Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook
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Why Was I Tagged Last On Facebook

– I uploaded those pictures from when we all at tacos together, guys. – [Zac] What, oh, let me see. – [Katie] Let’s see them! – Awesome. Oh man, these are great. What an awesome day that was. – [Trapp] Yeah, really good photos too. I’m so glad we have these. – Oh, thanks guys. – Why did you tag me last? – What? – You tagged me last
and I want to know why. It’s a fair question. – It doesn’t mean anything, I just tag people randomly on Facebook. – Oh, bullshit. – Katie, it’s really not a big deal. – Yeah, calm down. – Okay, yeah, fine. Fine, maybe you’re right,
maybe it is nothing. Maybe I’m just being a
sensitive little baby. Now if you will excuse me… Grant. Grant. Grant! ♫ We didn’t start the fire ♫ (ominous music) Move, move. Did you see this? – Oh yeah, great pictures. – No, this. I’m tagged last, do you
know why Cynthia hates me? – I don’t think she hates you. I don’t think the order we’re
tagged in means anything. – Everything has meaning, there has to be a reason I’m tagged last. Look at her over there. Not a care in the world. So smug in her hatred of me. – I really don’t think that’s true. Maybe there’s a pattern you’re not seeing, is it alphabetical? – No, I would have been listed second. – Maybe it’s order of birthdays. – Well then I would be first. – Could it be the order where we sit? – Use your brain for once. Trapp sits in the middle of everyone. In what world would he be listed first? – I’m just trying to be helpful. – Well you’re not being helpful. – I’m trying. – Well try harder. – Okay.
– Can you do that for me? – Yeah, I mean, I’ll try. – Let’s try. – Is it, like, is it appearance based? Maybe we go in order from
least hottest to hottest. – That’s interesting. – Wait, no, it wouldn’t be that, ’cause then I’d be last
since I’m the hottest. – Beauty is subjective. – No, shut up, I’m hot. Maybe it’s shoe size, smallest to biggest. – Then you would be first. – Least hardcore to most hardcore. – Shane would be last. – Most interested in musical
theater to least interested. – Zac would be first. God, I can’t take this anymore, I need to know why I’m tagged last. (voice drowned out by background noise) – Oh, oh my god, ah! – What was it, huh? What the fuck was it, huh? What the fuck… (screaming over each other) I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her! – Crazy! – Okay, I’m cool, I’m cool. I’m cool. Gah! (heart monitor beeping) – You’re right. I do like you the least. – I knew it. (heart monitor flat-lining) Hi, it’s Katie Marovitch
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