Will Candace Do the Right Thing? | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Will Candace Do the Right Thing? | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | Oprah Winfrey Network

[INTENSE MUSIC] I can’t believe
you’re doing this. Will you stop it? – Candace–
– OK. Hello.
– Hi. [CHUCKLES] I know you. How are you, Mr. Young? Not good. – So what can I do for you?
– Nothing. – I–
– Candace– –have an account with one
of your subsidiary banks, Rio’s Benefit and Trusts. WOMAN: Mm-hmmm. I can manage my account from
your parent branch, correct? Of course. How can I help you? Well, I was online
doing a few things, and I was told I need to
come here and give you an ID. WOMAN: Oh.
Yes. So here you go. [INTENSE MUSIC] [WHISPERS] OK. Pull that up. [INTENSE MUSIC] OK. I’ve got it all right here. Candace, do not
give this money back. [INAUDIBLE] This has got to be the
dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Ever.
– It isn’t dumb. I don’t know why I even
brought you here to do this. Why are we here? [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ll be right back
with your paperwork. – Thank you so much.
– Great. [MUSIC PLAYING] You know how many times me
and Mom came here to do this? I don’t care. You don’t care? The dude kidnapped me,
and you don’t care? Uh-uh.
Me too. Well, then why give
him the money back? To hell with him. [SIGHS] I have to do the
right thing at some point. Oh my gosh! I don’t get you. What’s not to get about me? Well, you know, one day
you’re stone cold candy cane. You’re cold-blooded. You’re beaten the bitch down. And we turn around, and you
want to give money back? – I’m doing what I got to do.
– All right. Well, I’m getting out of here.
– You’re not. Sit.
– OK. This is stupid. Here you go, Ms. Young. I just need your signature.
– OK. [INTENSE MUSIC] And Mr. Young, do you have ID? For what? Just give her your ID. [PEN SCRATCHING] Did you not want
to open an account? What? Yes. A new account? Mm-hmmm. No, I don’t want an account. [INAUDIBLE] Give it to her. [INTENSE MUSIC] Just give her your ID. For what? For what? It’s a single account with
only his name on it, right? Yes It’s not a joint
account with our mother? WOMAN: No.
No. OK. Do it. [INTENSE MUSIC] Just crazy It’s stupid. And it’s crazy. [CHUCKLES] You both. [INTENSE MUSIC] Well, give it to her if you
want me to give it to her. [INTENSE MUSIC] OK. So you can both sign here. Ms. Young, that’s for
the wire transfer. OK. You’re really going to do it? WOMAN: And that is for the
new account, Mr. Young. [INTENSE MUSIC] OK. So Ms. Young, you are
wiring $8.35 to Jim Cryer. $8? Yes.
Is that right? No. Exactly. And you are
transferring $1 million to Benjamin Young’s account? [INTENSE MUSIC] What? Yes. A million dollars? Yep. That’s right Candace? [INTENSE MUSIC]


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