Why You Should Start a Blog Even Though Everyone Has One

Why You Should Start a Blog Even Though Everyone Has One

the blogosphere does not discriminate anybody everybody can start a blog which is a fabulous thing I mean it's really open to the public regardless of where you come from and who you are but why in the world should you actually start one there are a lot of unpaid hours that go into running a successful blog even a hobby blog to be honest with you and there are a couple of reasons why I think it's actually worth it because if we're being totally blunt you're gonna put in a lot of unpaid hours and it's gonna feel like a really thankless job because maybe you're creating fabulous content and honestly nobody's on your site right now you know nobody's reading it and you will start to feel like is it actually worth all of the time and effort to run a blog I think it is and I've got a couple reasons why so in this video I'm gonna share the top ten reasons why I think you absolutely should start a blog hey everyone I'm Alison Lindstrom and you are watching my latest video on blogging tips and mom hacks don't forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the little bell right next to it so that you don't miss any of the goodness that I share on this channel now without further ado enjoy today's video reason number one if you are truly passionate about a certain topic or hobby or theme or whatever it is if you're passionate about something and you love to share that passion with others you should start a blog the most successful blogs like the blog's that I'm talking about are those successful blogging businesses where they're generating income and actually helping people those blogs are teaching people something they are not Diaries they're not journals that's a harder market to get into if you really want to be a successful blogger and you got to be teaching people something there's a lot of junk on the web there's a lot of fluff there's a lot of unnecessary crud that we have to weed through to find that really awesome goldmine stuff online so if your blog is teaching people something because you are passionate about a hobby or a topic then you are doing the right thing you should definitely start a blog reason number two you need to create an online resume for potential clients so let's say that you love to do public speaking for a so topic you know maybe you're an expert in a certain field and you'd like to attract new clients you'd like to you know maybe pick up a few clients so that you've got some speaking events or maybe you want to break into the virtual assistant genre you'd love to be a virtual assistant for somebody you have to have a resume to show someone because for jobs like those you don't just walk into a building and hand over a resume and say hi I'd like to apply for this job it's a little different and with technology you have to have an online presence especially if you want to attract certain clients that will hire you to either speak or handle some sort of projects I absolutely require anybody that is going to be on my team to have some sort of online presence if I have you know my social media manager or my writer as long as they are they have a website even if they're not posting very consistently as long as they have some sort of online presence I feel like it helps establish their authority a little bit especially if you're trying to break into like freelance writing or virtual assisting it's important to kind of show off your skills and show that hey yeah I know how to throw together a blog post and how to organize a website and make it look good and I don't do it every day because my primary focus is on my freelance duties but I do have an online resume of sorts the third reason you should absolutely start a blog is if you want to fine-tune your skills in a certain hobby so I love blogging because I feel like it can kind of document a journey so it's a lot like an online diary but not in a boring way if you are trying to learn how to become the best knitter in the world if you start documenting that journey and showing you know here's what I've learned today and I want to pass it on I want to pass on the knowledge that I just gained and you know I think it's going to help somebody else that's an absolutely wonderful reason to start a blog not only is it really appealing because we love watching people kind of learn and grow that's very intriguing for an audience but you're passing on that knowledge so you're fine-tuning your skills in a certain you know area in your life and then you're passing on those skills to the next and so you become a really valuable resource for them the fourth reason you should start a blog is accountability oh my goodness so if you are on some sort of weight loss journey or any other journey like that where you feel like you would really benefit from an accountability partner you should totally start a blog because let me be honest with you starting to write those first blog posts are really nerve-racking it goes way beyond sharing something personal on Facebook where you know only your friends are gonna see it when you publish a blog post it's open to the public and maybe they will find it and they'll read it and maybe they won't but that idea that strangers might be able to see you know that blog post is it totally raises the bar for you so if you're trying to get out of debt or be better at budgeting or eat healthier or on a weight-loss journey or whatever and you'd love to have an accountability partner a blog is a great place to go because even if you are not attracting a hundred thousand readers if you find ten people that are reading your blog that's ten accountability partners the fifth reason you should start a blog is if you want to attract new or potential customers for your products or product if you only have one so if you sell any sort of like workbook worksheet online course I mean honestly anything if you sell Excel spreadsheets how are you going to attract those customers right so you're not opening like a store right down the street you need to kind of create this online store and the best way to attract potential customers is to you know write the blog posts or to have a website that kind of talks about the topic that your product kind of covers so if you talk about meal planning and you have a product about meal planning you should start a blog and you should write blog posts about meal planning because if people are online searching for meal planning hopefully fingers crossed they will find your blog posts head on over to your site and then see Wow awesome she or he also has a product and so they're more likely to buy if you are writing about the topics that your product covers and people are attracted to your website they're already halfway there to buying your product because you have interested potential customers they are already interested in the topic that you are selling basically the sixth reason you should start a blog is to grow your brand and to build an even bigger brand so a very interesting I think wonderful thing about social media social media is a hard pill