Woman drops iPhone on neighbour’s balcony. Twitter goes nuts.
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Woman drops iPhone on neighbour’s balcony. Twitter goes nuts.

I remember the day I brought home my
sweet prince. Booked all my meetings for me, woke me up
on time, got me rides to work. We took photos together. We went around the world
together. I just missed doing those things with my sweet prince So two nights ago I had some friends
over for dinner, had a couple glasses of wine, started cleaning up the house came
out here, was sitting in the stool actually. and as I got up my iPhone fell
and slipped through the smallest crack in the balcony. But now it’s sitting on
my neighbour’s balcony just in the middle so I can see it and it’s awful. Honestly
I thought it was so funny it’s so materialistic and were so dependent as a
generation on them so I was like ‘you know what I’m gonna make light of this.’
Honestly I posted the first photo and then in the morning I thought I would
just continue with it because I thought it was hilarious. It was like a cool way
to amuse myself and other people about what had happened. Like the first thing I
did was knock on my neighbour’s door. I feel like that’s the first thing most
people would do. I’ve put notes in their mailbox, I’ve put notes on their door, I
don’t even I can’t believe they’re still not home it’s like 6:30. I have put
together some contraptions which have failed.
I actually underestimated the distance between the balcony is like, you need
maybe three maybe four brooms to actually reach it. I hope my neighbour’s
are okay I don’t know where they’ve been to for two days I mean everyone deserves
a vacation so maybe they’re on a nice vacation. I think it has exploded because
it’s so relatable like the amount of times people are devastated when like
their phone drops in the toilet or someone tweeted me saying that their kid
dropped their their phone and puke. Like, yeah it all sucks and but this is just
like amusing at this point definitely a first little problem. Truthfully I hope
that there’s some sort of plot twist where they’re actually tweeting about my
phone from their perspective because I would make this story incredible like
it’s pretty funny right now but that would be…


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