1 cent
or something like this. But in reality, this is not the case. And I want to tell you why
it’s really important to understand why views don’t matter. Now, the first important factor that you have
to understand as it matters very, very much, who is viewing your content. It doesn’t matter.
You can get 10,000 views by the wrong crowd, or you can get 10 views by the right crowd.
The 10 views might result in true sales, while the 10,000 views from the wrong crowd will
result in nothing. Now, that’s the first important factor. And
in order for you to get the right people to view your content, you have to be able to
target them. This can be done on many platforms such as YouTube by using the keyword tool
and using the topic itself, because usually people search for a specific topic, or if
they already watch someone else’s content about a specific topic and your keywords align. Your video might show up as a suggestion to
this person, so you are getting organic content discovery. So by using the right keywords
and using the search feature, you make it possible for someone who is in the right state
of buying to discover your video to help them make a purchasing decision. So that’s a very
good way how you can get new people and relevant people to watch your content. Now, if you are on the other side, on a content
discovery platform such as TikTok, it really doesn’t matter what your content is about.
All it matters is that it’s entertaining. If it’s not entertaining, you won’t get any
views. People won’t engage with it, they won’t like it. They won’t comment, they won’t share
it. If you don’t get the engagement right, it
won’t be shown to anyone else. And because they’re recommending this kind of video based
on engagement, you’re not really able to target them by any interest. There is no such functionality.
People don’t use that platform to make any purchasing decision. It’s more random and
random traffic is usually of the lowest quality sort of probability that someone based on
watching a video will buy something is very, very low. Now, after looking at who is watching a video
is also very important that the video’s very relevant to them. You have to match someone’s
reality, you have to meet them where they are. And ideally, this is one step away from
making a purchasing decision, so if they are not ready, they don’t have the problem, the
views you have doesn’t matter either. So it actually has to be aligned, like the
people you’re trying to reach and the problem and your solution to that has to be like the
intermediate to get them engaged. Making specific videos that are helping them to make a decision
is really, really relevant. So it’s also really relevant that you are able to communicate
this in your video. If you are like going on and rambling about
all kinds of different things and you’re not getting to the point, there is no point of
having your video in the first place. You have to have a structured video, which is
taking them from where they are and guiding them through a step of different qualifying
steps to a solution, which is helping them to realize that you are able to help them. Now, the last part is how well did your video
perform in terms of action that you wanted them to take. Now, not every video has to
be salesy. You don’t have to push someone to make a purchase, although that’s the ultimate
goal. It can also be helping them to get an intermediate step along the way. For example,
you might want to get them to visit your website. That might be the simplest form of action
you want them to take after watching your content. If you can get them on your website,
they can look around, if they find something interesting, it’s much more likely that they’ll
buy something. If you’ll get them on your website and you get them to sign up for your
newsletter, that’s even better because now you have their contact information. You can sell to them over time. You can educate
them further over time and you can build up the trust over time and the best possible
outcome obviously, is getting them to make a purchase decision. Now, how well did your
video perform in that manner? This is way more important and this is often doesn’t look
like that’s successful on the outside. You might only get like a small number of views,
but if you are getting them from the right crowd with the right motivation, with the
right problem, and your video’s structured the right way to motivate them to take action,
you getting them to click on your website, you getting them on your newsletter, you getting
them to make a purchase decision, this is what matters to you. Don’t care what
your big view numbers is showing, the number of likes you’re getting, it doesn’t matter.
For many products, the number of people actually engaging in terms of likes or comments are
quite low while they still make the purchase and it turns out to a lot of dollars in your
bank account. So what do you think about views? Let me know
in the comments below. Did you ever want to get a viral video or did you get obsessed
about views but today you are realizing it’s like way more important to get some tangible
results? Let me know in the comments and make sure that you subscribe to get more view updates about marketing and business strategy that
would work in 2020 and beyond.

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