for me to swallow sometimes so I do struggle with it but one of the beautiful things about it is that you can basically build a brand on social media so people have taken Facebook pages or just their Instagram profiles and have just blown up on social media and they are attracting so many interested like fans and followers and so if you are at that stage where you have a really great social media presence but you don't have a website and you don't have a blog I definitely recommend giving it some thought because when I follow somebody on on social media on the Instagram in particular because that's where I hang out most of the time for my own personal use if I find somebody who posts a lot of pictures on a topic that I'm really digging if I also see that they have a website you can guarantee I'm going to at least take a peek at it and see what else they offer so it's a great opportunity to grow your brand even more outside of that social media platform the seventh reason you should start a blog is to add an additional asset to your blogging business this is totally where my background in business you're like kind of comes into play I kind of always have that business mentality when I look at everything that I'm doing in my blog so when you know anytime I post on social media anytime I send out an email any time I post something on my blog I am kind of thinking from that business perspective and assets are a huge part of running a business so if you have like we talked about just now you have a great presence on social media and now you kind of want to add something else to it maybe you're you know monetizing somehow on social media but you also want to kick things up a notch and maybe hopefully make some more money starting a blog is a great way to do that because if you can attract you know fans and followers over there then you open up the doors to other ways that you can make money such as ad revenue affiliate income and sponsorships people yes actually get paid to write blog posts that is a real thing I have been paid to write blog posts and many many many many other bloggers have been paid to write blog posts and then I also make ad revenue and affiliate income that's just another asset to your blogging business and you should totally absolutely all the time be thinking with that business mentality the eighth reason that you should start a blog is if you need a little push in being a bit braver so like we mentioned earlier in this video it can be kind of nerve-wracking to post online because literally everyone can see it it is not it is not the equivalent of posting something on our Facebook profile for just our friends and our family to see we kind of open the floodgates to any sort of criticism or nice comments that we might receive so over the past couple of years I have definitely received my fair share of negative feedback and it's been really good for me you know sometimes the criticism I get is really constructive and sometimes it's just a troll and so it kind of helps me become a bit braver develop a bit of that thicker skin if you will or honestly just really learn how to manage negative feedback that I receive so not only is that really good for my business but as an individual as a person that's really good because not everyone that you meet in life is going to be kind to you unfortunately and it's really important to you know navigate how to handle negative feedback or negative experiences with other individuals with a lot of grace it's it's hard to be able to to get to that point I think it takes a lot of work at least it takes a lot of practice for me to be able to handle negative people with grace and starting a blog and kind of navigating how to deal with those negative comments or deal with any sort of backlash that you might receive can be a huge benefit to your life as an individual the ninth reason that you should definitely start a blog is that it gives you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals literally around the world they're there you know nobody has to go through customs to be able to read your blog hopefully if the topic that you are passionate about is kind of obscure or just hard to find other people in your area that are passionate about it starting a blog is a wonder way to kind of find other people around the world that are passionate about it too so maybe you really love snorkeling but you can't find anybody within 100 miles that likes it too or you really did like crocheting outfits for American Girl dolls or you know dolls for your daughter it's like that's what you love to do but it's hard to find anybody else who loves it as well start a blog because you're likely hopefully if you're writing the right blog post and you're reaching out to the right people you're gonna find other like-minded individuals that love it too so it's a great opportunity to not only you know find and connect with those other people but also to learn from those individuals that are interested in the exact same topic I have said it on this channel before and I mean it a hundred percent you know the content that I write I my goal is to help you guys but I am constantly learning from you so I feel like I'm not just giving some sort of output I'm also taking a lot from you as well because you are adding value to my life in the exact same way you're teaching me a lot of things so blogging is not really just a one-way street I feel like you know there's a benefit to the relationship that you can build with other like-minded individuals the tenth reason you should absolutely start a blog as it can really help you fine-tune your writing skills your photography skills your content creation skills so maybe you want to create videos or maybe you know you really really just want to be a writer that's the job that you want to have starting a blog can be really great for you so not only could you kind of add it to your resume if it turns into a successful blog but on top of that it's going to give you that practice to fine-tune those skills that you need to become a writer or that you need to become a photographer or so on you know whatever kind of content you're creating if there's a place for you to go and practice that content creation you should do it because it will really just help you fine-tune those skills to perfection if you're interested or you started a blog for a reason that I didn't mention in this video I would love to hear about it I'm always curious to see why you guys start a blog so please leave a comment below letting me know and if you're interested in a free email course that will kind of help you with the other basics and in how you can start building a profitable blogging business like all the little framework pieces that go into it please check the link in the description box below I have a free email course that you can sign up for so you'll just head on over to that link you'll insert your email in the form and then I will automatically enroll you in the free email course and you'll start to receive your lessons thanks so much for watching this video guys as always I'm Alison Lindstrom and I will see you next time


  • Keith Libby

    Allison you are a blessing to the entrepreneur that is teetering between dreams and actions. Super informative and positive. Keep up the fantastic content

  • Dewi Istiyan

    alli, do run all tis magic stuff just by yourself? or u have an assintant or what? please, let me know. i need your help.

    oh, and do you have school background about blogging, writing etc? something that makes you expert? or you just learn the whole thing by an experience?

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    Excellent video. I'm starting a blog because it will strengthen my writing skills and give me confident to write my book.

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    Allison, I'm doing your Blogging to Win course and I highly recommend it to anyone who's been blogging but hasn't yet monetize it, because you go into so many details, it's been amazing! Also, may I ask what is your website new theme? It's so perfect, I thought I used to love the one you used to have last year, but this new one (in both Allison Lindstrom.com & Blogging To Win) are super super gorgeous! 😍 I miss seeing you on IG.

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    The first 100 posts will be difficult and first 100 negative comments will be hard, the sooner one starts, the sooner we can pass those pain points 🤓

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    If we are good in several areas, like writing and artistic mediums, how do we pick just one? If they are connected, what would you recommend be the max number of topics/categories on one blog? I'm a fiction author, but want to break into freelance writing, am a graphic designer, artist in many mediums, and am learning web design/development, Logo and Branding. Haha I've been having so much time trying to group together like things, and I don't want to have a million blogs. I think, "Okay, the author blog by itself, then I can put everything else on one blog as a freelancer with a wide skillset, but… what to do with the art?" I'm not sure if this is even the right direction to go. Can you help me?

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    Thank you Allison. I started a youtube channel because I want to add my contribution towards making the world a better place. In my channel I focus on empowering others with knowledge wisdom and love. Namaste!

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    This really encourages me to further my baby project on Hmong Pageants further. I watched this video so many times and I finally gave into creating my online presence as well.

    Thank you.

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